Game Dedicates Song To “Mother’s Womb”

The good folks over at Complex got a chance to preview Game’s R.E.D. and one particular track review caught my eye. Don’t let the title scare ya.

“Mother’s Womb” f/ Nelly Furtado
Produced By: Pharrell
Complex says: The title’s kind of gross, right? Doesn’t sound so hot, either. Game waxes poetic about all the gangsta shit he’s been up to since he’s left his mother’s womb. What better way to do that than have Nelly Furtado ride shotgun? FOH. Skateboard P brings those Neptunes key patterns that sound like a throwback to his early chart-toppers, which is both a good and bad thing. The mix we heard was rough, but Furtado’s vocals sounded good.

Just in time for Sunday. Way to go, Chuck!

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  • SilkCityP

    Just saw the preview on Complex… This mofo Jayceon is getting worse and worse each album… Time to hang it up!!! Documentary>DA>LAX>RED

  • Gabriel

    Doctor’s Advocate was better than the Documentary. as a whole album.

  • Post no billz

    Ill give it a listen..

  • Sin

    Nigga stole my song concept.
    Sounds dope tho
    “you’re minor we’re major, you all up in the game and don’t deserve to be a player”

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  • BWS

    lmao the title of this one made me laugh “Game dedicates song to his “mothers womb” LMAO i came on here and was like wtf?

  • Damn YN, don’t shit on the nigga be4 the song is out. Some ppl may like it, but knowin’ everybody on here, since it’s Game, errbody’ll hate it like usual. Lol.

  • Money mitch

    I haven’t been crazy about Neptune latest stuff, I love the clipse bit ttcd production is just not near as hard as lord willin, Virginia one of the illest beats ever, bring that shit back p

  • My bad YN. Jus saw that that was Complex that said that, not u. Lol. Oh well, fuck it. 🙂

  • King JuggaNott

    What’s next….daddies nutsack?

  • ANT619HONY

    damn one song with dre? what happened to all the tracks from those pics he was takin with dre in the studio??????????????????? Dre is a bitch ass nigga. i like game but this dont sound like to good of an album

  • BWS

    @King JuggaNott LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Redrocboy

    I dont understand u people if u dont like why waste ur clicking the story and dissing man u niggaz is sad red bitches!!!

  • Allergic2haters

    man this website is a straight up HATER SITE, talkin shit every fuckin day same shit, if u dont like Game, dont fuckin comment, hatin on a song and an album BEFORE youve heard it, thats some lame shit niggas, grow the fuck up…. @Redrocboy and @[email protected]! what up, i hear u

  • Dman

    Yo Yo u heard that new shit from game mothers womb?….. (conversation ends)