Nas Digs Diggy Simmons

If you were wondering what Esco thought of Run’s kid goin’ in on his track, have no fear. He couldn’t be more thrilled as he cosigns dude to VIBE.

“I couldn’t believe it. Rev Run. is the king of rap, and for him to have a son who’s that nice? You don’t even think shit like that happens. I don’t think we’ve seen that in hip-hop yet—he’s nice and his father’s the king?  That’s historic, bro. That shit is incredible. That little dude is nice.”

First ‘Ye, then Nas, who’s next to praise?

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  • Sierra

    Is that elf looking fuck nigga wearing make-up?

  • jp

    this is a joke right ? Wtf nas do you still think diddy is nice too ? Cosign someone that isnt on a reality show lookin retarded

  • the god.

    yall mad?

  • DoeMoney

    I will the kid can spit. F#ck you haters.

  • webstar

    Thats a big co-sign right there.

    I was a skeptic at first but honestly the kid is nice…

  • bxvet

    you cosignin this faggot? you the one killin hiphop NIGGA!

  • eazy

    bxvet what are you talking about?

    Almost every rapper who’s commented on Diggy has said he’s dope.

    Or do you not like young rappers who use flow, wordplay and lyrics? I guess you just want them to do Lil’Romeo, SouljaBoy and Bow Wow crap and talk about girls and cars all the time?

    Fucking haters. Ffs.

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