New Music: T.I. “Road To Success”

Off the Evil Empire’s Trending Topics 3 mixtape, here are some exclusives including some new TIP, Fab and an unreleased Drake, produced by Scott Storch. Don’t mind the tags.

T.I. “Keys & A Mac”

Fabolous Ft. Rock City “One Life”

Drake “One Man Show”


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  • Inspirational

  • wtf? like dat?

    better than that khalid shit.

    always on a boat cuz he on the no fly list.

  • Smh

    Rick Ross had the same track wit Rock City, Rock City are great writers and their track record is amazing

  • Rickk

    That Drake track is dope, the reason why Drake is hot is cus he makes strong hooks and his flow switches up and goes up and down and juss keeps u entertained, great track, and the inflections are crazy

  • all the tracks are real hot, but the surprise was that drake track, storch needs to be his in house producer if he gonna murder a instramental like that, DAMN!

  • Trouble

    Is it just Me or Did Drake Steal 50’s Flow!!! If his Voice wasn’t So Different, that Would have 50 All over It!! Wit out The G- Word Play, Of Course!! 85% of The Shit, he Done Put out Switch the VOICE Up And Holla @ Me!!! I’m Jus Sayin!!

    Real Talk!!!kdj


    Oh my God everybody please get off Drakes dick now, surely u realise that the buzz of him is way out of propotion, i mean this track is fuckin weak man, an i aint hatin im just statin, i loved the guy at the beginning like forever was sick and the mixtape was hot, but his latest shit has been terrible i mean i coudnt listen to em twice, this track here is straight weak shit, im now fearin the album will be a total flop!!

  • Lucifer

    for real?you people are hearing with your ass,, all this is bullshit. sorry t.i.


    @Lucifer thank God somebody else sees sense

  • Boom

    I love Tip’s music…but that Sanfor & Son sample?!?!?! Gtfoh! It’s too much going on w/ that beat. Plus, the song overall sucks. U gotta do better Tip, trash that for the sake of the album.


    OK 1st of all I listened to all 4 tracks. the T.I. intro with the Sanford and Son sample iz Clownin!!! Im feelin that one. Its Lyke an old re-run but TIP brings and lets U kNOw Hez BACK. Hit single probably not, but defenitley a hot intro. 2nd… If U dont Lyke thiz song U probably just dont like the Rubber-Band-Man. But dont frett he has plentty of support.
    3rd… [email protected] The F#%& happened to FABOLOUS music… Ever since he went LOSO, he LOST me. Now dont get me wrong. Throw it in the Bag was a [email protected] radio song but when I listened to the rest of the album I had to pop the DVD in and I still didnt get it. So I pulled out my last FABO album out. U kNOw the with NEYO… So many HOT TRACKS!!! So an artist has a bad album. It happens. But all the Features Hez ben’ on have not bin’ F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S.
    4th and Finally the Drake track…. BANGGIN!!! He just mght B the “One Man Show.”