Joell Ortiz Talks Shady Records

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Ever since Slaughterhouse’s cameo in the “Forever” video, rumors have swirled around the Internet that the group plans to join Eminem’s Shady Records. Joell sits with MTV and says his bandmates are verbally bound to the label and have already recorded with Em.

“We’re going back and forth with the people I’m working with. Joe [Budden] had some issues had some issues or whatever. The interest is still there. Everybody is excited about it, it’s just a lot of people involved in this. Four artists, four separate managers, label situations — a lot of black and white that gotta get settled for it to happen, but verbally, we’re on Shady! Eminem is excited, the whole group is excited. The world is excited. I can’t even do a show without somebody asking that. Without them being, ‘You ripped it, what’s up with Em?’ Everybody is waiting on this, so it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen.”

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    HAHAHA YES!!!! That nigga be onstage rapping and the audience be like “what’s up with Em though” Naw but real talk Joell is a muthfuckin monster

  • HOVA!!

    2 bad they still won’t sell records

  • jm

    this is going to be a problem. Rappers that can actually RAP joining forces? im gnna sit back n enjoy watching this. shadyyyyyyyy

  • Fat Boy

    yo Eminem building up a hip hop army Shady Records/aftermath/g-unit Vs Young Money/cash money lol yea i pick shady

  • reythehussein

    That would be fucking awesome. I don’t care if they go double helium. I’m copping first day. First Slaughterhouse album was good.

  • Cm/ym is for lil teeny kids and the…..Shady/Aftermath is for the big bois!

  • Dman

    yeah goood shit eminem might have lost a few soldiers from his label but he’s rebuilding and they already recorded?? let me hear that shit now!!

  • Post no billz

    This is great.. Hope it goes thru.. Can u imagine how sick that record with em is?

  • Sin

    The thing about this that fuck me up is
    Royce was supposed to be on shady years n years ago. Didn’t happen. They had a lol beef n shit.
    Crooked I was supposed to go to aftermath. Didn’t happen.
    Joell was on aftermath playing sittin duck. Left or got dropped wateva.
    To me it seem like their dreams are kummin true

  • ttomcatt

    @HOVA!! … I don’t care a thing about record sales. I know what you’re sayin’ but to me, good hip-hop music takes priority over record sales. Plus, havin’ EM on their joint is likely boost their sales like it did with B.O.B

  • Mike B

    iiill….for slaughterhouse even to come together was like a rap dream at the time to me..
    Royce and Budden and Joel were my favorite rappers solo…so that was huge…but now Eminem being a part of it, its like some shit ppl sit around and talk about like pick your hiphop dream team…but it would never happen…But it did happen

  • Drucifer1983

    @ Hova

    Nothing sells these days anyway so whats the diffrence………. The music would be crazy

  • dajumpoff44

    This is going to be bananas!!

  • JamieLondon

    This Is Gonna Be A Problem For People.
    Eminem And Slaughter House. Together. Add D12 Into That Equation.
    This Is Defo Aftermath/Shady Year To Shine.

    Fuck Young Money/Cash Money.

  • Nipsyfire

    And We Though Bad Meets Evil Was Crzzy with Em And Royce!! Imagine Slaughterhouse Trading Bars With Em!!! Damn!!!!! Im Thinkin D12 v Slaughterhuse On A Track On d12 Next Album

  • Sin

    damn imagine that track
    kuniva got fuckin bars nigga

  • Hanley

    Joell Ortiz >/= your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper. Yep, I said it.

  • Legacy

    This is gonna be a big fuckin move for Hip Hop as a whole and dope emcees to be brought centre stage and pushed by “The machine”

  • AO

    @Hanley indeed. Joell is a MONSTER

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