New Mixtape: Cam’Ron x Vado Boss Of All Bosses 2.5

Word on the street was that this tape was gonna cost cha. Well, here it is for Free99. You’re all welcome. Download it here. Tracklist below.

Karen Civil

UPDATE: No more freebies. Support Killa and the crew here.

1. Welcome
2. Ya Lyin’
3. Raise It Up
4. Speakin’ Tongues
5. Steady
6. I Don’t Believe Niggas feat. Fabolous
7. New Head
8. We Gettin Money Baby
9. Ya Killin Me feat. KiD CuDi
10. Amberlamps
11. It’s Our Party
12. Like Sheeeeiit feat. LA The Darkman
13. Our Block
14. Fuck A Freestyle
15. The Council feat. Willie The Kid
16. I’m Sorry
17. I Ain’t Mad At You
18. Brick Breakers
19. Road Trip

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  • Dre

    Thanks, ain’t no way I was gonna pay bread for a fuckin’ mixtape.

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    That Speakin in Tongues is a BANGER!

  • herbsaac

    This is how you do a mixtape.. Drake dudddnt know what the fuck he is talkin about.. you dont just have to do a mixtape over other peoples beats ala lil wayne(whom he really was sneak dissing if you had to take that as a diss) but come on.. this shit has been so much better than most other mixtape series since the D3 sucked and jada and game’s pieces were sub standard.. bigg up s to fab doing the mixtapes big as well.. but come on drake.. thewse are instant classics.. if boss of all bosses had been edited better it would sound much better.. the second one was polished.. this is gonna be dope.. Vado >>>>>>>> DRake

  • herbsaac


    I bet you wouldnt even pay for an album

  • CP3

    War Angel was the best mixtape in that last 12 months. Ya’ll niggas just fiends. Will cop from anyone.

  • jussayn

    2 was a classic only djdramma kills mixtakes in a guud way

  • Post no billz

    The speakin in tounges is dope and so is the fab joint.. Besides those i havent really heard shit.. Is this mixtape any good?

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  • stars&stripes

    suddenly not mad at Vado.

  • Eric_Wright

    yall sum fucking dirty pricks… it dont matter if it mixtape or not it was MADE for retail and your given it away for free… you guys NEVER do this with retail stuff… fuck you stupid rr fucks for this fuckery, if you dont wanna pay then stream it… assholes

  • whiteguywholikescambutdoesntlikethecover

    they had to kill the white guy on the cover .aint right cam why nigga why

  • djheavyset

    i actually think hes shooting an old white lady

  • Blackguywholikeshorrormoviesandlovesthecover

    The guy they’re killing is probably a southern republican or apart of that foolish tea party.

    In the face!

  • PAX

    This is certified FIRE!

  • yo and they got LA THE DARKMAN on a track?

    straight out the fuckin dungeons of rap!

  • willie mcfly22

    damn, missed the freebie 🙁

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  • Great job on this one. Always support. Salute.