Jay Electronica x Jae Millz Shade 45 Freestyle

Both Jay Electronica and Jae Millz stopped by Angela Yee’s Lip Service this evening. Jay drops a few bars over the Mobb’s “G.O.D. Pt. III” and then Millz follows through over ODB’s “Brooklyn Zoo”

Bonus: Jay addresses Kay Slay who was offended by this video.


UPDATE: Kay Slay responds to Jay on Hot 97.

UPDATE 2: No more drama?

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  • john macabee

    If a 50/Electronica track happen the shit talk is gonna be epic

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    New York Always Going To Be Wack Period …………………………………..

  • ironic

    Gotta love this brother…much respect to him

  • Oj Da Cornball

    grown man, doesn’t mean u don’t rhyme like nobody. u rhyme like NY. u might need to watch it. boy.

  • I’m a fan of Jay Elect; but c’mon son..at least give us a new verse

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    South Got This Shit

    Jay Electronica
    Lil Wayne
    Andre 3000

    Thats It

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Look stop the cornball, “i gotta respect for so and so” as a save, but u still dissing dudes.

    Dudes would molly whop you when u come to NYC. We ain’t the south.

    uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh. shut your mouth.

    FYI, South rappers are lame. True!

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    The Only Person Hold Up New York Is Jay Z Thats It

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    No East No West Just South

    Admit It

  • chibaby

    shoutout to jay electronica !!
    hottest up and coming niggas not from ny!!
    freddie gibbbs
    skooda chose
    j cole
    jay elect

  • mac DIESEL

    Scooda chose? Lep ?
    Stop it puleeeeeeezzzz..we don’t believe in ur homies so stop pluggin them.
    Go street team for defjam or sumpn!

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    ” A Lot Of New York Shit Been Wack , Bottom Line ” – Jay Electronica

    Wow The Best Quote In Years Amazin’……………

    Bow !

  • Crasshole

    Anyone taking offense to what Jay said in the Spine Tv interview lacks comprehension.

  • MP

    If you wack you wack, if you nice, you nice….it’s doesn’t matter where you from, it’s where’s your raps..lol

  • chibaby

    @mac deisel u stop it nigga both those artist are well known do ur research ..everything hot doesnt lie in ny fuckboy

  • RRcoolJ

    All New Yorkers ever do is talk. Ya’ll need to chill and realize it’s not the 90s anymore. You should be thankful that you got the safest streets in all of America.

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    The South Been Holdin Down For Yall , A Lot Of New York Shit Been Wack , Bottom Line……………………

    Fuck The Old Ass Nigga Dj Kat Stacks

    Shout Out To Wayne Burning Niggas Alive

    New Orleans Stand Up

    South Got This

  • Kareem

    @ Oj Da Cornball “When u come to NYC”???

    The nigga LIVES in Brooklyn. Resides in NYC.


  • safest streets according to statistics which are altered by NYPD higher ups being pushed by politicians considering budgets making cops do bullshit arrests to get more ‘numbers’.

    Besides that, you think you’re better because your city has more murders? What does that get you? Any of us? People need to get past that Just to Get a Rep shit. No one is going to do it better than Guru. And he always taught peace in the end!

    I was born I live I’ll die in and for NYC. I lived 10 years in Queens, 10 in Staten now 5 in Brooklyn.

    I think Jay Electronica is the truth, period. RZA is untouchable.

    People twist shit. Jay Elec had these feelings and he was being honest about it. I don’t know why he chose to say it now but whatever. It is what it is.

    With that said – him saying something loud doesn’t mean everyone in south should come out hating on NYC. You talk all that shit but you been here? NYC is the city of LIBERTY. Get ya history straight. We take tired restless hungry and poor.. Jay Electronica was one of them. Don’t disrespect that. I’m not gonna get mad and name great MC’s from NYC or say that NYC is holding it down right now. It’s not about that.

    Rappers get it confused MC’s figure it out


  • chi baby is really skooda chose

    chi baby is really skooda chose…nobody in the chi bumps this nigga. he’s a blog rapper. he raps like sylvester the cat. stfu

  • Sin

    If you wack you wack, if you nice, you nice….it’s doesn’t matter where you from

    That is the answer to this dumb ass debate. It’s all krs one fault.

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    I really think they’re stealin from us like a sample song – Lil Wayne

    Uhhh Bling bling, I know
    And did you know I’m the creator of the term
    I just straightened the perm and let it sit too long, they just makin it burn
    Make a movie of our lifestyle
    But they earn like a dead body burned on a mantlepiece
    That’s why I try not to lie on wax like this candle grease
    And I be’s the little nigga cooler than anti-freeze defrost on your window pane – Lil Wayne
    But in Hollywood it’s Litt-le Wayne
    Don’t make me not
    So that’s why I got a pre-nup – I do

    Nuff Said

    Bow !

  • CaniBlog?

    We need more rappers like Jay Elec. That’s all I’m sayin

  • Lattimore

    LMAO at chibaby pluggin his friends in a top 5 rappers list. Reminds me of dudes who leaked the 2010 xxl freshman list while including themselves in the line up….

  • Cinsere

    This is the very definition of “blown out of proportion”

  • Cudder

    Jay Electronica>>>>>>>>>>People Kay Slay was name dropping

  • Crasshole

    ^ truth. All the situation is doing is creating more division in a piece of black culture that already seems to be falling apart.

  • Oj Da Cornball

    @ Kareem
    how much u wanna bet BK dudes would lay hands on him if someone don’t appease this situation quick?
    Kay Slay got BK cats and it seems like it could get outta hand because of his tone.

  • Blueberry Yum Yum

    YOOOOOOOOO is jay electroica a muslim?

  • @thomas Sidebar: Where on Staten did you live? I spent my first 12 years on Park Hill.

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    kay slay dont get mad nigga the south is on top

    kay slay aint nobody riding with you but papoose thats all my nigga

    cory gunz sign with a south nigga

    serious jones signed with luda but then dropped because he suck

    jadakiss suck lil wayne killed is ass on death wish

    and you saying like he saying your name no my nigga you took the thing the wrong way thats a bitch way when you take thing like that

    you want me too keep going

    New York Don’t Even Help There Own People Why You Think They Coming To The South To Get On

    ” A Lot Of New York Shit Been Wack , Bottom Line ” – Jay Electronica

  • TYBO2020


  • TYBO2020


  • Somebody get both of these niggaz a blowjob, stat!!!! Lmao!!! But seriously, Jay does make a great point, as well as Kay Slay. But truth is, no matter where ur from, if ur wack, ur wack. The hottest nigga in the game right now ain’t even from the U.S…Dwell on that 4 a minute…

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  • Twilight

    Please tell me niggas are not falling for this divide and conquer bullshit. Rest urselves Noble Kings. Master Charlie will sit back and watch 2 strong brothas kill each other ova bullshit. Lest ye forget #THEGHOSTOFCHRISTOPHERWALLACEANDTUPACSHAKUR

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    The Only Thing I’m Saying Is The East Coast And West Coast Follow And The South Lead Thats All

    True Facts No Lie

    Jada Kiss Hook Up With Oj The Juice Man = Why Jada Kiss Why OJ Suck

    Papoose Got A Song With Waka Flocka = What The Fuck

    Jim Jones = He Coming Down To The South Like Fat Joe

    Cory Gunz = Signed With Young Money

    Nicki = Came To Young Money and She NY

    DJ WebStar = Stole T-Pain Auto Tune


    And I Keep Going And Them Is Yall NY Niggas Coming Down South To Get Put On Or Get Shine The West Coast Do the Same Shit

    Snoop Dogg……Man Yall Get The Point

    South Is Hot Now

    I Didnt ForGet You Mims ‘That Is Why U Was Hot’ Coming To Atlanta To Get On

    ” A Lot Of New York Shit Been Wack , Bottom Line ” – Jay Electronica

  • No Ceilings > Relapse

    The West Coast Artist Get Mad At The DJ’s For Not Playing There Shit Because Of The South

    The East Coast Artist Get Mad At The DJ’s For Not Playing There Shit Because Of The South

    That Mean There Region Ain’t Poppin No More And They Have To Play The South Region

    Ha !

  • shit

    this is awesome. kay slay is an idiot.

  • Ny Stand Up

    i love jay electronica and im from NY. NY shit has def fell off cus we was the best EVER. Nas, Jay, Biggie, Run Dmc, Wu Tang THATS US! we created this shit. half the shit outta NY is trash, but atleast we aint makin up dances n shit. T.I. Wayne, Jay Elect and J Cole only 1s nice south of NY.

    Dont act like Jadakiss and D-Block wouldnt rape whoeva u thought culd spit

    i love when people arent afriad to speak their mind and all but then why is he going on tour with 50? u wanna talk about Trash from NY thats it. jim jones, fat joe, ja rule, nicki, yayo, etc etc. but theres mad trash down south to so chill out n respect OUR GAME. NY Stand UP

  • shit

    kay slay totally missed the point of all of this.

  • B. Digital

    Jay Electronica and Kay Slay should have called each other up and ironed whatever differences they had like grown men instead of doing some radio bullshit.

    Rap should not be about South vs. East Coast, East vs. West, etc. It should always be about the music and that’s it.

  • applejuice

    dito what he said -> @shit kay slay totally missed the point of all of this.

  • PAX

    All due respect for the birth place of this Hip Hop culture, but who gives a fuck about where you from East Coast, Dirty South we just need that Powerful music.

    You lames keep on talking while this kid(Drake) from the North, whether you like it or not is about to take the game.

  • King JuggaNott

    New Orleans in the fucking building…we don’t do the fucking beef shit. Nigga beef is in our streets..you go in the streets if you wanna beef.Lame ass niggas from up top with that bullshit acting like fucking broads. I wouldn’t have even explained that shit….fucking bitch ass niggas.

  • @Acapella I think u hit it on the button. Everybody fightin over a region, for what? We are the only genre of music with this crab in the bucket mentality. Good music is good music regardless of where its from. Some yall need to refresh yall Darwinian theory books. The strong survive, the weak fall to the wayside. The only thing destroying hip-hop is hatred. Its not the south, west,NY or where ever else. Let’s support our brothers and sisters that work hard at this craft regardless of what their city of origin may be. From Jay-Z to Jay Elec, Weezy to the West coast. Didn’t Jay teach yall anything? “If yall don’t like it;FINE. It cost you nothin, pay me no mind”

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Come on now, not one South rapper is better than non of the best NY rappers. Stop it now JE.
    The best MC’s down south to me is Scarface, Luda is dope, and a couple more.
    As ill as Scarface is i think, the best from the east eat ANY rapper from the South.
    No this fool didn’t talk like the south has better MC’s than NY.

    I smell a NY vs South “Cold War”



  • Oj Da Cornball

    I love Slay came back and rep NYC. Lame Jae Mills kissing but and riding nuts. while his hood get diss wit the subliminal and his okaying it. dude lame.

    NYC STAND UP. Fall back now JE or your shows wont go well. Them NYC dudes can make it reall hard for you.

  • geeizme

    Why is hip-hop so territorial? No other music genre does this. Why? Because it serves no purpose.

    Fact is, as far as hip-hop goes, every region has its glory days, with few exceptions. Money and fame has dumbed us all down. Who and whats next is all mf’s care about. Yet, its the cats who don’t conform that are still around and relevant. And lets not forget, the one thing that hip-hop eats, breathes, lives. Lyrics. If you can spit, hip-hop loves you. It’s when these commercial fucks hit the airwaves and the mass starts sweating them. That ain’t hip-hop. That’s greed. NY is the heartbeat, the soul of this rap shit. Period. Lights out. One.

  • Bedstuy_Brooklyn_Timberlands

    The south is not even close to NY hip hop are yall motherfuckers out of yall mind ???? !!!

    Lets get something straight here yall think lirically not comercially success and even if yall wanna go that route i can break it down for yall any region in USA , yall cant fuck with NEW YORK fuck out here :

    Joell Ortiz , Jadakiss , Joe Budden , Fabolous , Styles P , and lotttttt more >>> T.I , Ludacris , Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy , Young Jeezy , ( MY BOYS WILL SHIT ON THE SOUTH IN A NEW YORK MINUTE )

    Jay Z and Nas ( two legends top 5 dead or alive ) >>>> the whole fuckin SOUTH even the WEST can get it too LOL

    Only two niggaz from the West is Snoop Dog and 2 pac and 2 pac was from New York LOL

    Its no competition dog who the south got ??? Scarface , Bun B , Andre 3000 , probably Lil Wayne , probably rick ross ( but he was a COP ) , should we count him ?? ah ??

    The Game is a Nas wannabe !! Jay Electronica is a Nas wannabe !!

    I imagine it gotta be some underground south rappers that are nice but they not even in the map !!

    New York Started this shit mothercukers remenber that between Rakim and Kool G Rap as far as i can remenber ( im only 25 years old ) started this way of doin rap thats complicated for people thats why they called LIRICYST motherfcukers !!!!!

    Yall motherfuckers talk about Lil Wayne like his lirical common son ( Ed Lover Voice ) he just a pop artist nigga all of his sales its because hes the most commercial rapper ever !! yall think just beacuse he comes and do a little mixtape here and there hes nice ??? this motherfcuker even came out with a rock album WTF thats not hip hop motherfuckerss !!

    Lil Wayne its the reason why all of yall motherfcukers got those gay ass skinny jeans and look like white boys on that rockstar bullshit yall on nowdays !! ITS THAT HIP HOP MOTHERFCUKERZ !!

    Jay Z ate Lil Wayne in his own album son !!! ( WITH NO EFFORT AT ALL )

    Lil Boosie is probably the most annoying rapper of all times !! That voice is just like a little kid screaming for candy !!!!

    Nas Killed Ludacris in his own song on the album luda dropped before this batttle of the sexes bullshit when Luda was on that hip hop wanna be shit !!

    Yall wanna talk about females in hip hop ???? Remy Ma will shit on any female in the business should i say more ?? who the south got ?? Trina , Shawna , fuck out here when even gave yall wack ass nicky minaj

    FUCK JAE MILLZ !! i cant believe he’s a Harlem Nigga just like Kay Slay let that nigga say all that shit in the radio !!! Since now on fuck jae millz stay with young money u will never make it motherfcuker the only ones makin paper out of that camp is drake and nicky u just a left over !!

    FUCK FAT JOE !!! instead of that nigga helpin the BX or the real terror squad like Pun left it he went to Miami to suck Dj Kalhed dick instead of help cuban link or tony sunshine or armmagedon tahts why Remy shit on you !!



  • No Ceilings > Relapse


    You Need Some Pussy……………

    No Ceilings

    Bow !

  • Bedstuy_Brooklyn_Timberlands

    why is South hip hop is based on hoopties with Big rims , gold in the mouth and bullshit dances ??? thats all yall motherfuckes can think off when its time to sit down and write a record ???

    Get That New NAs and Damian Marley get some knowledge is yall little brains motherfcukerssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ( im married i get pussy everyday 😉 Still Goin in LOL should i continue ?? Fuck that i goin to sleep ) LOL )

  • YourBoyAl

    Papoose rofl

    sit your ass down

  • mike

    proof that RZA did say some NEGATIVE things about the SOUTH.
    David Banner even made a diss record about RZA.
    RZA did an interview in XXL back in the days and said that most of the drop outs come from the south.

    check on it.

  • Blueberry Yum Yum

    be funny if this starts a fued . east vs south.. west where yal at. i see ice cube. i dont see dre. atleast not for another decade

  • tell ’em slay lol .. jae millz could suck a dick he just ridin nuts like he^^ said … about time someone from ny stood up to this bullshit thats goin on .. jay elec u nice but dont get it twisted ur whole STYLE is NY u a poor man’s killah priest bruh .. point blank a lotta shit that come out the south is straight trash, i dont care how much they sellin or how ‘popular’ it is the shit is disgusting and niggas that’s nice from the south gotta stop co-signing that shit like it’s all good .. i loved outkast scarface bun b ,etc. cuz they came correct, not on no minstrel show tomfoolery shit but a lotta these new dudes is makin the south look like shit, straight up.. and that even go for these east coast niggas tryin to copy that shit like we on the trains doin the ‘stanky leg’..fuck part-a the game is that?

  • ReppinHard

    LOL I smell a hip hop civil war!

  • if they wanna name names and put up some serious money,kay slay need to get his five hottest out of ny and jay need to get his five hottest out of new orleans put them ona stage with a timer and let them really battle to see who come out on top.

  • The Untouchable One

    I hear what Jay Electronica is saying but he need 2 stop this rampid rampage on New York. Your problem aint wit New York its tha niggaz that played you. Im a New York dude and cant nobody say that The south was makin mad party and dance songs. They wasnt spitten like that. Im sure theres a few niggaz down there who dont get they shine who really spit juss like in New York, But you cant keep shitten on NY cuz sum niggaz fuck wit niggaz from the south. I fuck wit Jeezy(trap or die 2 is crazy), TI, Bun B, Scarface, Trick Daddy, Luda, Outkast. The south got spitters but pay homage 2 New York. If I was in ATL or wherever juss being a street nigga, Show respect where you at especially if you live up here and giving out ya address on radio cuz niggaz will approach u bout that. Bringin up Rza shit from the past and shit rza said from yrs ago. Pay respect for that man. DJ Enuff broke ur record in NY and vouched for you on exzihbit C, JUst Blaze is from Jersey ,he gave you ur biggest record. You wouldnt be rapping if it wasnt for NY, you said it yourself. Every region got spitters. East, south, and the west. Eminem is in my top 5 rappers ever he a white boy from Detroit so stop talkin this NY niggaz shitten on people. That shit is in the past but pay respect for what NY has done and will continue 2 do. Every region contributed 2 hip hop. Peace

  • biggar

    Kay Slay is G for responding like that.

    Jay E is getting to far ahead of himself.

  • paychexx

    If new york is on top, then who is running it? But here the catch, you can’t name jay, nas, diddy….raekwon is running ny! Other than that, ny ain’t got shit…vado? Plz….I think the only nigga that could run ny is kiss, but he is too busy tryna “sell” records…ny stop being everybody else, be ny again…I mean jay z know ny ain’t got no hot mcs, he signed j cole, he also tried to get lil wayne and drake… so where is ny?

  • B. Digital

    Is “Bedstuy Brooklyn Timberlands” Papoose? ….lol

  • coco loco

    maaaan kay slay lookn too deep into it. jay was telling the truth. 50 was jackn the southern slang.

  • “Come on now, not one South rapper is better than non of the best NY rappers. Stop it now JE.
    The best MC’s down south to me is Scarface, Luda is dope, and a couple more.
    As ill as Scarface is i think, the best from the east eat ANY rapper from the South.
    No this fool didn’t talk like the south has better MC’s than NY.”

    See this is what Im talking about right here. Close minded niggas who dont know SHIT about Southern hip hop trying to speak about Southern hip hop. Your problem is your only aware of the Mainstream/known acts down here. NIGGA ITS 12 STATES DOWN HERE! YOU THINK WE ONLY HAVE 5 GOOD MC’S OUT OF A WHOLE REGION OF A COUNTRY!?? LMAOOOO what kind of dumb ass thinking is that? I could proceed to go along and make a list of cats that you never heard of that are nice as fuck from the South but im going to leave it to you to do some research. SMH


    Again some more DUMBASS THINKING. Nigga have you ever heard of MAC the camouflage assassin from No Limit???? Dude was the definition of an MC, not to mention he could SHIT on your fav rapper. Ima stop because I got love for good music all over including NY but sum rap fans need teaching.

  • meThATSwho

    No COMMENT.. lol.. NY is lame… dudes fell off… I honestly think battle rap killed NY … that shit is sooo corny

  • SilkCityP

    Both got valid points but … I side with Jay Electronica! NYC is responsible for why it fell the fuck off, and they are responsible for the bullshit acts in South getting on, and getting the paper! If you make authentic, good music… than there is no problem… But alot of these NYC artists sold the fuck out to make a dollar…

    Who is thoro from NYC still… Nas, Jay, LOX, G Rap, Ortiz, I’m really trying to think…. thats terrible… now think about all the artists who sold their Soul? Busta, Fat Joe, 50, Papoose… The music don’t lie niggas!!!

  • SilkCityP

    And btw… The best rapper from the South is better than Hov!!!
    Scarface a.k.a. Mr. Brad Jordan!!!

  • i think andre 3000 said it best at the source awards “the south got something to say”
    what jay elec said was the truth im in atlanta and been here so i know the time period when a lot of new yorkers moved here and their view on the southern music. jay didnt say every new york nigga hated on the south cause clue had south niggas on his mix tapes and ill give it to kay slay he did mix in some southern music back in the day on his tapes also. but that still doesnt change the fact as a collective ny niggas would mostly shit on anything southern. it wasnt until the south completely took over the game that ny niggas had to really tip they head to the dudes really doing it down south.

  • BNevo

    kay slay should shut his irrelevant ass up

  • feary


  • Oj Da Cornball

    LOl at dude given his address on the air like he really gooned up and untouchable. come on, son.
    you know it’s not like that. if it were it’s nothing for them Bk boys to get up in ya.



  • Dee

    [email protected] NY is lame talk.
    Our DNA is in everything you do.
    “NYG’z” – don’t know what that is? look it up.
    It’s easy to hate on a city that has it all.

  • Oj Da Cornball

    FYI, the south gets more airplay than most NY rappers in NY, while it’s not the same in the south .

    Tell me who not support who or hating on who.

  • the one

    Nuff respect for Jay…. But you should never bite the hand that feeds you… I’m just sayin

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  • Bedstuy_Brooklyn_Timberlands

    Is this shit goin on for real ???

    Niggaz talkin about NEw York fell off it never did it just the south startin to make more comercial music the same reason why they more succesful !!

    That other nigga said its 12 states but where the fuck the mcs that he knows for the south at ?? they cant even make a mothercukin name for themselves while the south its hot !!

    This other nigga said Scarface better than Hov ?? than HOv ?? are u on crack motherfucker that houston syrup is fuckin ur head son !! For real LOL

    New York gave u hip hop niggaz if it wasnt hip hop all this south artist probably be stock in thier house doin shit sellin drugs or in a jail how can the south not be thankful for that ??? real talk

    Th south do get more airplay and probably makin more money but their music its not better than new york niggaaa just The LOX >>>>> the south in my opinion that boy jada destroy lil wayne in his own track yall remenber that ??? common son ( ed lover voice )

    Niggaz talk about eminem but eminem dont got a good album since go knows when RELAPSE is BASURAAAA !!! this one coming out lets see wut he comes up with !!

    Wu Tang is like a religion all over the world niggaz is worldwide son u think bumb ass Jay Electronica its gonna ever make it in that level ??? fuck na niggaz !!

    RZa is probably laughin at that Jay Electronica nigga right now for talkin all that crayz shit !!

    i dont think papoose its better than Jay Electronica and im a brooklyn boy but the the truth is the truth !!

  • MithritadesHD

    MAN fuck that nigga KaySlay,sensitive ass nigga,trying to back pedal smfh

  • cli-city

    Fuck the radio conversations….put these niggas in a ring and let rap speak…The South vs The North
    Real talk looking on the past 4 years in Hip Hop. The south been running shit… Up north niggas be taking too long of a break. OTher than dre 3000 every body else been on they shit….Wayne been the top runner in Hip Hop for years now….T.I. had one of the Best albums in 2008….Rick Ross evaded a full on attack by 50 cent and still sold records…Young Jeezy made my president is black…Until late last year New York was getting shitted on….Jadakiss album flopped, Jim Jones Album flopped, Camron album flopped…You got Nas and Jay and Fab selling records from New York thats it..



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  • will

    kay slay sound like he was about to cry

  • King JuggaNott

    I thought the nigga was crying…..he did what sensitive niggas do. That’s all it took, for a younger nigga to tighten his ass up and set him straight. Dumb ass salty irrelevant ass bumb ass nigga. Jay Elec ain’t nowhere yet…and here it is this nigga is getting sensitive. If he rocked with the south that cool..but niggas from up top STILL go in on down south cats for our slang and what we do. It don’t matter to us…..but when we put it out there how are THEY going to get sensitive? It aint like the nigga said it like he was crying about it…he just said that’s what niggas from up top was doing….and they were/are.

    Fucking bitches.

  • come on men… come on! get this money…. i am from the south as well, LOUISIANA stand up…
    word life to jay elect & lil wayne… yo, the south is the south we got something to say other than the wackness that we have as well! come on put the music in the booth,.,, lay out the heat

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  • Joe Neck Bone

    Jay Electronica didn’t do nothing wrong who wants to be called slow that’s why he mad.Seriously the rappers Slay called out can’t do nada please Jay Electronica will burn them niggas by himself yeah ya’ll started it but this dude is better than all ya’ll he got the rite to be cocky if you been in the underground as long as he has.New Yorkers can hear real shit that’s why they started HH but now of days you guys don’t have the rappers like that no more.So pass the flame.

  • NY, NY


    Rephrased from Hov, who happens to be from NY and is currently the biggest artist out right now. And lets not forget 50, Kiss, Fab, Nas – all from NY

    Wayne, T.I., Jeezy, Ross, Luda, great artist, FROM THE SOUTH, but lets be real, the reason most think they are great is based on the standards of what come from NY, you come here to make it, you go to Atlanta to be seen, big difference

    The Midwest can lay claim to having the best Kanye and Em

    The west has Game and Snoop, + Cube

    There has not been a change in hip hop over the last 10 years, the biggest artist to come out is from Queens

  • that sounded a lot like rapper pooh on that freestyle…

  • Sin

    ALL I KNOW IS: You wont hear too many DETROIT niggas on that shit yall talkin

  • So Icy Boi!

    Jay Electronica is right NY niggaz is swagger jackers ….and 100% haters thats why they losing why the SOUTH winning …now yall wanna feature south niggaz because they hot

  • oritse

    yo my family!! wats all this shit!!
    yo jay i love you, kay slay i love ya’ll.
    but ya’ll need to calm the fuck down!!!
    i don’t like this shit!
    ya’ll both true and livin but right now ya’ll acting like savages!!!!
    kay slay was right jay elect should forget about the past!! and live on!!
    that was then, this now fam!!
    i’mo be honest! there is alot of wack southern rappers!! no jokes
    some southern rappers are wack!! some of the shit them mur’fuka’s promote is ignorant shit!
    i am from england, newcastle my address is xxxxxxx
    hit me up my number is xxxxx holla at ya boi!lol!
    i said it! at thesame time there is wack cats from new york too.
    so jay and kay! ya’ll is grown men!
    i dont want to come back from work and listen to this shit!!
    ya’ll both sounding like 50 and ja’rule!
    act grown and respect ya fans!
    we love ya’ll. peace

  • HK

    I get JE’s point but he was borderline disrespectful in how he presented it.

  • paychexx

    i remember when the rza said that shit….how come when a nigga call them out for some shit the said, them niggas wanna bitch up? all them niggas bitch up…. niggas down south will see you if you talking that shit….

  • paychexx

    if the south is wack then why all them ny niggas down south, nicki and millz young money, meek millz grand hustle, puff and jay only fuck with rick ross, where are these ny niggas…i see only the wu and redman, joell ortiz, buddens. even fat joe went south…. the realest ny nigga is french montana!

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  • Papo

    all you south niggaz is pussy and NY niggaz run u niggaz!
    Lyrically who fuckin wit this roster

    Jay z
    Talib Kweli
    Mos Def
    Juelz Santana

    Nigga talkin bout Bun B who had the wackest verse on uptown and can’t make a dope record with out pimp c. lol mann fuck jay electronica NY niggaz will wash him up no homo… That niggaz pass out here is revoked. Lyrically south niggaz can’t fuck wit our young Niggaz like papoose, Loaded Lux, Serious Jones and the list go on. SOuth niggaz can suck a dick!

  • Papo

    yea lets not forget Fab! that nigga will throw all you south niggaz on the grill.. and yall still pussy!

  • Papo


    ur an idiot redman and Joe Budden from NJ and Meek Millz from Philly and if thats ya argument then why bum ass south niggaz still rockin big white t’s and evisu jeans hahahahaha niggaz is lame!

  • Papo

    And Millz is pussy too i’ll snuff that nigga for being a dick ridah!

  • will

    @No Ceilings

    Im confused how is snoop or anybody on the west using the south last south artist snoop was on some shit was dorrough and that was ice cream paint job remix Snoop is acknowledging the newest with the whole jerking movement while all the south up and comers is swag jaccing the west nigga yea you can say east coast cats is swag jaccing teh south but nothing about Snoop album is South influenced even soulja boy song on his album didnt have a south feel i mean Soulja Boy is living on the west right now and not only that he signing west coast artist with Khleo and Lil B where do you country bumpkin ass think The term turnt up came from

    The South cant name one thing the west is using that they came up with but i can name a grip of shit the south use that originated in the west like Stunnas Autotune in Hiphop shaking dreds i still see niggas down here jerking C-walking and calling that shit the walk out cuz Please the south originated shit but its nothing the west is swagjaccing my nigga period thats probably why they not as hot right now but everything about the west is original nigga I mean when did the south start Gang Bangin real talk cuz

    The South has stolen alot of shit from the west when T-pain 1st came out everybody thought he was from oakland becuz he had ion stunnas and he was getting Hyphy in the video with E-40

    Niggas need to stop putting the south on this high horse becuz the shit that you claiming niggas swagjaccing Niggas on the WestSide is laughing at that shit

    like the westcoast on some music tip none of our shit thats banging south like south music you will not here no snaps or repetitive hooks so Im curious to what you talking about my Nigga Like when have you heard a west coast artist rhyme over a snap beat or like some southern crunk shit or that dumb retarded movement niggas is on in N.O. and Baton Rouge never have you heard a nigga on The west coast on shit like that but I see niggas Like Roscoe Dash taking LA swag with All The Way Turnt Up And Slim Thug using a Eazy- E Sample and Yung LA with Aint I

    you can call the west wacc whatever nigga but we original over here Last time snoop fucc with the south like that was when He was signed to No Limit years ago and The 2 albums sounded nothing like a No Limit records album even master P got his start in Oakland Cuz GTFOH with that shit

  • Truth

    Or maybe….just maybe, music is music and we should stop segregating it with regions, lets juss uplift ppl, if we dnt like someone’s music, lets not disrespect it because there are ppl who enjoy it and good and bad music is a matter of personal opinion, if u dnt like something, it doesn’t give u the right to disrespect it….

  • theehater

    repping where ur from gotta be the stupidest thing to happen to society. if u reppin, then rep africa, rep your roots, not where the slavemasters put you. fuck a block.

  • Wow.

    Is this discussion serious? I mean really. The South? Haha. The fuck shit is that?
    Everyone and they grandma know that the South would get rolled on. Midwest would have a better chance against the North than the South would.

    Toss up between Midwest and the North.
    Really the only 2 regions that are still goin’ hard. I love the West, but let’s be honest the last good shit dropped from the West was Chronic 2001.

  • will

    @ WOW

    Bullets Aint Got No Names Vol.3

  • jim

    kay slay needs2chill

  • jim

    oh yeah and papoose is fuckin wack

  • mmkayy

    so its not enough Jay Elect got bad things to say about New York, RZA & Kay Slay but turns out the same dude gotta a secret disliking of Eminem since like 04

    Jay Electronica = the new 50 Cent

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  • vadon757

    to that wack ass OJCORNBALL… aint nothing wack about southern rappers… Errbody know NY rappers are the BIGGEST dick ryders in AMERICA… i.e. FatJoe, 50cent, all them low ranking WSHH rappers, and the rest of the washed up NY rappers. Granted NY presented the world w/ a new street culture, but dont TRIP the streets in the south BEEN “GULLY” and niggas down south been nice w/ the MIC Device.
    Kay & JAY E aint even beefing, they juss expressing the behind scenes facts that most ppl refuse to talk about. Check out my man PUSHA T, MAD SKILLS, WAYNE, ROSS, juss to name a few rappers that will EAT most niggas ALIVE w/ the flow FROM THE SOUTH…. U SUUUCCCKKKAAASSSS!!!

  • Chu

    not one of you has mentioned andre 3000

    you dont know rap

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