Raekwon Talks Nas’ Absence On OB4CL 2

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Nas told MTV that he regreted missing out on Raekwon’s OB4CL 2. In return, the Chef tells 1515 that there’s love lost and says it wasn’t all about recording a follow-up to “Verbal Intercourse”.

“It wasn’t even about reinventing ‘Verbal Intercourse’. It was about, he was there for the first album. When I think about us making this album, a lot of people, a lot of my fans knew he was down with me on the first [Cuban Linx] album. I wanted to really make it happen for the sake of the fans as well as the relationship. Me and him, we always been cool. We always looked at our styles as being real similar. So I felt it was a great move. I guess, at the time, he couldn’t be available. I understand. I know how it gets sometime. But at the end of the day, it’s always good to know that we still the same cats from 10 years ago. That’s how I am. I don’t change the face of who I am because of no certain situations in the game, because our careers go where they go. If you was down with me from the door, I’m still the same old G. I’m sure he feels the same way. Like I said, ain’t no love lost. If we do it again, we gonna make it tight and do what we supposed to do.”

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  • insanemacbeth

    “I don’t change the face of who I am because of no certain situations in the game, because our careers go where they go.”.

    mature talk.

  • webstar

    good stuff. Glad to see these dudes still have love for each other & are still excited about recording together. Grown folks.

  • scott larock

    he sounds like benie seigal the voices are very similar was just looking at a beans interview too.


    @Big Homie

    not a big deal but you forgot to insert ‘no’ between ‘there’s’ and ‘love’. As soon as I read it I was like “FUCK, i don’t wanna see these brothers beefing over something so stupid” but I’m glad they’re some real stand up guys and still got love for each other. Their next collabo should be dope.

  • doodlet

    MAJOR typo. you need to write “no” love lost. changes the whole context of the post.

  • Rick

    ^yup. People been complaining about big homie’s writing for a while. Glad to see rapradar cares..

  • pissed

    and this is another reason why Rae is dope. Not only is he a real spitter, he’s a real dude. Aint nothin changed but the address.