Black Thought Solo Album Update

Last night at The Roots’ How I Got Over listening session in NYC, Black Thought spoke on the progress of his long-awaited solo album, Masterpiece Theater. But don’t get your hopes up yet. He says the project is on the “backburner”. In laymen terms: It ain’t happenin’ cap’n.


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  • Wow.

    I would love to see him and Eminem go back and forth on a joint. They killed that shit at the hip hop honors. And on the BET cypher.

  • Truth will out

    Thought can’t find a home for a solo project? Sad. These labels suck. Scurred bitches they are. Thought’s in my top 5…Em aint. I need soul, not tricks.

  • Van

    I’ve been waiting for this shit since he dropped Hardware back in the day.

    Fuck a label, damn I would have thought Black Thought would have enough cake to finance his own solo project. Damn the roots have been touring forever, they really should be caked up by now. Nigga put the shit out for yourself. Digital release only. Fuck a back burner. That danger mouse shit sounds like the truth though.

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  • Ty

    @ Truth will out

    Cosign your comments on Black Thought, and although Em is in my top 5 rhyming today I completely understand your reasons for him not being in yours.

    It’s soooo hard for me to believe the nigga Thought can’t find a label home for a solo project. He may be too proud to really shop for a solo deal and knock on doors at this stage of the game but I bet he has more fans in powerful places in this industry than he even knows. Get it done Thought, real heads are gon’ cop that, no matter what it comes out on.


    I love black thought, o well. Top 10

  • mike

    why he didnt drop it as A LIMITED EDITION like 10 000 copies !!!

    on a damn independent label

    the rest is history !!!

  • Post no billz

    Black thought is dope,i would love to hear a solo,but they theyve been talkin bout masterpiece theater since 99.. That shits like detox.. Never comin out..

  • Really, who cares?

  • Man, why didn’t you mention that he was talking about the Danger Mouse Joint coming soon, huh? Dangerous Thoughts is gonna be classic WHEN it drops! Why did you not mention that in your posting Instead of focusing on the negative? Danger has done big things in hip hop(Gnarles Barkley, DangerDoom anybody?) Lets be happy for Thought in that aspect instead of talking about how MT hasn’t come out yet.

  • YM

    YES YES @ youaresleeping… That Dangerous Thoughts album is gonna be dope, and RR dont even mention that!?!?

    and a co sign @ MIKE…

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