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  • This is an awesome song!


    Talib always speaks the truth!

  • Good thing i dont live in Arizona!

  • HawthorneFinest

    Respect to Talib and Willy Northpole!!!!!!
    My people deserve to be here like any other people living in this country!
    Fuck that Arizona Beotch who made that Ignorant Law.
    No Mexicans, No:
    Fine Latina Models
    Cheech & Chong
    and much, much more…..
    so Think Twice suck ass haters!!!!!!!!!!

  • ^^Dude your makin us look like Taco eating Alcoholic pot heads..SMH!!

  • Cudder


    I thought the same thing.

  • Atl_yo

    Lol dude who made that list you also forgot to put Mexican gang members killing blacks in l.a and killing police farmers in shit on the border
    drunk driveing killing lil kids in car crashes then going back to Mexico fuck mexicans this is the USA bitch

  • Cudder


    To assume that’s what every immigrant comes to the USA to do only speaks on your ignorance. I feel bad for the fact that this is what you actually believe. Im ashamed to call myself american when I see ignorance as such.

  • HawthorneFinest

    If your ashamed to look like that, then smh @ You
    you prolly one of those dumb fucks who hate their own color…LOL
    I’d hate to be you sir

  • HawthorneFinest

    Hahaha I can tell your a lazy fat fuck who sits on the computer and hate on other colors from your house, you know why?
    because your fat fucking self didn’t have the energy to look up my name and reply to it..instead you put “@ the guy who put the large list”
    lmfao SMH @ you lazy southern fat hoes.
    ‘some’ mexicans kill….but, who doesn’t? blacks…whites..asians..etc
    others came to work and put in work for their family.
    so get your shit straight before you post retarded ass comments with your fat self.
    Viva Mexico Putos!!!!!!!
    you know what dat means……

  • Why would i be proud to be an alcaholic you Fucken Idiot!! and Your the one makin our race look bad by your little list makin it seem thats all were good for! and bitch im proud to be Mexican!

  • Atl_yo

    I would hate to live in Cali or Texas to many Mexican’s

    HawthorneFinest fuck u cut my grass bitch

  • HawthorneFinest

    I can tell your a dumbass who follows the rules and loves Usa more than his own home.
    fuck outta here!
    Tequila & alcohol IS Mexico pendejo!

    @ATL_ lol is that ALL you can say?
    at least be smart with your insults man…geez! haahaa
    Like I haven’t heard that 1 before.
    you wouldn’t make it 10 seconds behind the border line.

  • Tijuana is in this bitch!! Yo I dig this song Kweli is always spitting the truth. I don’t know why some blacks and Mexicans always have hate against each other. There should be more unity.
    P.S. Peep my songs..

  • Cudder


    Im mexican american. And I love the USA I was born here. I embrace my mexican side too but the fact is I love USA more

  • HOw Em i a dumbass?? Wey no me conoses So dont judge me!! well my own home is here in the us but my parents crossed the border..SO im Chicano!

    Pero Pendejo! with all the shit thats goin on in arizona how the fuck you think You sayin mexico is Tequila and Alcohol is makin us look?? Ppl like you are the reason they want to take us out of here..


    [email protected] [email protected]!.. Thank U TALIB KWELI 4 addressing Such an Important Topic in our Nation. Obviosly its a serious issue even on this Comment Blog.
    I can not Believe some one would say #*@% Mexican people?!..

    1st. Of all This is a song about Racism. Here in the United States of America.
    2nd Hip Hop & RAP music is Based on people Being Opressed. So B. Appreciative of The Voice WE have through our Culture(HIP+HOP)
    3rd of all… I Love thiz Song!!! Thank GOD 4 Poltical Artist… “Get Up Stand Up!”
    4th & Finally We should all B. More Careful of the Comments WE make towards each other. Remeber this is a MUSIC COMMENT BLOG. Not a Political Forum.
    PLS> Keep The Peace My Brothers & Sisters!!!

  • granted someone needed to say something! it was dope hearing him spit and claim the idealogies about what is really happening in our government overall

  • Hell yeah that you Talib for speaking up for those who dont have a voice. You touched a vital subject that people are ignoring.

    @ Atl_Yo:
    “Lol dude who made that list you also forgot to put Mexican gang members killing blacks in l.a and killing police farmers in shit on the border
    drunk driveing killing lil kids in car crashes then going back to Mexico fuck mexicans this is the USA bitch”
    Now WTF is your problem for reals thats jut wrong.

    Mexicans arent the only ones who have gangs, im pretty sure thats well known you have african americans bloods and crips killin each other you have caucasians who are also in gangs but i dont hear you referencing that…maybe because no one is hating on you for your color for your status but if the tables were turned youd feel that governmental wrath of rascism. And if you say that mexicans are the only ones who drink and drive you are deeply mistaken. This is “USA bitch” we were built on revolution Land of the Free as in FREE TO EXPERIENCE DIFFERENT SOCIAL OPPORTUNITIES. You racially bias ass.

    Again Thanks
    TALIB for showing us whats really going on.

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  • el_mono

    whoah….thank you talib kweli for a crazy track…que viva México, fuck Arizona…and also……mac DIESEL is a homo?……that explains a lot

  • Lil Dick

    good job Arizona! one of the best things that has happened seriously. fuck illegal immigration. fuck gangbangers. fuck welfare leeches.


    There’s a difference between an Immigrant and an Illegal immigrant.

    It’s not fair to jump in line of all the people immigrating the right way.

  • Chad Brinkmann

    Dear Talib;
    I have been a fan of yours for quite some time now, and I have turned a blind eye to your racial views, but enough is enough. I understand you want to empower the black community and other minorities in this great country of ours, but quit doing at the expense of innocent white people like myself. Stop using “The White Man” as a scapegoat, its played out homie. This is very reason i quit listening to mos def….

    Below is a link that explains whats going on in Arizona.
    Know the facts before you open your mouth.


  • SHM

    The dude that said No mexican = blah blah blah

    First of all dude, mexican chicks aint that hot and plus tacos are not only mexican all the spanish people be doing that. SO learn before you open your stupid lil mexicano mouth ight.