Timbaland’s Tour Bus Recording Studio

Timbo’s got apartments a bus you can put your home in. Here’s a tour of the producer’s mobile recording studio¬† which includes more TVs than Best Buy and Solid State Logic technology. Roll out.


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  • Ayo Timbo’s not tired of using technology, his technology is on tires.

  • hmm

    *jaw drops*

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  • flawda

    Is that where he makes his DJ Tiesto techno beats?

  • JohnBlack

    Crazy shit. I don’t even know what half the equipment does. Real rich nigga shit. But the only thing I would actually want is the LCD in the bathroom.

  • i dont kno what 95% of tht shit does.

  • Interscope Employee

    I love how all the posts have Jay-Z reference haha!

  • Em4Life

    Damn! I would love to know how much that shit cost.



  • hmm

    already the SSL Matrix is 22,500$ alone so yeah all that cost more than some homes are worth

  • young hov


  • ironic

    damn, that’s straight porn for the tech geek side of me

  • Rhyme

    All that equipment shouldn’t Timbo be primed to make a good beat? What was his last good beat?
    Ayo Tech?

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  • King JuggaNott

    @ Rhyme did you like Say Something with Drake?

    Tim is my favorite producer period. Dude has talent…I like that he doesn’t sample off records as much as the other top producers. I guess that’s why I like his style, because I don’t sample much at all either. This vid is just sick…..flat out sick….you basically can put an album out……from that bus. SMH fucking crazy.

  • Amazing…this is what you call reinvesting in your business. 95 % of that sht will allow him to make more money

    “Because credit crack is wack”

  • Rhyme

    @King JuggaNott

    Yea, I did. Didn’t think to much of the beat though. The chorus was nice, Timbo not so much.

  • King JuggaNott

    I see..

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  • pushakey

    most of timbo’s biggest hits are all samples, matter of fact he samples more than most.

  • Cory

    A lot of his hits were based off samples, but I’d say only about 30% of dude’s beats utilize samples, which is much less than say, J Dilla or 9th Wonder or some shit.

    But the nicest equipment and tour bus in the world isn’t going to make your beats any doper. Timbo fell off about a year ago.

  • JA-Allday

    first off .. timbo hasn’t made his own beats in bout 5 years .. he adds tweaks and gives suggestions .. but niggas like DANJA make the beats. .he has them on staff and he takes the credit .. second THAT is what more artists should do .. invest in their work .. even if timbo is in some back woods road in west Virginia he can get work done

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