• Johnny

    so sad

  • Boom

    Why did he trap Bieber into this foolishness?! He trying to appeal to the White folks using Justin…

  • Soulja Boy’s verses are garbage, smh… Bieber killed him..

  • Wow.


  • money mitch


  • R.A.W.


  • Little Erica Loves My Shit

    Justin Bieber is Soulja Boy’s new “girlfriend”.

  • Targeting rich white 15 year old girls…this guy knows the buying market.

    Say what you want, but he does what it takes to sell records in this day and age.

  • HawthorneFinest

    @ Little erica

    Justin Biever + Soulja boy 4Eever

  • So Sad , But True

    Justin Bieber > Eminem

  • HawthorneFinest

    Wasn’t soulja boy saying that his album “Dre” would be more mature?
    why this dude keeps making songs like Kiss me thru the Phone and Crank That???
    someone should just shoot this guy!
    Only people buying this crap are people from Atlanta

  • Fat Boy

    Just beiber did his thing not gonna lie hook is solid especially for the ladies, Now on Soulja Boy……..his flow sucked so much, lyrics were wack as usual……”sigh”…….”Kanye Shrug”…….

  • Whodakid

    Forget it! I mean we all know this guys verses are poop and smell like a toilet that hasn’t been flushed for weeks. Still, THIS NIGGA JUST SAID THAT HE’S A “PRETTY GUY”. SMH… GO AWAY PLEASE!

  • So Sad , But True

    Only White People Buy This Shit

  • Oj Da Cornball


    Just shoot the video and it’s a go.

    Waiting for this album.

  • Dman

    LOL another shitty track to get the mainstream demon wet… the game needs a recovery 😉

  • Fat Boy

    @Dman. Cosign Recovery

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    Only Eminem Stans Support This Shit

  • NuJEW

    Soulja boy is so wack.

    No improvement in his lyrics.

  • Wow.

    @ Hip hop Is dead.

    Hahaha yeah right. Eminem “fans” most definitely DO NOT support this shit.

  • herbsaac

    “Targeting rich white 15 year old girls…this guy knows the buying market.

    Say what you want, but he does what it takes to sell records in this day and age.”

    Beatles, Britney, Madonna, all that shit in the 80s.. since the beginning of pop music thats what it has taken to sell records in that day and age SMFH.. hate people who try to sound smart without fully thinking about their own thoughts..

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @ WoW

    Trust Me….. If Yall Support Eminem First Singles Yall Like This Shit

  • Little Erica Loves My Shit

    @Hip Hop Is Dead

    Only faggots like you support this shit. Hip hop ain’t dead!

  • money mitch

    not white people white girls dont insult us

  • James

    LMFAO, RapRadar, u kno the comments this was gonna get, c’mon now
    I myself like the hook, not feeling the verses, but im sure there will be some ppl who like it, no hate here
    Do ur thing Soulja Boy

  • Wow.

    @ Hip Hop Is Dead

    I support Em’s first single, only because it’s hip hop lyrical wise. I don’t like it for the beat i’ll admit the beat is kind of poppish, blame Gay-1da for that. And another thing this track right here is pure garbage. When Em releases the Havoc produced track(hopefully he will) EVERYONE and they grandma will jump on that shit.

  • Fat Boy

    @Hip Hop Is Dead. My fav rapper is Eminem, so that means I like soulja boy, gucci mane, OJ Juiceman, & waka flocka flame wow your amazing(Sarcastically)

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @Little Erica Loves My Shit

    Go Get Distant Relatives And Hip Hop Will Forever Live

    Eminem Won’t Save Hip Hop

    The Only Recovery I Want Is From That Bull Shit Relapse Album Damn Em That Shit Hurt

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  • Little Erica Loves My Shit

    @Hip Hop Is Dead

    I got Distant Relatives! Got get Revolutions Per Minute!

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @Fat Boy

    Eminem Is the Just Like soulja boy, gucci mane, OJ Juiceman, & waka flocka flame . The Only Thing He Can Do Is Rap But About What ????? Nothing

  • Little Erica Loves My Shit

    @Hip Hop Is Dead

    Why do you hate Eminem?

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @Little Erica Loves My Shit

    I Don’t Hate Em I Just Want Him to Put Out Substance That Can Live Threw The Year That Will Come….Thats All No Bull Shit

    And Trust Me Relapse Was Bullshit Thats why He In Recovery

  • Fat Boy

    @Hip Hop Is Dead. But does gucci mane waka flocka soulja boy murder people on features like eminem does “cough”…Renegade..Drop the world..Forever..Airplanes..Despicable…Etc

  • Little Erica Loves My Shit

    @Hip Hop Is Dead

    Recovery will change your opinion. I guarantee.

  • G

    Aww shit my nigga Beiber murdered Soulja boy on this shit!!

  • @Hip Hop Is Dead
    why the fuck you hating on prob the best in not the 2nd best of all time
    he rap about real shit not like wayne nd all them who rap abot money
    and em can rap about anything and come out on top
    like his life
    whats going on in the world
    and can just make rap records and still come out on top
    so go lidten 2 the fake rappers that out 2day
    nd em fans dont like this shit
    no 1 does

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @ Fat Boy

    What You Talking About He Murder Them But When It Come To Him Making A Album His Album Murder Him

  • Dan

    Oj Da Cornball says:
    Saturday, May 22 2010 at 12:41 PM EST

    Just shoot the video and it’s a go.

    Waiting for this album.


    You the definition of a cornball, nigga. Your posts are now officially blacklisted.

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @Little Erica Loves My Shit

    I Hope So We All Hope So

  • Who Else

    @HIP HOP Is Dead
    are you retarded What does eminem rap about?
    same stuff as gucci? Are you out of your mind?
    Eminem dont rap about a rich girl Or has he ever tried to get the girls to like his musiches never made a song devoted to them
    and Not Afraid is about his sobriety and exactly wat u said his last relapse was ehhhhh
    moron listen to not afraid like right here

    You said you was king, you lied through your teeth
    For that fuck your feelings(Fillings like as in teeth), instead of getting crowned(Like a tooth crown) you’re getting capped(Liek A tooth capped)

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @ eminem 1

    Eminem Rap About Real Shit Negro Please ….. You Tae-bo hoe

  • llll

    LOOOOOOL!i actually laughed so hard, Bieber actually killed soulja boy!
    P.S what the fuck is wrong with u people, leave eminem outta this discussion!he’s on a higher level, made and will still make classic shit!

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    Just playin y’all Eminem best rapper alive, shit that not afraid shit Is Fire hit number 1 Recovery is gong to be hectic. I got mad respect for Em for saying his last relapse CD was “ehh” it’s only him that talks the truth unlike other rappers that sugar coat stuff & lie smh

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @Who Else

    Eminem = No Substance

    I Answer Your Question Next Question

  • MJG

    This shit is on point. Can’t wait for the album to come out, That’s real talk and for those who don’t agree with me…KILL YOURSELVES!!! BELIEVE THAT!!!

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    Soulja boy best rapper alive all y’all fav rappers suck Soulja Bieber = beter then jay z & eminem


    And if shes a “credit card shawty” then she damn sure aint no rich girl. Think about it.

    “Because credit crack is wack”

  • Hip Hop Is Dead


    HAHAHA Hell Naw

  • burd

    @money mitch

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Just when ya’ thought music couldn’t get any gayer. sheesh :T

  • burd

    @Hip Hop Is Dead
    ems got substance probly stuff most people never heard because they wouldnt give him a chance

  • omg

    This song >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DRAKE,
    Soulja got bars killing drake.

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Dan says:
    Saturday, May 22 2010 at 1:14 PM EST
    Oj Da Cornball says:
    Saturday, May 22 2010 at 12:41 PM EST

    Just shoot the video and it’s a go.

    Waiting for this album.


    You the definition of a cornball, nigga. Your posts are now officially blacklisted.


    why u hating on my opinion, son? Free country. Like what i want. Do you scratch my balls when it itches? If so, wake me next time you do then I’ll grant you all rights over me to tell me what to like.

    Love ya

  • Oj Da Cornball

    omg says:
    Saturday, May 22 2010 at 1:29 PM EST
    This song >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DRAKE,
    Soulja got bars killing drake.
    Co Sign

  • So Icy Boi!

    How dis shit become about Eminem ?? How many white people/50 Cent fans on here ?

  • teejay

    Bieber = mc killer.

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @omg Cosign, Soulja boy can kill any rapper u name them, my friends all ways mention Jay & eminem are the best but i laugh at them because i say soulja boy because he got the whole world dancing and girls screaming, when rappers curse it makes me cry and want to comit suicide aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..Im Dead

  • Dman

    @ hip hop is dead your name title fits perfectly with your comments soulja boy kills any rapper? haha just shut the fuck up please

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    I Hate To Say This But Fuck It

    Lil Wayne ” Tie My Hands ” > Eminem Whole Entire Relapse Album

    Hear Me Out I Said ” I Hate To Say This “

  • Fat Boy

    @Dman Cosign, wow reall “hip hop is dead” wow really how ironic look at your name smh

  • MikeNUFC

    Lol at this being on a rap site. Fuckin’ hell since when has Soulja Boy and Justin Beiber been rap music.

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @Dman @Fat Boy F u all Soulja Boy the best Jay-Z and Eminem is killing hip hop they both sell to many albums, people that buy albums are idiots so that means Jay and eminem suck, Soulja boy is the Future hate me if u like his lyrics are nice the best, y hasnt soulja done a song with eminem and jay because their scared of soulja boy will mureder them

  • Eminem = No Substance

    I Had To Change My Name Because Some Ass Hole Saying Soulja Boy Is The Best Rapper Alive Negro Please

  • LOL

    ROFL ROFL ROFL SOULJAH BOY GOT OWNED BY JUSTIN BIEBER !!! lol the person sayin soulja and biebers better than jay z and eminem LOL watchu smokin ROFL did souljah even rap? so ridiculous

  • Eminem = No Substance

    yea who got my name smh loser…. cmon soulja boy aint the best Lil Wayne is , gucci mane, waka flocka, i respect u though soulja boy is the young version of lil wayne hes geting beteer, but i rather listen to waka flocka when in the hood he get the crowd hyped, but u rite who cares about eminem and jay z, who cares if they got lyrics, its all about the HOOK “Oh Lets Do It”

  • Soulja Boy

    Who Leak My Shit

  • LOL

    LOL someone who listened to the track once, plz quote one line souljah boy managed to rap? If you surprisingly manage to remember one, really read what you just typed… yep its lame

  • Hip Hop Is Dead

    @Eminem = No [email protected]
    She rides a barbie phantom
    She lives in a barbie mansion
    She’s a rich girl
    She got a lot of money
    She credit card shawty
    She credit card shopping
    Look good when she shoppin
    Man she look good when she talking and she walkin
    She walk like a model
    She shop like a balla
    She shop like a NFL, NBA, high school scollar

    Im telling yall soulja boy is the best rapper alive look at the verse it was so crazy, wow people said eminems verse on renegade was hot SMH, shit soulja boys lyrics will destroy eminem and jayz

  • Eminem = No Substance


  • LOL

    LOLLOLOL AND NOW READ THOSE LinesLOL i bet you replayed the song and typed it up, i said listen to it the once and remember it not type it word as its played.

    She got a lot of money
    She credit card shawty
    She credit card shopping

    thats some trash u get from a grade 1 kid , she shop like a balla? wtf! ROFL so lame!

    hahah and eminems lyrics wreck souljah boys any day, they have meaning to it and are smart, not just lines chucked together that rhyme, she shop like a NFL, NBA , high school scollar LOL LOLOLOL ridiculous LOL

  • K

    This really sucks. It’s sad that Justin Bieber sounds better than Soulja Boy, but we all know SB sucks anyways. He’s an awful singer with garbage lyrics, and whoever does that background music needs to get a new job. Awful crap.

  • Eminem = No Substance

    @LOL yo why are u hating Soulja Boy is Super nice quite all the anger u mad because rapradar has soulja boy on its top headliner, just admit everybody in my class Soulj Boy is better then Jay and Eminem its all u here in the radio Soulja noy jay & EM, soulja boy makes girls dance

  • Fat Boy

    @Eminem = No [email protected] Hop Is Dead, yall some idiots you know that SMH

  • Eminem = No Substance

    i almost 4 got waka flocka and wayne and gucci is up their with soulja to, just like drake said”who the fuck are yall” wuit hating on the future

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Soulja Boy really stepped his game up on this one.
    hottest song for the summer so far.

  • LOL

    LOLOLOLOL @Eminem = No Substance are you in grade 1 too? do those lyrics impress you? ROFL i understand LOL
    hahha im not hating, im pointing out the facts, if souljah boy can produce some quality lyrics then maybe i can support him, but up to date, trash. mad? LOL far from it!! all im doing is laughing at how terrible it is,
    its just hilarious to see you say his better then quality rappers LOLOLOLOL

  • Ha! I plead duh fif…

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  • DRAKE= no substance

    This >> drake. Soulja and biber are killers. Bar for bar killing drake.. DRAKE no substance
    – raps about how he made it
    -sounding like an automatic auto tune, mixture of (streatching his words AND SOUNDING LIKE THE GRUDGE)

  • DRAKE sounds like the GRUDGE

    …..And raps about nothing

  • Justin Beaver


  • BK

    @Eminem = No Substance

    Hahaa this nigga actually had me goin 4 a sec aswell. This is probably that sarcasm nigga that used to post on here.

  • Anon

    Hip Hop Is Dead … You are definitely a Troll

  • T

    OMG wowowowowowo

    BIeber murdered Soulja Boy here..Actually i would listen to this more if it was just Bieber, that sad. Souja Boy has the wackest lyrics i have ever heard.

    she rides a barbie phantom
    she lives in a barbie mansion

    wow..At least Bieber’s hook is dope SMH at be liking bieber in this song..but fuck it dude got talent

  • stole his name lol

  • @Hip Hop Is Dead
    eminem most real rapper out end of
    if you cant see that shouldnt listen to rap
    rap isnt about how much girls you had sex with and how much money you got
    it about real stuff thats why em is the best
    and a didnt understand what u said at the end

  • You ignorant fucks dont know what “hater” means.

    ^^your name is pretty damn ironic considering your ignorance about money/credit cards.

  • Antone

    1. this song blows.
    2. can soulja boy not rap on beat? the last words of verse 2 & 3 get cut off by bieber lol.

  • I think yn and b.dot are smart…they Disguise themselfs as other ppl…And JUst comment some Random shit that wil stir up controversy and get ppl arguing so they can get mad comments..and You fuckin idiots Respond! IT Baffels my why a person feels the need to defend a man they dont even know…sigh* Fuck it! do you!!

  • I ain’t got no daughter

    How does soulja boy feel when justin beiber goes harder on than the track than he does?

  • JustSaying

    Hey man get over it and stop crying, it’s a hit song whether you like it or not, he has hit the target audience that miley cyrus hit with “Party in the USA” it’s a go man, this ain’t for the hip hop nation, this is for that audience who go and buy cd’s. You niggas on this site don’t buy cd’s and always talking about hip hop dead, DAMNIT YOU KILLING IT WITH YO BROKE NON BUYING CD’S DOWNLOADING EVERYTHING FOR FREE ASS NIGGAS. BUY A CD AND SUPPORT WHAT YOU LIKE OR SHUT UP. If you buy cd’s this is not for you so please don’t send me no messages.

  • Theloneus

    Goddamn! 100 comments just for a Soulja Boy post? You rap junkies are shit considering the previous generation.

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  • money mitch

    ya but theloneus look what the comments say i hope hip hop is dead is just fuckn with everyone if not wow kill yourself

  • So Icy Boi!

    lmao @ JustSaying …i know right

  • @You ignorant fucks dont know what “hater” means


  • future

    Not feelin it. If you wanna hear some real hip hop check out my nigga D Roc

  • koa29

    Souljaboy smashed Trina. You didnt. He wins. You lose

  • Sin

    How kan u hate on eminem when u konstantly use a word that he kontrinuted to hip hop kulture

  • You ignorant fucks dont know what “hater” means.

    ok. so judging by the logic alooooot of you f**ktards use, Soulja Boi and Drake are in the same league/category because of a TON of comments right? lol.

    silly wabbits.

  • i dont think it’s as good as his last single “kiss me thru the phone” but beiber’s name alone will take this track to #1. soulja boy dum down his stuff because beiber was on the track, thats why its so simple and sounds kinda lame but still its very marketable to the younglings.

  • Jesus what was that

    I am die hard hip hop fan, I never really comment unless my emotions drive me to do so, but honestly i swear to god i never heard lyrics from no rapper like this!!! this lyrics from Soulja are garbage (the worst i’ve ever heard) – and I’ve been a hip hop fan since the early 90s, i witnessed every thing, but nothing like this.

  • LOL

    @Jesus what was that , EXACTLY on point!

  • Hip Hop ls Dead

    I’m in love with Eminem

  • Frontrunner

    This nigga caint rap, but this is a hit…well arranged, you almost caint distinguish it from a beiber track…this guy makes so much with so little…

  • Soula ‘s my boy

    He’ll be the best rapper ever no matter what

    Fuck Pac , Fuck Em

    Fuck Em’s flow on forever

    Fuck All Eyez On Me

  • Jinzo

    I’m not a fan of any of these people but this was a good song ; & the chorus was good, Jusitn Bieber sounded like a fag when he said his name though. I just still hope this collaboration with Eminem & Justin Bieber don’t happen…. Word Up!

  • Go Back to School

    @Hip Hop is Dead

    “Eminem Is the Just Like soulja boy, gucci mane, OJ Juiceman, & waka flocka flame . The Only Thing He Can Do Is Rap But About What ????? Nothing”

    Get your head of your ass. Listen to “We as Americans”… Probably one of the best politically driven rap songs ever made.

  • Ciera Bieber

    i love this song!!!!! there is nothing wrong with it so there is no need to hate it

  • mhm

    nope, that wasn’t a real song.
    that did not just happen



  • N’importe qui en requiert encore avec tant de gaiet�.

  • Akhimaa Bryant

    Windy come A model I wnet everybody to call me a rich girl lol