• Wow.


  • So Icy Boi!

    Not feeling this …Dream album finna catch a BRick!

  • samsohn

    why does this site post so much of this guy’s garbage?
    for real?

  • Word

    Lmfao @samsohn

    Damn Dream been getting bad comments for his las couple songs I need to check out myself though when I get to a comp

  • Sam

    As a huge fan of his first two albums, these leaks are really turning off purchasing his latest.

  • herbsaac

    I request no more dream stufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • koa29

    This really an album cut? Hope not…smh….Dream done Fell Off…..hope all these shitty tracks are just from the sessions tho….

  • Sheeba

    why does this site post so much of this guy’s garbage?


  • RRcoolJ

    What happened? The last two albums were classic. You guys post a new song everyday and so far all I’ve heard is trash. Guess another one bites the dust to marriage.

  • why does this site post so much of this guy’s garbage?
    for real?

    ^^^^-co sign-

  • Blv

    Come on! Its hard to top Love vs Money.. .. Sweat it out, Put it down,Rockin That shit. Best Rnb album since I dont know when..

  • HawthorneFinest

    Nobody Download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can

    He should have just stood behind what he said in the first place. He has every right to try to keep his property from being stolen. Fuck that “snitch” shit, that’s your private property- no one should be able to make him feel ashamed for that. His only mistake was that weak ass “oh I was just playing.”

    The-Dream is not a drug dealer, as far as I know, or in a gang, so fuck what anybody else talking about. Let’s grow past.

  • gagasdg

    LOL. Sex intelligent? Are you fucking kidding me? You’re fucking kidding me right?

  • HawthorneFinest

    private property?
    that private shit is Music.
    something he wanted to do, was sing.
    so if he wants to keep his music to himself, let him stay in his garage, and make his own tracks and keep them. cause right now, nobody is hyped up about his Garbage!
    If you can’t handle the truth, go call someone else a “Hater”
    haaha…fuckin fruity Fucks!

  • B. Digital

    This is considered torture in most countries…

  • Mack attack

    Sheeba says:
    Sunday, May 23 2010 at 1:05 PM
    why does this site post so much of this guy’s garbage?


  • Umm, how many songs is this nigga gonna do with T.I.?…is this a joint album?

  • alutap

    fuckk is this?? smhh faill!!!

  • gabriel

    for a song “Sex intelligent” this song has some fucking dumb lyrics.

  • yup marriage fuck this nigga musical skills up or is it just that he did the same thing 20 times and we just got tired of it

  • six

    really?…. more gay ass dream. please rap radar enough this clown. oh yeah ,@ can you are a fuckin lame to shut the fuck up, please.

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  • Uber Martian

    IF you don’t like The Dream, GTFO….his recent leaks aren’t even mastered….who knows if this album is gonna be gud, his first was a classic no doubt, and I dont know why all these songs (F.I.L.A., make up bag, and this) all feature T.I., the final version will probably be different….so anyway all the #haters can just fall back, why do you think MC and CiCI wanted this man who was also appointed VP of Def Jam to work on their ENTIRE albums?

  • pillow da don

    dear rap radar:

    “Sans a verse without T.I.” doesnt make sense. its incorrect grammar.

    “Sans a verse FROM T.I.” would have been better.

    i dont mean to tell journalists how to write nor nuthin

    but i must agree
    please dont post anymore dream
    its hurting my feelings


    to Pop radar, please return to being Rap radar…. absolute garbage, i guarantee u no 1 in here want to listen to this crap not even the ladies

  • thegreatest

    Another dream smash! Oh and he did a great job on the aaliyah cover also! Aaliyah sucks! hahaha!!!

    • Sal Bass

      Suck a dick clown

  • kissmebitch

    omg the dream is dha shit

  • I like Sex Intelligent but not Ya best Dream:( But your the best:)

  • meliissa

    i lovvvve this songg suckkers !