Scott Storch Says Detox Is Almost Done

Producer Scott Storch speaks to DJ Skee on relocating to L.A. to work with Dr. Dre on Detox. And if you’re still in denial, Scotty mentions the album is three tracks away from completion. Meanwhile, the Doc and Jimmy Iovine appeared on Skyrock radio earlier today in France. No audio yet, but Nav breaks down highlights of the interview.

1. ‘Under Pressure’s release was delayed because Eminem decided to drop his new one ‘Not Afraid’ first, which was not the original plan.

2. They now have another single ready, other than ‘Under Pressure’ but have not decided which one will come out first. They did stress on releasing it this Summer though.

3. They reaffirmed the fact that Detox will be out this year.

UPDATE: Now with audio.

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  • DooN


  • sideshowRaheem

    The bad news is Detox will not be out until December, the good news is everybody who buys a copy will get it hand delivered by Santa Claus. …….I’m believe it when a see a single and a release date until then it’s all bullshit to me.

  • Word

    Lmfao after 10 years it’s only ALMOST done…almost in Dres case prolly means a couple years from being in our iPods. Almost….yeah right, lemme hear a single first then I believe it

  • Buc

    Im sick of hearing it. Honestly, im not nearly as excited as i used to be because of all the bs.

  • Just real

    What sells more? Recovery, Detox or the new tupac album?

  • teejay

    …I coulda waited a few more weeks for a new eminem single if it meant hearing Dre first…

    And as for having two singles, shit, for taking this long every damn song on the record better be single worthy.

  • reythehussein

    The annoying part about all this isn’t the delays, it’s that people are gonna sh*t on it whenever it does come out. The only time this album could have come out and done monster numbers is like mid 2004, before the 50 backlash began, before Encore came out and sucked, and before 50 Cent went insane and dissed every rapper in the world.

    Instead we got Beg For Mercy, D12 World, Encore, The Documentary, and The Massacre.

    After that people either hated 50 or were mad at Marshall. Sooo, like I said, either way people are gonna sh*t all over this project in general, and extra if Jay’s on the lead single.


  • llll


  • Mack attack

    News flash dre. Nobody believes you..

  • Seriously……does anyone even care any more????….Im not buying Detox if and or when it drops…im gonna bootleg it for $3 a pop so i can replace my overpriced Beats by Dre Headphones that broke in the damn studio last night…..has anyone else broke the plastic band at the top???…

  • SilkCityP

    It’s Dre… the shit is gonna be hot regardless of how much ppl complain!!! I still bump both The Chronic & Chronic 2001 from start to finish just like when they dropped! His Solo projects never disappoint

  • ItsMe

    just put the damn record out already…its only music….

  • SMH

    Sorry but I can’t believe a coke head…

  • Fat Boy

    @III. Cosign wasn’t Dre saying “under pressure” coming on a Friday like a couple months ago ….smh……FAIL…… Dre had plenty of time. O well Eminem is doing his thang kinda “forgot about Dre”.( lol i no i no it’s a song to)

  • Elton John

    they are lying. They must have known Em was dropping his single, seeing as he has been working on Recovery since last year

  • SMH

    im gonna bootleg it for $3 a pop so i can replace my overpriced Beats by Dre Headphones that broke in the damn studio last night…..has anyone else broke the plastic band at the top???


    I have, them shits is trash! I replaced them with Bose Circums.

  • ttomcatt



  • RapMusic23

    “Because Eminem decided to drop Not Afraid first,which was not the original plan” Well,Interscope has the last say so if they wanted to hold Ems single back,they could have.They make it seem like Em fucked up the whole plan.Anyway,I hope Under Pressure is dope.

  • teejay

    @ smh

    Yeah I had mine snap at the top, but monster was really good about sending me a replacement, and they let me keep all the accessories. They’re a bit over priced, but I think they sound brilliant and they look great too.

    If you’re in the studio you ought to get the spins, they’re a bit more heavy duty than the studios, ima get them for drumming.

  • Jinzo

    Man I don’t care about Detox anymore, fuck that.

  • Sin

    It’s all hearsay at this point.
    Changing the plan like jlo boyfriends

  • SMH

    They do look great, but I think the bass is way too exaggerated on the Beats. The Bose Circums are a lot more balanced between the hi’s and lows

  • @SMH …ima have to check out them Bose joints…..oh and I co-sign..I find it hard to believe anyone who snorted damn near 30 million worth of powder

  • mac DIESEL



  • SMH

    @ Kace Jones : trust me you won’t be disappointed

  • Bill Clinton

    How could Eminem dropping first not be the original plan?
    Wasn’t his album expected to come out early this year since last year? Which is why he scheduled to headline all those European music festivals months ago?
    And why would you drop your single when, even now over a month later, the album still isn’t completed? It’s Dre, another 3 songs could take 3 years.
    ‘We don’t believe you.”

  • gerold

    Man F#ck doc dre…

  • man

    fuck detox,recovery will be a classic,eminem,best rapper ever

  • Wow.

    I’m looking forward to Recovery than I am Detox.
    Detox will be a banger no doubt, I just don’t think it will live up to the hype.

    Em should drop himself from Aftermath/Interscope and go out on his own.
    Nigga almost had 10 years to drop singles don’t pull that “em’s fault” shit. Ridiculous.

  • Dark NYte

    just what we need, more NEWS and no records.


  • Drucifer1983

    Em took a 5 year vacation, If dre wasnt such a lazy ass he coulda put Detox album between 04-09

    I love Dre but he way to paranoid about his music, its like out of every 1001 songs he makes, he only deems one of them good enough to be a part of his catolouge.

    When this guy dies Interscope is gonna be releasing posthumous Dre albums for a 100 years

  • teejay

    Well hey now people, you haven’t heard what dre and jimmy actually said, you got a summary. I doubt dre would ever make a slight at his prized artist. An eminem single going number 1 is absolutely no problem to his executive producer and ceo of his label. I doubt it was a complaint as much as a statement of fact.

  • gdt3888

    You know, as tired as I am abot hearing this “Detox is almost done” shit, it’s awesome that Scott Storch is so involved with the album. Going broke lit a fire under this guys ass.

  • ANT619HONY

    The lil girls on here saying fuck detox i aint buying it are goonna be the first ones to get it wen it drops…. have patience ……… DRE is a busy man

  • arodhoopdogg

    well honestly this pretty much isnt solid confirmation! unless a real date is given then i will believe it! but as of now i dont know wat to believe! but i do believe detox is real, im jus confused as to how any album no matter how good it is can live up to this hype! its near impossible. for that reason alone dre cud have possibly shot himself in the foot! but i really hope it wont be a disappointment for me! i do believe in the d.r.e.

  • NotoriousRambo


  • Nipsyfire

    we gonna wait 10 years for 14 songs!! i bet u! i want at least 20 songs per album..but it rare in hip hop now distant reliteves 14,rebirth 15 drake new album 14 blueprint 3 14!!!!!!

  • BK

    Man fuck that. How u gonna play the blame game? Dre needs to quit fukin around with that baseball shit n get 2 work.

  • mike



    OR EARLY 2011



  • Sleepy

    Hopefully no bullshit rumors come out saying “DETOX SINGLE COMING THIS WEEK”.

  • slimshady

    detox ain’t coming out AT ALL.

  • Gordon B.

    Motherfucker, now they got me all excited again…

    And @ the guy who said Em should quit Interscope:
    They got the best marketing machine of all labels, they do what he says when he says not the other way around.
    I find it hard to believe there would be a more beneficial position to be in then he is in right now label wise.
    Interscope and the good doctor also made Em what he is and stand by him and support him after he was gone for 4 years, how disloyal can a guy be if he just decides to pack his bag after that, don’t think Em is that kind of guy.

  • HawthorneFinest

    Eminem = Boss of Interscope.
    @Dr.Dre stop blaming it on Em, you know DAMN well you weren;t gonna release shit. you prolly haven’t even mixed that track yet!!!
    don’t be mad cause Em loves his fans, and wants to drop his shit first for the fans!!
    you on the other hand, make your 3 fans wait….by this year, you won’t have ANYBODY.
    and your “Detox” will be a bigger flop than Rakim and BISD.

    What’s a Detox!!?
    Who’s Dr. Dre?

  • HawthorneFinest

    3. They reaffirmed the fact that Detox will be out this year.

    Okay…..write this down and Take a Picture.
    in 2011 I’m gonna post this shit up!

    I’m a huge fan of Dre, but It just seems that this might be the time to Flop.
    and one more thing:
    Next time your planning on dropping an album.
    don’t say SHIIIIIT about it, until you got the muthafuckin tracks mixed, mastered, and recorded, and laid down ready to be released. Until then, keep your pussy suckin lips CLOSED!

  • nick

    this better be the best god damn album ever made.. i understand hes got other things to do but your telling me in 10+ years you cant put together some music?

  • who cares anymore i will believe it when i see it..

  • casper

    WTF is the point of all the hate? They’re not looking for shit that sounds like his old records, they’re looking for a new direction to propel the industry. People were all over James Cameron’s back for taking so long with Avatar. Over a decade in the making, ridiculous budget, and it blew ppls minds. If your a fan of hiphop calm the fuck down and let the man finish his record.

  • MIAcrack

    ROFLMAO scott storch is a crackhead. dont believe nothin he says

  • shayden

    Ok is t me or d it sound like Jimmy isnt very happy with Em? the way he said Em dropped his all of a sudden and Em is on DRE’s label. The tone of his voice seems like he isnt very happy bout em. Side not does anyone think DRE will out sell EMINEM?

  • Ha! We’ll see Dre…we’ll see…and I’m not buying no fuckin headphones 4 $300. Sorry. I listened to em, and the r great, exaggerated, but great, but Monster’s products r a lil overpriced. I saw a Miles Davis anniversary dvd and earbud pack from Monster for $500!!! $500?!?!?!? I know its Miles Davis, but get tha FUCK outta here with that bullshit!!! To this day, when I walk in that store, that shit is still sittin on the shelf. I’ll jus stick w/ my Bose boys…

  • whoaaa


  • slime

    i doubt dre gives a fuck if the people on the rap radar comments page think he’s taking too long. its his last album, he’s doing it for himself. smh at all this…when it drops, it drops….simmer down

  • scottdrummin

    fuckin haters

  • BrooklynRaw

    i dont think he satisfied with his music 10 years is way to long ….its not avatar its music..unless the kick and snare he looking for hasnt been invented yet

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  • BTK

    @ Kace Jones
    “I find it hard to believe anyone who snorted damn near 30 million worth of powder”
    lmao funny shit

  • BTK

    Also I prefer the bose headphones to the beats by dre. The dres have an overexaggerated bass thats annoying and idk what it is but they sound wierd.

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