B.o.B.’s 13 Minute Freestyle

Got some time to spare? Currently on his adventures overseas, Bobby Ray stopped by UK’s SBTV and provides a 13 minute freestyle. That’s talent. Y’all ain’t got nothin’ on this kid.

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  • SB

    Big up for the love brother!


  • Dope

    this nigga’s hot.

  • hose

    what was that firs beat from its illllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • lekdk

    B.O.B. is dope. That Drake dude could never freestyle. Just sayn.

  • chitlin coon

    thank you for a REAL FREESTYLE……south wins again…i feel bad for yall who dont like us…cus between ti, jcole, bob and donnis, jay elect and pill and a dozen other rappers that people ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT, we get so much exposure…. and your favorite rapper is stuck hip hop dx and youll never here them on tv..ull never see them on mtv…your girl wont have them on her phone…and your kids are laughing at you cuz they will never hear them. Sorry i understand why u guys hate soulja boy. i see why you hate our slang…u have to find something cuz all r and b and most rap is from the south…even the producers… i understand haters…bwahahahahahahahahahhaha lol at you ducks!

    “da souf” chillin cruisin in the hov lane…and yall stuck in traffic.

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  • The first beat is a very popular grime beat, called “Wooo! Riddim”, produced by S-X.

  • Che

    @Lee (Team Supreme)-Very Popular is a understatement beats got it own mixtape, big up S-X too stand up wolverhampton!Would love to see a Top US MC jump on that beat no offence to B.O.B I think Joell could body that beat.

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  • FUCK E_

    who gives a fuck if he realin freestylin, that shit was WACK! lol

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  • real freestyle but real whack, southern people cant come off the top,

    grimey like grime?
    rhyming a rhyme?

    juice em supernat krs one, they freestyle

    pitbull did too but it was ass

  • the grime

    just like his songs mostly crap but some glimpses of potential

  • Joell

    Can someone rip the audio?
    B.o.B Goes way hard haha