New Music: Rick Ross “Money Maker”

If it don’t make that money, than it don’t make sense. Produced by Boi-1da, Albert Anastasia EP drops Thursday at noon. Tracklist after the jump.


1. Diddy Intro (Produced by Infamous)
2. MC Hammer (Produced by Lex Luger)
3. Blowin Money Fast (B.M.F.) (feat. Styles P) (Produced by Lex Luger)
4. Money Maker (Produced by Boi-1da)
5. Gotti Family (feat. Yo Gotti)
6. Fire Hazard (Produced by The Runners)
7. All I Need (feat. Birdman & Trey Songz)
8. Sweet Life (feat. John Legend) (Produced by John Legend)
9. Super High (feat. Ne-Yo) (Produced by DJ Clark Kent)
10. Knife Fight (feat. Kool G. Rap)
11. White Sand Part 2 (feat. Triple C’s)
12. 300 Soldier (Produced by L-Don)
13. Nasty (feat. Masspike Miles)

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  • BOW

    Rick Ross >>>>> 50 Cent

  • BOW

    Rick Ross Still A Cop Tho But He Make Better Music Than 50

  • ??

    This shit is hot, its juss music ppl, its entertainment, stfu

  • yo


  • yo

    what does 50 got to do with this song? get off that mans nutsack!

    ..on the other hand im not impressed by this song i particular but his teflon don freestyle was crack

  • check me out ppl i need sum feedback if thats cool with you guys.. man roos taking its back with that 05 06 dade county sound…. u gotta be from the south appreciate this joint. this for the chargers and chevy caprices(square body ones i may add!!) with 26s and candy paint music lol haha

  • MsOfficer

    WHOA. This pic is about to get Kobe Photoshopped QUICK

  • Dan

    FFS, This nigga Boi-1da needs to switch up his drums.

  • Nice beat by Boi-1da… that’s about it.


  • @ BOW

    I’ll take 50’s catalogue of music over the Officer’s catalogue all day, every day. Ricky ain’t got nothin’ on GRODT.


  • @Gusto

    Cosign…But if it ain’t broke or makin u broke, then don’t fix it. Lol. But seriously, he’s gotta change it up sooner or l8r…

  • Fielder

    Why does Rick Ross keep naming projects after Italian Gangsters that are not fond of black people. Heres a quote from the “Teflon Don” John Gotti… “Being a nigger is embarrassment, being John Gotti’s grandson is an honor.” Heres the link where you can watch videos of John Gotti using racial slurs. . Its no secret that since the beginning of time, Italian Gangsters have not been fond of black people, and refer to them with racial slurs. Yes i will admit, Rick Ross has some great songs, Hustlin, White house, Usual Suspects, etc, but that doesn’t change the fact that this guys as fake as they come. There are many rappers who tell stories of crime and drug dealing, but they openly admit that they are just that, stories. (Jay Z, Clipse, Raekwon). Remember the first year when Ross was in denial about the C.O. pictures, and blatantly lied saying that some people photoshopped a picture of him from in High School. Really? While ill still listen to his music for free, I could never support someone thats a blatant fraud or spend money on anything related to him. Ross was on the right side of the law, never having to deal with the large amounts of stress that can come with living an illegal lifestyle. Anyone who has ever been in trouble with the police, served time, or have had family members serve time, should be insulted by how blatantly fake this guy is.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Yea “get rich or dien” …so 2003 its 2010 you NY niggaz stop bringin up old shit everybody know that album was hot…….but 50 trash now ….one hot album outta 4

  • Truthfully, Ross looks like a black leprecaun in that cover pic. Lol. Or Zorro or sum shit. Lmao!!! Shouldn’t this nigga have a rose in his mouf?…I fux witchu Ross. Lol.

  • Dan

    [email protected]! says:
    Wednesday, May 26 2010 at 1:00 AM EST
    Truthfully, Ross looks like a black leprecaun in that cover pic. Lol. Or Zorro or sum shit. Lmao!!! Shouldn’t this nigga have a rose in his mouf?…I fux witchu Ross. Lol.

    LMAO! Boy looks like a leprechaun at a funeral.

  • classic

    best 1da beat I’ve heard so far. Officer Ricky doesn’t do anything new or interesting with the lyrics. So therefore I’m not interested in the least. Boring.

    I swear Em is the only artist these days that is still creative. All these other rappers are just sell outs and bitches.

  • classic

    ^ Along with BoB and Kid Cudi.

  • classic

    As in Eminem, BoB and Kid Cudi are pretty much the only artists out there that are creative and interesting. lol.

  • saltplease

    “Fuck the judge, prosecutor and the district attorney”

    But aren’t these people Ricky’s old friends?

  • Trouble

    So Fuc, Da Judge!! Niggaz MAD!!!

    REal Talk!!!kdj

  • This has to be THEE worst beat on earth accompanied by one of the worst lyricists. SMDH. And ross..we know you’re in debt..quit with the financial rap.

    “Its time to stop paying your debts. Yes, you.”


    wow the beat is sick. officer ricky spits well on it to

  • Rhyme

    This was pretty corny. Beat wasn’t good either.

    Who knows the name of the beat Ross had with Diddy talking over the track? That was flames.

  • BTK

    Guess who’s back and GRODT is better than anything Ross could even dream of making


    OOO KAY!!! Im Reloaded!!! HEAR Comes The Pain!!!
    1st of All The Poem goes Lyke thiz “If it Don’t Make Dollar$, It Don’t Make Sense.” As in Cent$.
    2nd of all Y(why)Y would U Have Sean “P?#$$?” Combs Do the Intro on Your B.I.G. come back album to anwser all the Correction Officer questions?.. On top of [email protected] Puffy iz Talkin out of thiz World, Astro-NOT Gangxta Bull Sh!t.
    3rd of all… Who iz Albert Anastasia??? Could thiz B an elias 4 FAT ALBERT? He took “Freeway Rick”s name and used it as hiz own. Im telling U! Thiz GUY iz a FOO-Gazzie!!!

  • Juggers

    G-Unit White kids jumping in here as usual? Cmon son.. Nobody listens to 50 cent in 2010! Who cares about if what Ross talks about is real? His music is crazy.. 50 still talks about killing niggas and slinging White. You think he’s really doing that? GTFO young crackers

  • REX

    Boi-1-da made a dope beat!

  • K.o.D


  • K.o.D



  • OffMyNutz

    Typical wack shit!Thats all this fat fuck talks about…..Yo,you compare 50 to Ross when there is no comparison…50 smashed the game like a Freight Train when he jumped on the scene,this fat cardboard gangster aint smashing shit!!!Keep talking that South shit and hatin on N.Y….Your music all sounds the same down there thats the truth!all the rappers down there bust thier guns,stack paper,get bitches and ride rims….We up here are way past that….As usual your just trying to catch up!N.Y stay ahead of the game!We don’t just spit the same shit recycled like your TRAPPERS!!!GTFOH!!You all can’t be in the same Trap getting all that money!!Stop LYING!!Like is said b4″FUCK ROSS”!!!!!!HOT GARBAGE!!!!!

  • Coroner


  • Midnite!

    Watch that cracker shit you racist motherfucker!Eat a dick!Ross will brick…..Don’t be upset!Fucking ignorant racist!And to think,i’m not white!you really make our people sound really dumb!

  • BlackDynamite


    I’m offended!! Fuck this fat fraud!

  • 8tip

    cosign K.O.D……..puffy are u serious?? Biggie Smalls would be laughing in this frauds face. how can puffy back biggie like he did in the day then switch up and back this fat fake bi-polar azz niggah…puffy what happend…o and to those who say ross makes better music than 50 cent just sounds ignorant. please thats not even an argument

  • “Ignorant motherfuckers worshiping GOTTI when they hate NI99A’s like NAZI’s”….Proseed

    “DO OR DIE” feat Sela Saddam & 2 Pac…


  • Rachel

    Check out another collaboration from Diddy – His new film Get Him To The Greek. These images are great :

  • killacrack

    man this nigga a cop

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