• Big H

    I’m buying T.I. and Eminem’s shit….also The Roots….that’s it

  • Slim

    This is utter trash. Who told him it this was hot???

  • E_


    Its his 3rd Attemp, the track he released yesterday was his 2nd (street single)

    I Don’t think this track will work, it lacks energy.

  • llll

    I don’t think he’s releasing album material!It may be the mixtape he been talkin about!
    Anyways, this is good!

  • So Icy Boi!

    This TRASH right here ….is he releasing this on the mixtape or album this aint Keri type of song

  • chitlin coon

    ANOTHER REASON WHY THE SOUTH AINT GOIN ANYWHERE HATERS: all the damn r&b singers that MATTER are here too! monica, kere, drea, ,neyo(lived here fo a min now), usher, anthony hamilton, akon, ciera,bobby v, keisha cole(lived here forever), and many many more!

    oh and this shit sounds awful…but da south still cruisin!

  • chitlin coon


  • pr0b


  • caique`

    fire song. someting for the shawties. fuck the haters. cv

  • Here We Go!

    This shit is hot right here..

  • Eyo

    Highly doubt this will make the album.

    Where is Jonsin when you need him.

  • What The Fuck

    Oh My Goodness This Nigga Is Singing On This Motherfucker…..Not A Good Look Pimp

    Please T.I Don’t Go Down The Road Of Eminem Single And Start Singing Please

    Hip Hop Is Dead

  • Not bad Tip. Not bad at all.

  • maVIn

    didn’t this come out 2 years ago under the title “Knock You Down”? cmon Tip…

  • What The Fuck

    J.Cole >>>>> T.I & Eminem

    I Can’t Take It These Motherfucker Are Singing You Grown Ass Men

  • fuckyall

    he’s just pumping up the crowd for now…just releasing material to build up the buzz…everything so far has been lackluster and im sure none of this is album material

  • chitlin coon

    @ what thefuck,….grown men cant sing??? luther, teddy, r kelly…they aint grown??

  • What The Fuck

    @ chitlin coon

    Mother Fucker This Is (Rap)Radar Not (R&B)Radar Get It

    These is Rappers Not R&B Cats

    Come On Dude Use Your Head This Is Singing Shit

    And I Hate Rappers That Sing

    A Rapper Job Is To Just Rap Thats It

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    @What The Fuck

    But just the other day you were dickriding Drake. Fuck outta here fake ass nigga

  • Nipsyfire

    Typical 1st HipHop single i personally don’t like it but it will appeal to alot of of people so it aint all that bad

  • Drizzle-Nutz


    You come with good perspective my man. I appreciate someone who can judge work from all angles. Im in the same boat, I know T.I. can bring the heat. This aint it, but the rich suburban chicks will eat it up…

  • chitlin coon

    @ what the fuck…what about lauryn hill? or andre 3000? or ceelo?

  • Bl

    Im Back – Dope
    Yeah Ya Know – Dope

    Thats enough.. “third attempt at winning over the crowd” What..

  • this was wack… when he don’t have a person he beefin with T.I. can come off lame and wack in some of his songs… this song sucks

  • chitlin coon

    what it boils down too is that peeps gotta eat…a lot of rappers aint gettin no food..so dudes gonna have to figure out how to be artist and widen there fan base

  • westcoast Rules

    im sorry T.I but this was wack bad always same beat+same songs

    Real hiphop is back summer 2010 Xzibit+Eminem+Ice cube

  • Bl

    Best songs of 2010 . 1. Fat Joe – Slow Down 2. T.I – Yeah Ya Know 3.Young Jeezy – Bag music
    Biggest disappointments – 1 . Drake – Over/ Find your love . 2. Game feat Justin.. Aint no.. 3. The A of B.O.B

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    Over>Yah Ya Know

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  • Buc

    i hate when retards try to put j.cole or drake in fron of t.i. or em. dudes havnt even droped their first albums yet.

  • Nipsyfire

    @ Drizzle-Nutz it the only way to do it my man!! alot of people will be hatin on this shit but all there favourite mainstream rappers do it know..i will buy T.I new album because every album he dropped has been good..

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    @ Buc

    IMO So far Gone was Drakes 1st album.



    C,mon T.I we need a complete banger. U could it my nigga!

  • T.I.P.ster

    I got ya back, shawty, ya know, unless them alphabet boys come, then im tellin faster then they can close the cuffs

  • Dean

    WhattheFuck, you need to calm the fuck down, and just post your opinion and back off instead bitchin multiple times in multiple areas

  • DIGGSY!!!

    Tip is in my top 5 of all time but this aint it. “Bread Up” is a much better t.i./keri hilson track

  • Renegade

    Lol at the haters. T.I. has already released 2 street songs that were fire, now he releasing one for the mainstream. I don’t think this song will be too big though but should get decent radio play.

  • eazy

    I’m a fan of TI but 2 of the 3 songs he’s relased from his album have been disappointments. In particular this one, I mean…there’s nothing at all in this track that is appealing, Keri Hilson is weak and TI should really be able to get bigger artists than her to do hooks.

    I still think TI will deliver, because he’s talking about still having to do records for his album, so these tracks just might be thrown out.

  • Where Wallace At?

    Look, I’m not even hating because I really respect the guy’s achievements, hustle and personality.

    But this guy has really gone soft since that weapons charge. I’m just saying.

  • Mr A From Tha T

    @ What the Fuck
    Shut the hell up man, if you all fuckin disturbed by rappers singin and shit, then all i can advise you to do is to go make the hardest raw hip hop album of all time. When it all boils down, rappers just get caught up in the moment when they in the studio and they catch on to the vibe the song supposed to give off, and really dont give a fuck what they sayin, just sayin what they feel like, lets be honest being in the same room with Keri Hilson would make all yall sing too

  • Miss C

    T.I. you went to jail because u bought guns and were paranoid, and u come out with ^^^^^ this, i mean come on, im a T.I. fan but can we say on to the next !!! this is not the T.I. I like sorry i want a another urban legend…. not this!!

  • I lOVe this soNG!!!! <3 Follow me on twitter @carolinajimen3z

  • Ehhhhh….this song is alright for an easy listen but its not T.I.’s best work. This Drake fever is getting too contagious in the industry. Everyone is sounding alike!

    Want to hear something refreshing?

    Listen to this independent artist I stumbled upon…

    He’s fuego!

  • this is some str8 trash and he should be ashamed!

    Eminem coming back HARD and T.I. coming back like a Biatch!

  • Jerz3000

    @ pr0b

    the sad thing about it is that toomp produced this. T.I. was THIS close to being a legend. He will never pass Wayne now. Jeezy is on this niggas ass too. Give him an album or two. Hell, as fake as he is, T.I. dont even want it wit Ross this year.

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