Dr. Dre & Diddy Press Conference

Man, where do we begin? This afternoon, Puff held a press conference for his Diddy Beats headphones at the Best Buy in Union Square, NY. He was joined by Monster Cable founder Noel Lee, Dr. Dre, and Jimmy Iovine. Unlike the previous in-store, the panel only answered set questions. However, Puff and Dre did participate in a 106 & Park interview via Skype. (Check clip above).

After the conference, I made my way to the backstage area and checked in with the Doc. Sorry guys, no footage of that. He gave me an ineffable response when asked to describe the sound of “Under Pressure” and speculated that it should drop sometime next month. I know, I know. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Next, we took a freight elevator down to 13th St. Peep Puff in the corner. That’s Dre with his back turned.

Outside, Puff and Biggie’s former right hand man, D-Roc braved the heat and walked to their next location. Along the way, I asked Puff to clear something up. Last March, word spread that he was set to purchase the Crystal Palace soccer team. He confirmed that he was interested in franchise, but said “nah we rolling off on that, right now”. No goal.

By now, Diddy’s making his way north of Park Ave and is followed by a thick entourage. Eventually, journalist Martin Bashir catches up and interviews him all the way to an ice cream truck parked on the corner of 15th St. Of course, this story’s far from over.

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  • James

    Im sorry, i dnt support this HEADPHONES thing, come on, this is all a ploy to program the youth of america, a pair of headphones to make you hear music better???
    Yea right, they are trynna program the youth and make them hear all their subliminal messages, cus Disney, radio and tv aint’ workin’ fast enough
    Beware the agenda, say watchu want but u can’t ignore wats in front of your face

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  • did Dre just ask Bashir about “what he did to Michael Jackson”?

  • mmkayy

    fck Martin Bashir….. anyways i like the in-ear Diddy beats better.. but i still wna but the Dre ones..

  • HawthorneFinest

    I USE TO have them…
    and Yes, they are the best headphones EVER!!!
    but, after a few weeks…you ask yourself…”did I just buy headphones for $300!!??”
    that’s what made me return them..and used the money for waaaay more important things.
    and @Dr.Dre
    Under Pressure next month??
    Nobody get your hopes up….shits not happening Until Pigs Fly!
    or till Fat Joe goes gold hahahahahaha!

  • Foots

    Under Pressure next month?? LMAO DIDNT HE SAY THAT LIKE A MONTH AGO?!?!

  • obiu akbar

    exactly, like after sometime u think to urself, is dis really worth £300(yh im in d u.k. and dats d price).

    and u sed shit is not happenin until pigs fly………………..well every1 noes about how.. swine flew

    damn d wordplay is sick

    obiu akbar

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  • Cudder

    I got a pair for my birthday.. i love them. Surround yourself with good people haha

  • HawthorneFinest

    @obiu akbar

    We won’t hear a track from Detox anytime soon….
    I’ll buy you a pair of Beats By Dre too! haaha
    confident on that!
    3 tracks left = 3 YEARS left! rofl

  • Mark

    am i the only one who thinks its a bit creepy how yn follows celebs around with video cams?

  • rivermonster

    @ Mark yes you are

  • okdoagg

    Whatsup with giving calling while giving a press conference?

  • okdoagg

    – giving*

  • Phil Johnson

    Stop talking curse against Bashir. He’s one of the best journalists out there instead of those suckers Diana Sawyer or Geroge Whodapopalous. When Bashir and Diddy clash its gonna be hardcore and know holding back. i’m looking forward to seeing it and hearing it bang!

  • Isiah Bradley

    Monster cable?……that’s coded language for over priced goods, sorry Diddy, I can’t fux wit it

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Why they talking thru a cellphone? Oh the media.

    Best earbuds? Guess the Lady Gaga “beats” didn’t work out so they went to Diddy.

    WHy Dre picked up a Mac? HP won’t happy.

    “Detox, baby. It’s coming. “

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  • teejay

    I’m still not used to Dre bein so jacked… it’s kinda awkward. I’m havin a hard time imagining him makin his comeback at the vma’s or somethin rapping in those tight long sleeve shirts…

  • gillette

    bashir didn’t do nothin’….. don’t be hatin on people you don’t know nothin about. Jacksons demise was of his own doin. Bashir has lived a life of helping underpriviledge folks that nobody ever writes about.

  • Sleepy

    Set question huh?

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