• E_

    Nothing Special,Not Wack, But Nothing Special…..5 Tracks Left To Hear.

  • reythehussein


  • 8tip

    I really do keep trying..i listen to all the songs he puts out and i still just dont see it…this dude aint nothin special, product just lacks any substance. idk what everyone else is seeing???

  • Moose

    Drip drip drip…this album may become subject to a BP status spill…I actually hate when that happens to projects I intend on buying…it ruins the “it” factor

  • OffMyNutz

    Cosign 8tip.This dude sounds the same on every song and every song has an R&B feel to it.He is over hyped!Sorry you Drake lovers but,the album sounds like a dissapointment…..

  • Thank Me Hater

    HAHAHA thanks this is a much better pic….lyrically dude is nice….I just wish he would switch up his flow…..like no more stop and go….drake dick riders in 3….2….1….

  • slimshady

    he said the opening track would be an explosion. well….where is it?

  • Cli-City

    niggas aint even heard the entire song and already judging shit…

  • teejay

    Well, it’s not bad. Considerably better than some of the others, but its kinda generic. He needs to branch out on the production. So far this album is decent, but decent isn’t good enough for the dude with the biggest hype since 50.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Cli-City that’s because the first part of song is gonna be like the middle and the end…..just like in every one of his songs. Anyway Over was bangin to me and For your love was mad catchy. Unforgettable was pretty cool cause of jeezy….other than that ehhhhh

  • RapMusic23

    Another soft one..Boring beat too

  • Jamess

    I dnt see how ppl say they dont like Drake but click on every post about him and hate, and listen to every song that gets posted, now i truly believe im seeing hate first hand
    On another note, this song is dope, his lyrics are really honest man, and i think if he touches ppl then wats so bad about it, let the ppl who enjoy him enjoy him and if u dnt like him, dnt bring him up, dnt click on any post about him, juss ignore him, but he’s not gonna go away

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  • Pc


  • Thank Me Hater

    Aight Ima take a step back for a moment….I can’t criticize this cat…like Jay said “AND AS FOR THE CRITICS, TELL ME I DON’T GET IT, EVERYBODY CAN TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT, THEY NEVER DID IT”

  • King JuggaNott

    The shit sounds great to me….. saboteurs in effect with this album.

  • lol

    This dude sounds the same on every fucking track. And he isn’t even saying anything special.

    Album about to be a major disappointment considering the hype he had.

  • mikey

    dope song

  • mike

    is the drake effect done ?

    SO FAR GONE got a sick buzz all over the web…

    he gets a 2 millie deal wit YungMula…

    So far gone EP is GOLD…

    this album will be also for sure but people seems bored about his music

  • Mack attack

    Whack.. Flopped hard

  • jeffon

    his album is going to leak. trust me.

  • Thank Me Hater


  • H2H

    ^^ at this rate, it’ll leak within a week.

  • dashing

    Yeah, Drake needs to make sure that these joints dont get leaked soon. got nearly a month until the album drops and we’ve already heard like 7 joints.

  • John



    Dam, I’m dissapointed.

  • Yooo

    Look, I’m not gonna say this is wack coz its not. But, I cant say it sounds great, because it doesn’t. It’s somewhere in between mediocre and good. One of the better tracks off the album so far.

  • Oj Da Cornball

    He still gonna the numbers but i don’t see it.
    Only hot track I personally feel was exceptional from him was Forever and i think it was the collaboration factor, the beat, not him alone.
    No homo, but Best I Ever Had was a hot record.
    Now i’m just scratching my head at the leaks off the album like “what happen?”

  • Jamess

    @ Thank Me Hater
    Its ok to give your opinion, like some of these other ppl are doing, like thats juss constructive critisim, but its hating when every Drake post go up and the same ppl keep sayin’ the same shit, like by now if u dnt like dude, u shud juss ignore the post and click something else, like to type the same shit every post is juss hating

  • Hate

    Here comes 266 more hatin comments

  • I never really comment on any Drake post cuz i dont wana give any more buzz then he needs but i just want to hear the dude RAP! like a song with no R&B at all..thats why im looking foward to hearing the Light up song..

    But in other news…Recovery Tracklist & Album cover comming today! =D

  • bo

    lets hear more haters..im sure this is the unfinished version

  • Hate

    How is dis constructive criticism, constructive criticism is when you try to help someone by pointing out there flaws not gettin on a computer talkin shit like drakes really gonna pay attention 2 yall

  • bo

    lets hear all the haters once again..im sure this is the unfinished version

  • Every track from “Thank Me Later” will leak by next week (mark my words)… Can soneone tell Drake to change his “flow” (if you can call it that)?

  • Justin Poindexter

    ???? R&B album>>?

  • Drucifer1983

    Only Song I wanted to hear from this record, Its pretty good, Alicia Keys can do no wrong

    Leak the CDQ so I can have that and start completely ignoring this album

  • mmkayy

    fck these shitty radio leaks.. Cant stand them.. But good news Em puttn out his cd COVERS 2day…yes notice the S

  • The Reaper

    is the drake effect done ?

    SO FAR GONE got a sick buzz all over the web…

    he gets a 2 millie deal wit YungMula…

    So far gone EP is GOLD…

    this album will be also for sure but people seems bored about his music


    Naw…it’s just the cliche internet nerd backlash…disgruntled white kids that still listen to 50 cent and Eminem that feel a certain way about Drake blowing up…them running to every Drake post all over the internets to cry about him shouldn’t be mistaken for how the music is received in real life…they’re just geeks that hate to see people win

  • mmkayy

    @reaper that doesnt evem make sense.. Once upon a time eminem & 50 were up&comin artists too & sum ppl liked them nd sum hated.. Its not about win lose nigga its about their music & our opinion

  • llll

    I feel this…i hated all his songs that leaked, but this is growing on me!

  • j-hova

    ehhhh same shit from wheel chair jimmy, i dont think niggaz will still be listing to this album 5 years from know , next…

  • @reaper

    white kids? that doesn’t even change the fact that drake is another kanye/wayne copy -_- the guy makes the same song over and over with the SAME. EXACT. FLOW…..STOP….GO….STOP….*says YEA*….STOP…GO…until the r&b chorus comes in(which is wat makes all the girls and fags excited)

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    When is all this hatred gonna end? Like Drake says “Pussy Nigga Get your bread up” and worry about your damn self. What are you proving with your other internet fag brothers? Oh you all hate Drake. We got that from the first 100 posts you couldn’t wait to jump on. Why dont you go support the blogs and posts of artist you do care about? You come off like real bitch niggas up here hating on an RnB Rap nigga. Fuck outta here!

  • @ drizzle-nutz

    damn nigga got a sword and shield positioned on crouch mode and shit defending drake O_O

  • Nina

    He’s too generic for me. I just don’t get it lol.

  • R

    this song is hot. reguardless of what anyone says, his songs and his albums are gonna do great

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    LOL @ eyem_infinite

    Naw mayne, I just want niggas to stay in there Lane fam

    Madd reckless talking is not good for the soul. Its one thing to not like. But to hate a nigga is something else…

  • D

    Classic shit.

  • Yessir

    Drake waited to long.
    6 months ago or whatever, we were all on his dick
    but he took wayyyy to long and let his buzz die with real hip hop fans.
    Now he’s just overplayed himself, and his album wot be anything we’ve never heard from him before

  • Ty

    I can understand liking somebody but I don’t liking them so much that you question other people’s right to express an opinion about them that isn’t favorable.

    What if I’m 50/50 for and ehh on Drake? What if I listen to each post TRYING to be objective and see if it’s possible for so many people to be wrong about him? What if I still don’t get it after I’ve just listened to the joint? Was I wrong to have listened? Does that make me a hater? Stans can be so illogical ….SMH.

    Unless your are a family member or close friend of one of these artists getting upset that others express their opinions about them is truly STANNERY at it’s finest, and I don’t use hater or stan lightly like some people.

  • Shady-Aftermath

    Big Hype = wack song = Drake

  • money mitch

    the word hater needs to be deaded its called an opinion

    i listen to his shit whenever its on here and i just dont see it, maybe i just like real rap idk must be me

  • will

    yea its not happening now the fact he had that good video for find your love and nobody is talking about it and theres all this talk on Em’s Not Afraid i think drake should be afraid when his album comes out

  • will

    i think dream album has as much buzz as Drakes Now

  • your a hater.. be honest

    i think that i understand some of the haters as in they are 50/50 trying to make a decision. but in all honesty at first i dont usually dig his songs like most of the dick riders but i really do believe in THANK ME LATER. the more you listen the more you love. this guy is a class act.

  • Drucifer1983

    Give it up for Alicia Tho, Best R&B singer since Mary J Blige, I would listen to a whackka flacka song if she did the chorus

  • Thank Me Now

    Drizzy’s home. This is just an intro track its not supposed to be something amazing. Here is my rating of all the songs that has dropped and leaked

    Over- (10/10)
    Shut it Down- (7/10) (Not finished though)
    Find your Love- (9/10)
    Miss Me- (10/10)
    Unforgettable- (8/10)
    Fireworks- (8/10)

    So Far so good!

  • Schottler

    @ eyem_infinite – LMAO… that shit was hilarious

    When it comes to the track however… it’s average. I used to like drakes flow and now it’s just “meh” to me… Not even that anymore. I feel like drake is suffering from the hype now. If nigz hadn’t been all over his nuts over some features I feel like his singles (and album) would have been better received.

  • ton b

    listen everyone is going to have their own view on every track…some will hate some will enough said. personally i cant judge the track til its done. but at first all his tracks seem to be good or average then after i listen to them and take them in they are proper styll. drizzy a milli first week… doubtful as shit will leak by next monday but he’ll do well. his buzz is still going and a lot of people are hyped and anticipating the album…hater or non hater.

    T-DOT stand up… drizzy is nice

  • the vancouver canuck

    nobody cares if you don’t like drake!
    save your whining for your girlfriend/mom/family!



  • Drucifer1983

    I look at this dude the same way I do 50 cent, he’s decent but nothing special, he just happened to sign with a big star and the hype machine started rolling…….. . Unfortunatly for Drake I dont think he’s gonna last as long, at least interscope capaitalized on 50’s hype right away, they shoulda dropped this album last year because ever since the hype has been wearing off………”Best I Ever Had” is still a bigger hit then anything off this record

  • I heard this track when he performed in B-more..

  • Slowbot10

    Yawn……let me kno when the joint ft. Jay-z leaks……

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  • youtube.com/watch?v=y7x8i6ZuBrU

  • mac DIESEL



  • MOE

    Sounds great hope the whole thing leaks soon enuff

    Stop it five with the blatant-insecure-hating ass bullshit, like someone said, why don’t you put that energy into the artists that you do like instead.

  • marky

    chances are this is an unfinished version. this is going to be a hot album no doubt; probably one of the best in a good while. might take a few listens to really get close to it, but in the end people will see he lives up to the hype. when his sophomore lp gets made, people will be begging for more.

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    @ mac DIESEL

    Damn man for the first time ever I have to give you props from that statement. That was rather well put. Whats this? A Super Fan and someone with an opinion can agree on something???

  • BIG L would have murdered ya favorite rapper!

    I just cant dig homeboy BUT ill give him credit 4 the unthinkable track, only cuz i heard he wrote that. He gave Alicia Keys imo her best song ever. FUCK DRAKE and yes i posted just 2 hate and im not sorry Drake fans!

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Drizzle-Nutz



  • Gil

    See, the thing about Mr. Graham is his music is personal. Its real, and to most its relatable. Sometimes completely relatable, sometimes barely. Good music will ALWAYS strike a chord. His honest perspective and melodic beats are something only he does and what seems to me IMHO something ONLY he can do. To all the people saying “generic” or “boring, or “he’s not saying anything.” Exactly what do you want him to say? Do you want him to say he’ll shoot you, or maybe you want him to talk the ounces of crack he shaves, or maybe even all people he can murder with pistols in 16 bars. Keep your mind open and dont expect things or expect to be disappointed. This isnt your album its his.

  • lup

    the thing about drake is the fact that he says nigga.

    when the fuck has this half-white jewish kid from the suburbs of canada who has been on TV since he was a child EVER had to use that word? he hasn’t. he’s saying it because he’s a rapper, because that’s the thing to do. and then he’ll go and say shit like ’21 years and i aint never met a good cop’…what? when the fuck has his child TV star ass ever been confronted with the law? thats wack as fuck.

    and he may spit some nice bars every once in a while, but it doesn’t change his persona or past. no one’s hating on dude cause he doesn’t rap about gangsta ass shit (is that really the only defense some of you have for this dude? smh), and no one should be. it’s him as a person. you need to bleed this music shit, music is art and music is life. saying otherwise is the reason why we live in a pop, money-driven bullshit era of music and fuck outta here if you think that. if the person behind the music isn’t just as real as his music should be then get the fuck out of here. same shit applies to ross and whoever else- a nice 16 dont mean shit if you’re fake and wack as fuck as a person. keep it real son

  • old school hip hop

    i’ve been listening to drake since comback season and room for improvement. He has always been singing and rapping in his songs so it aint new. He aint trying to be the next trey songz so ppl stop actn like he is. now yes this nigga half white but so what so is j.cole ppl dnt get on him cause of tht. yes he was in a tv show AS A KID. dont hate on him cause he got bread the right way when he was young. i listen to everyone frm 50 to Joe Budden, to waka to a tribe called quest but yall on these blog sites give drake the most fucking hate. if u dont like him or wanna hear his tracks then dont open a page concerning him. cause no matter what he sleeping good at night widd w.e. bitch he got tht u cant have and he still gonna sell cause theirs girls out there who listen to him just as much as a dude do and she dont care about his flow and w.e. bullshit

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  • John

    Wow this is amazing track, much better than the radio rip snippet, how come its the same comments for that as the full song tho?

  • old school hip hop

    and how are drakes singles a dud when over is number 2 on the billboard 100 and number 2 on hip hop charts and find your love is in the top 20 so where is ur favorite rapper?
    and hip hop is a board range of different topics. its sad when people gotta be closed mind about everything. everyone gave kanye hate when he first came out look how many hits that nikka got. nobody wanna rap about the same shit always or same videos, the typical club video or the typical dance southern song. move the fuck on

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    @ john they just merge the posts together….Read the side bar review from Complex, its pretty good insight to whats in store for the album


  • essie


  • Bl

    Boring.. One Mixtape wonder..

  • Song as a whole is a good song….


    souljaboi also got hundreds of comments.. so PLEASE stop with that argument.

  • Drizzle-Nutz


    Glad we can finally agree on a track my dude.


  • jOE

    he sucks, same flow on every song.. he shouldn’t be considered a rapper. I hear nothing but generic punchlines on R&B songs. this guy wont last much longer. but eminem is still killing it so make sure u get Recovery on June 22nd.

  • essie

    drizzle nutz…real talk

  • cam

    hooks awful. good verses tho.

  • love the instrumental but Drake is saying the same thing on every song. getting money, success etc.
    switch it up

  • old school hip hop

    Drake hasn’t had a song in the top 10 yet so stop being emotional bitch and deal with other peoples opinions.

  • SMH

    Drake and Ms Keys got crazy chemistry! I’m feelin this joint even though his flow is repetitive…

  • Eyerone

    i remember around the time i heard “fear” and drake explained that it would lead right into the intro of his album, i was kinda hype to see how he’d pull it off. but after hearing the track, its just…alright.

    im rooting for dude because i know hes capable of making good music. i just dont think this album will be anything better than what hes already done…which is crazy to say considering that this is his debut album.

  • Fat Boy

    Yall know the Radio is going to play this song regardless, Wack or Not

  • Fat Boy

    I wish success for everybody wack or not all I just say is Good Luck

  • II

    Not bad track. Better than the other mediocre tracks released from TML. Honestly, feel the album is going to disappoint alot of people

  • old school hip hop

    he def do so do ur fucking homework

  • classic

    Boring. Not even Alicia could save it.

  • Brocho Cinco

    This song is nice. This song is most like the So Far Gone Drake thats been released. I really want to hear Light Up. That song better be worth the hype.

  • Bl

    Drake needs a club song. Something hard like Forever..

  • yo mama


  • Menace

    can someone say FLOP?

  • DAMN

    man f all the haters! if u dont like drake stfu and go listen to something else damn dont post up your so called opions or whatever u call it, just click that tiny little x up in the corner if you dont like it damn, i seen drizzy in concert and that dude has so much energy he killed that show! june 15 im getting that album no matter what!

  • Majest

    Why should this album be hot?…when he gave you a hot mix tape for free?…that’s why the album is named thank me later..he expect you to cop thank me later as a thank you for so far gone.that make sense to ya? Lol

  • Console

    This is his intro track??

  • thebullfrog24

    Naw…it’s just the cliche internet nerd backlash…disgruntled white kids that still listen to 50 cent and Eminem that feel a certain way about Drake blowing up…them running to every Drake post all over the internets to cry about him shouldn’t be mistaken for how the music is received in real life…they’re just geeks that hate to see people win

    I completely co sign the “cliche internet nerd backlash” and i’m stealin that line from u lol cuz thats exactly what it is. When drake blew up online and nobody knew about him i’d say about 85 percent of comments i saw were “this is new, refreshing” but now that he gets played on the radio..people don’t feel cool and “hip” listening to drake anymore because everyone knows about him. So now they think its cool to bash him lol

  • huh?

    how does this lack substance? really there’s so much that’s being said in these verses and I can’t see how anyone can think that this track lacks substance

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