Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot Album Cover

This is what the front of Big Boi’s solo debut will look like on July 6th. Fix your shades (or mouse) for a closer look.

Sidebar: Happy Birthday 3 Stacks

UPDATE: Photoshoot for cover with Jonathan Mannion

[vodpod id=Video.3718610&w=425&h=350&fv=]

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    Mannnn What’s Going On With These Bullshit Album Covers

  • Rhyme

    Marketable. He couldn’t slap a Outkast emblem on their?

    Son gonna get his feelings hurt first week.
    Great rapper though.



    hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa hell naw

  • NYC_Top

    nigga A sexy brown skin dude tho NO HOMO

  • sara

    all the ladies say OOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  • EZPimpn

    I wouldnt care if it didnt have a cover at all

    Coppin this bitch at about 12:01 AM on July 6

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  • Nathaniel

    that’s the best you could do my nigga? got damn… where is the fucking creativity. sigh, it’s still the Outkast brand, shit.

    …guess andre handles all the creativity. still copping though.

  • snkefinger

    The true, time honored defination of the wordRAP – RETARDS ATTEMPTING POETRY. I think that says it all.

  • Yooo this nyc top dude is a homo!!!!!’

  • pissed

    wow that’s boring! Big Boi still dope though.

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  • selektah22

    This album will be a sleeper hit. Once it drops people will realize that they been sleepin on big boi..

  • jburg

    You niggas sound homo!! What the fuck you want him to put on there? You gonna stare at the cover when you listening to the album? Dumbasses!!! Who gives a fuck what’s on the album cover if the music is hot?

  • tjp17

    Big Boi is one of the top rappers out there. Him n Andre bin killin tracks for 16 years. He easily kills Wayne n all them commercial faggots. Listen to all of Outkasts material like ATLiens n Aquemini, him & Andre 3000 are the best lyricists out there, real hip hop fans know what I mean.

  • tjp17

    He’s album cover is way better than eminem albums cover

    Big Boi > Eminem

    who fuckin with me

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  • slimshady

    ummmm @tjp17, no body’s with you bruh. recovery cover’s are way better, what the fuck is this?

  • Note the “ok” or “masonic and illuminatic 666” symbols as he’s seemingly “adjustin his shades” many rappers and singers do this in their videos, it is to flash the “666” look it up on youtube if u don’t believe me

  • Word

    Lol not only do people always wanna compare rappers, they compare their album covers too. Can you say no life? Always gotta be that one dude that finds a way to fit eminem into a post. No life having niggas.

  • Word

    I like the cover by the way, not trash like some people say. It’s simple, I really don’t know what people expect out of an album cover…holographic 3-D type shit? Something complex like BP3, or simple like this ain’t bad. But that dirty money cover…

  • Sir Lucious Little hands