Ice Cube Explains Heltah Skeltah Delay

Once upon a time, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre were set to do joint album called Heltah Skeltah. (Peace to Rock and Sean Price). But like most things, the album never materialized. Below, Cube gives his reasoning to Rap Radar and says he’s still down to make it happen. Damn you, Marshall and Curtis!

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  • Post no billz

    One of those what if albums… Dam.. What couldve been..

  • typo

    Its ROCK and Sean Price, Sean Price IS Ruck

  • B.Dot


  • llll

    Fuck u Cube….Dre had more than 3 years without Marshal why didn’t he do something?
    And he only produces few songs for 50….u see people doing mixtapes every few months why can’t Dre make an album in 3 years(without him being busy with other artists)…so Em & 50 p.s Game had nothing to do with that!I
    BTW, that album woulda been remembered as a classic!

  • Wow.

    How come they can’t start working on it right now? Get on it niggas.
    Em and 50 off both doing they’re own thing they’ve been doing their own shit.

    Everyone blames Eminem. Coke Storch and now Ice Cube. Em is off doing his own thing, he’s been doing that.

  • Don

    man they was suppose to do this way back in 1994 when dre was still on death row. wasn’t no eminem and 5o back then

  • Jeff

    Haha everyone tryin to blame Em.

    Em won. Recovery droppin soon.

  • Elton John

    Fuck is Ice Cube talking about. Heltah Skelter was suppose to come when Dre was still on Death Row. I remember when they advertised the album in the booklet for Doggystyle

  • sergio*

    shits funny how he says when dat train started to die……………jaja like eminem has ever been wack lMAOo

  • According to Wikipedia(yeah I know) D.O.C. had ghostwrote some stuff for Dre for this Heltah Skeltah album. But since he was never paid for his time ghostwriting at Death Row,he left the label and took the lyrics he had penned for the album with him. Then he named his nxt solo album Helter Skelter as a shot at Dre.
    But I agree with what Cube said. If the main focus is not going to be on that particular project then whats the use of doing it? Back in the Death Row days,the main focus was pretty much Snoop and DPG so maybe thats why the album didnt get fully completed. And why are cats mad at cube when they’re probably gonna download this shit if it does come out lol? Rap fans smh

  • Bigray

    stop blaming and make ur fuckin album!!!!

  • jucks

    Heltah skeltah was planned in 1995, but the D.O.C. ran with the recordings. Then they planned again in 99/2000

  • sergio*

    shits funny how he says when dat train started to die……………jaja like eminem has ever been wack lMAOo.

  • HawthorneFinest

    Who Cares….If it takes Dre 10 years….Interscope and Aftermath would of NEVER blown up, thanks to Em and 50. imagine if the ONLY album Dre produced was chronic 2001. Dre & Cube’s album would of been dropped till 2087!!!!!!
    ever since 2001 LOL

  • DallasTx_Grovside

    Man if D.O.C never got in to the crash I bet he would have been better than ice cube,dre,snoop,easy all of them

  • Keith

    If they wanted to do the album, it would’ve been done. This is just an excuse for it not coming out.

  • money mitch

    he never said eminem was wack but he doesnt have the buzz he did dre had to capitilize on that same with 2003 and 50 cent both of them sold 10 mil first time around dre couldnt ignore that

  • BK

    Not to mention Em did 85%-90% of the production for The Eminem Show. Dre only had like 3 songs on that joint. Nigga could have done sumthin then.

  • mac DIESEL




  • teejay

    Iono, you also forget that a lot of the time dre mixes the albums, regardless of who produced it. So even if he did little production he still has work to do. Plus he’s running a record label, there’s a lot of business in releasing a big album. But yeah, there was good time between curtis and relapse where dre could have done something. But I’d want detox before helter skelter.

  • DIGGSY!!!

    2Pac answered this questions about 15 years ago when he was talkin about Dre and said “this nigga takin three years to do one song”. link for the interview below

  • former drefan

    I want Cube on a Detox track. But Detox will never drop cuz Dre’s afraid.

  • Danj!

    NIgga… what Em and 50 got to do w/ some shit y’all started workin’ on in ’93, LOL


  • Drucifer1983

    He also said Game

    “Em blew the doors off, then 50 came in and thats a whole nother train, Then Game…..”

    Its all Bullshit tho, this album was suppose to drop in 1994 when Natural Born Killaz(My all time favorite rap song) came out……..

    That 2pac song “U Cant C Me” was originally a Dre/Cube Helter Skelter song, Till Suge D-bo’d it and gave it to pac

    Do Your Death Row Research, and them new white folks who bought the catalouge, If your watchin, leak some of that shit already

  • Dre had 2 of the biggest artist of the decade; most people wouldn’t understand.

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  • JC “The Infamous G” Clarke

    wait But Healtah Skeltah was meant to drop in 1995