Bizzy Bone To Appear On Celebrity Rehab

Em isn’t the only rapper on the road to recovery. TMZ reports that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper, Bizzy Bone has recently been casted for VH1’s Celebrity Rehab. Bizzy will seek guidance from Dr. Drew for his marijuana and alcohol habit if the reality series makes it for another season. Good luck Bizzy.

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    Just marijuana and alcohol? umm ok

  • Dan

    Who goes to rehab for smoking weed

  • Chewbacca


  • Big Homie

    Who goes to rehab for smoking weed

    ^ I did for 20 weeks.

    • fucker

      and I for 20 years..

  • bonbon

    @Big Homie peace to you

    re Bizzy — good luck.

  • Hope Bizzy really get through with what he’s going through because him and the other members of Bone are talented as hell! Lyrically they are VERY underrated and I know it has alot to do with the fast flows but them dudes be sayin sum shit. In my personal top 5 groups

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  • Toya

    I thought DMX was also working on his sobriety.

  • Big Homie
  • u know how hilarious this will be?

  • lol

    He looks Perma-Stoned

  • six

    for some weed and drank man…. really?…… for real…… man i dont know bout that. seems pretty fuckin weak to me.

  • I’m not sure if I get why the post said “if the reality series makes it for another sense”. The way I understood the press release was that he is joining the cast for the upcoming season, which features Tila Tequila, among others.

  • sweet L

    I used to suck dick for coke.. you ever suck some dick for marijuana??

  • bgirl

    Best of luck, addiction is a serious thing.

  • Dan

    Dan says:
    Sunday, May 30 2010 at 11:01 PM EST
    Who goes to rehab for smoking weed


    Hey lonely douche, get your own username you markass fag.

  • NYC_top

    @sweet L
    I was tempted 2 once

  • Real Talk

    Marijuana and sum drank?
    Does that mean i need rehab 2????

  • gi joe

    Nah, Bizzy used to be hooked on sherm sticks. I dont know about now, but the alcohol and embalming fliud were his “demons”. Youtube even has all sorts of studio footage with him out his mind. Its a shame, bcuz most of the vids are from no name producers and rappers tryna exploit the man.

  • HollyHoodMane

    Obviously thiz dumbazz iz juz doin tha show 2 respark whutever fame he once had. Sad broke niggaz will do anything 4 fame. Make sum hitz bitch!!!

    • In u face biaatch

      Yeah like u you lame ass nigga I bet he got mo mula than u

  • sequence


  • MP

    You guys should’ve put “fried day” on this, love that song.