Cory Gunz On MTV2’s Sucker Free

Young Money/Cash Money’s latest recruit speaks to Envy about his recent record deal, visiting Weezy visit, Son Of A Gun reality show with Nick Cannon, and spits a quick 16. This kid is nice. Still.


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    im so happy this niggas gunz is finally gettin his!

  • im so pissed he signd to ym/cmb!!

  • JamieLondon

    This Dude Is Nice.
    Hopefully He Dont Start Getting On Some Dumb Young Money Songs.
    Needs To Do His Thing Solo. Lyrics And Flow Are Dope.


    Wanted men on ya benches, ill put there chins on these wrenches/rock a trench(coat) in the trenches, knock the squinch out the flincher’s/

    nice wordplay

  • mnka

    does anyone understand this kid or think he is nice – sounds like a lot of gibberish and im a trained professor of wordplay, check my phd – player hater degree

  • lol

    he won’t blow just TAX WRITE OFF

  • JohnBlack

    LOL @mnka

    I agree he “sounds” like he’s spitting gibberish but if you pay more attention to the rhymes you’ll see that he’s actually saying something. But I still think that the only reason he’s spitting that fast is to conceal his lack of flow. He has none so he sticks with the old “spit shit fast so nobody knows what I’m saying but it sounds nice” approach.

  • Interscope Employee

    LMAO @ mnka

    but for real, glad Wayne signed him. Now YM/CMB finally got a real rapper LOL

  • Moose

    He’s def nice, I just hate the fact he signed there. I hope it works out either way, and he benefits from any fans that YM has that weren’t aware of him

  • nyg718

    @ johnblack & mnka cudnt agree more…
    i listen close evrytime i hear him n to b honest he’s highly overated n when he actually get his shot he better slow down or he’s definatly not goin to appeal wit all that fast giberish bullshit.. i understand twista or bonethugs so its no reason y i cud never understand wat gunz is sayin

  • nyg718

    by the way i jus listened AGAIN n he really not sayin shit lol, i cant wait to my artist get on a track wit him.. we gon expose him wit all that wack shit lol… but i kno 1 thing that amillie track he did body so he about 1 for 1000 lol

  • dajumpoff44

    The kid is nice…..So hate all you want.He put his time in and deserves a shot at breaking through and blowing up.Have to side with a few of you and say the same thing,wish he did’nt sign to these crook motherfuckers who don’t pay their artists.He should have known better.Anyway,get yours Gunz!Shine like the Sun!

  • BlackDynamite

    Stop Hatin! Sucka ass niggas . . . Gunz , Millz , Tyga , Wayne in NO ORDER Best spitters in YM!

  • Jackass

    Niggas been waiting for this nigga to blow since 03′ get him the fuck outta here… He don’t rap about shit… His mixtapes are wack, and he raps the same on every track enough of this nigga.

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  • InSaNeoH

    everyone hates on young money for what?..people claim there wack but think about it there the top sellers n.e thing with wayne or drake on it is gonna sell, put on the radio now there prolly on now, and cory gunz just makes it better, and i can bet money that everybody that left a comment has somethin of young money on there Phone,Ipod,Computer or wateva the case may be give them there props already its well deserved!

  • GTFO

    YM is the only people that know how to put their artist out. Can’t hate on them for that. When new artists try to sign to other labels, they get shelfed for 3 years.