Ice Cube On Rap’s New Generation

“I ain’t gon’ be on the Internet all day lookin’ for who’s fresh, so I can help them…”

Over the last couple of months, Ice Cube has come under fire for his criticism on hip-hop’s new crop. Neophytes like Jay Rock have accused him for not pinpointing his targets. But Cube isn’t too concerned with what people say. He tells Rap Radar that he champions acts like Nipsey Hussle and says others shouldn’t depend on his assistance.

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  • Fuck rap, the new generation of niggaz sux period. I’m 23 and I seriously & honestly believe that the generation(s) after me r the most misled bastards on Earth. With music, fashion, respect, responsibility, etc…Now I see why a lot of the older heads don’t mess with the youngn’s…young niggaz don’t appreciate things and listen. They think they know every fuckin thing…

  • Really tho

    Ice Cube = Biggest Studio Gangster Of All Time

    he was at Az state when we wrote those fairy tale NWA rhymes about shooting shit up

    his parents where both doctors @ ucla

  • Cube is right. Just because you happen to be from the west and a rapper doesn’t mean he has to help u.

    Where does it end? Does he lay a verse? Spend a week in the studio with you? Champion you all over radio? Sign you? Spend 2 million dollars on you only for your wack ass to fail?. F*ck outta here.

  • @ Really tho

    Thats dumb ass shit. Have you ever heard an Ice Cube album? How the fuck he a studio G? It isn’t like he talks about being the king of the streets or killin niggas in every song like 50, Game or whoever

  • @ Really tho

    So what? He’s not like the new niggaz that have no substance BEHIND the gangsta shit they speak. At least Cube brought awareness to the fucked up shit that was goun on. Niggaz these days do it cause it sounds cool. Everybody dick ridin’ somebody, and that’s wack.

  • mike


    new lp coming soon

    ice cube nwa west side connection

  • SilkCityP

    @ [email protected] … You are absolutely right man… Truthfully it’s even older than the cats younger than you. It’s alot of guys & ladies in their mid to late 20’s lost as hell! Can’t do nothing about it either

  • HawthorneFinest

    @Really tho
    where’d you read that? Wikipedia?
    Cube and NWA where in L.A. recording all that shit.
    how can you call Cube a studio gangster when he was rollin with Eazy? you retarded ass muthafucka!!!!!
    Pac wasn’t a gangsta but he still kept it Real!
    he’s living the Thug Life Nucca!
    so get that Koochi mane, Wack Flocka Lame, and Hoe J out of my fucken Face beotch!

  • HawthorneFinest

    and P.S. you young kids need to stop bitching and drop those albums!
    you got the fan base, what more do you want?
    Jay rock got that single with wayne, Nipsey got that dope funk track, Glasses got that single with akon, so you all need to stop whining about Cube not helping yall.
    GROW the fuck Up!!!!!!!!!!!
    WEST-SIDE 4 Life!!!

  • mike

    [email protected]! enjoy

    royce-da-5’9” — bar-exam-3 — “brand new mixtape”

    iz actually on the damn World fucking Wide bad ass Web !!!

  • UltraKid

    Lupe Fiasco, J. Cole, B.o.B., Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Charles Hamilton, Termanology, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Electronica, 88-Keys, Asher Roth,Big Sean, Chiddy Bang, Yelawolf, Diggy Simmons, Drake, Kid Cudi, Kidz in the Hall, Little Brother, Maino, Mickey Factz, Red Cafe, Saigon, Slaughterhouse, The Cool Kids, Willy Northoile, Kid Daytona, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Boi, Eminem, Royce da 5’9″, Joe Budden, Crooked I, The Game, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Reflection Eternal, T.I., The Roots, Black Thought, Kardinal Offishall, The Clipse, Bun B, Joell Ortiz, Common, Consequence, Q-Tip, Ludacris, Raekwon, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Madlib, Rhymefest, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Cannibal Ox, Deltron 3030, Dead Prez, Fabolous, Fort Minor, Travie McCoy, Twista, J Dilla, Slum Village, Jean Grae, K-Os, K’Naan, Kano, Mr. Lif, Murs, The People Under the Stairs, Nappy Roots, Dilated Peoples, Outkast, Rah Digga, Tanya Morgan, Snoop Dogg, UGK

    Yup this generation sure sucks.

  • money mitch

    ^ ugk is not this generation superhard is ’94 dickhead

    and diggy simmons? lmao

  • Cosign money mitch


    Half the niggaz on there are either irrelevant, NOT our generation, or both. If ur an artist that came out at ANY period of the 90’s, then ur NOT considered a part of this generation. The proper generation gap would be 5-10 years max in age group w/ music. A lot of the more seasoned veterans have been fortunate to stick around after their prime, still keep their original fanbase, and gain a couple cats from this generation, but they are NOT from this generation playboi…

  • And sum of those cats I’ve never even heard of…Who tha fuck is Daytona Kid and what the fuck is a Deltron 3030??? He sounds like a Kool Keith affiliate or a device from the future or sum shit. Lol!

  • Majest

    Ain’t no fucking rapper a gangsta…why u mofos think like that?…as long as it’s gd music I dnt give a fuck.let’s break out of this stupid mentality ,think about all the Ppl that could have made amazing music but they dnt fit the rapper mode.

  • EZPimpn


    U just listed every rapper u could think of didnt u? U definitely just proved the opposite point, cuz when u go through that list and strike everyone thats NOT in our generation, u really start to notice how much these new guys SUCK in comparison.

  • EZPimpn

    U got UGK, Wu-Tang, and Dead Prez on there!? Outkast? Dilla? Snoop-fucking-Dogg, Jay and Nas? What the fuck are u doin nigga?!

  • mike

    generation is 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s …

    still 10 years of ish

    new generation is artist wit a career from 2009 to 2019

    jayz & nas are from the 90’s like wu tang & a lot of greats still in activities

    krs one, g rap, kane are old school cuz there gold time was in the early 90’s.. even if rakim & jigga are 40+

    from when u start, add 10 years (15 years max) and u got ya generation !

  • HawthorneFinest

    generation = Decade you ignorant dumb Fuk.
    NOT 1,000 years…I’m surprised you didn’t put 2Pac and Biggie on there.

  • Sin

    Ain’t no fucking rapper a gangsta

    i’m a gangsta. I just like to rap.
    I knw plenty of gangsta niggas that’s nice wit the rhymes. But I wouldn’t kall em rappers. We jus rap

  • cam

    who the fucks dependin on ice cubes assistance?

  • UltraKid

    All those artist were or still is making music in the 2000’s so fuck it and I don’t give a damn about album sales. Alot of those artist came out in the 90’s but their still making music.

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  • The Klan



    This niggas the definition of a fuckin clown. I Aint hear not 1 of them west coast niggas askin Cube for help, I heard them niggas say get off the hater tip old man. and i heard them niggas say rep the west right and show love to an up and coming generation if you respect there music, but dont dont sit around hatin on niggas just startin in the game. Cubes like that old nigga in the club you see wearing the same damn shirt as you cock blocking every hoe in the vacinity.

  • Deangelobailey

    Y’all wanna see a dead body?

  • EZPimpn

    Even tho I disagree with your analogy, if u want to set it up that way, then Jay Rock is the lame dude with the same shirt as old pimp, bitchin about gettin cockblocked when the hoes were never really checkin for him in the first place, just walkin past to get to the OG.

  • Gay Thug from the Hood RatredR

    nipsy hussle look one of those half native indian nigguz

  • Trouble

    It’s Gotta be Nipsey!! Vol. 3 Crazy!! What Up Nipsey!! Nipsey that Nigga 4 any Age, Old Heads Gotta Respect it, Cuz it Sound Authentic!! What Up Cube!!

    Real Talk!!kdj

  • HollyHoodMane

    Ain’t that knocturnal up there wit cube? Are they tha same person? There’s alot of snoop look alikez

  • Truth will out

    Nipsey Keeps winning.

  • @ sin

    fuck outah here with u a gangsta bullshit, on ur mac tht u bouht with ur allowance money that mommy and daddy who both are still married work for.