50 Cent Looks Normal At Detroit Show

Before taking the stage at his Saturday show in the D, 102.7’s Big Greg caught up with Fif backstage about his weight loss. Curtis says it was difficult the nine weeks he was on the diet plan during his UK tour. He also mentions that his interest in films has hurt his music career. Hmm.

this is 50

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  • Rome

    3 seconds into the interview he already said “Actual” looool

  • 50’s going to win an Oscar.

  • ronnie_moe

    Em, on baby watch???

  • Eminem

    Lil Wayne > 5o Cent

    Eminem: “Wayne to me is definitely one of the greatest in the game right now”

    Take that , Take That …….

    Bow !

  • I respect tha fuck outta 50. That dude keeps it real with himself and the fans. There it is ya’ll, he admitted BISD was screwed up because of his focus on film. I know the next project is gonna bang. No doubt.

  • la_angel_23

    50 Cent > Lil’ Wayne

    Kill yourself!
    You must be 13 or something…
    50 actually lived the shit he raps about, Wayne is fraudulent.
    Here’s another tattoo!
    Fake blood
    Old faggot ass nigga smoochin’ baby.

  • teejay

    God… it’s so easy to hate on 50 until you see an interview with him. Sometimes he’s hard not to like. I like 50 cent’s music, but him sometimes and his mass amounts of fuckery just turns me off of him. But then there are interviews like this where he’s a chill reasonable dude.

    The same could be said about rick ross minus the likable part. Alot of pople (not me) like rick ross music, but are turned off by his constant fuckery and whatnot. But you catch an interview with him, you see the guy is just a fucking clown. It’s hard to find a redeeming value with that dude. At least fif seems like somewhere in him is a decent chill dude.

  • Why this dude still makin excuses?

    “Because n*gganomics is NOT a major.

  • wonjo

    @ teejay
    i agree with you completely.

  • @teejay

    Cosign bro.

  • Mega

    His interest in movies has hurt his career in music??? What an excuse. The only thing that hurt your career in music is the pathetic garbage you have put out after the Massacre album. You got bodied by Rick Ross and Kanye. That didn’t help your career either. You should stick with movies. You will never sell records like you did in the past. We aint feeling you like that anymore. Black Magic will be a dud as well I promise.

    At one point in time you hated on everyone else in the rap game except Eminem- well now, it comes back to you tenfold with everyone in the rap game, including former fans, hating on you. Take it . You earned it. Chump.

  • bk82

    50 4 ever!!!!!!

  • E_



  • cosingn @mega

  • Midnite!

    We still riding with 50,i don’t know who told you otherwise!GGGGG GGGGG G-UnITT!!!Black Magic is going to BANG!!!Fuck you if you want to hate!!!50 set the bar for these other rappers.Look at what Ross is trying to do,release a movie with his album,50 did that already!!don’t compare a nobody rapper to a multimillion album seller!!Ross did not body 50!!50 bodied Ross!i’ll be the shooter!!!Officer Down!!!Banks merked that fat fuck!!GTFOH!!!G-Unit all day over that Fat fuck!!!

  • Wow.

    @ Mega

    I agree with you on the whole bodied by Kanye. But, no way in hell did he get bodied by Rick Ross.
    What did Rick Ross do? Call him a monkey? Sorry but 50 rolled on Ross.

  • Wow.

    Rick Ross claimed that if “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” by ’50 Cent sold 10 million copies, then his next record (‘Deeper than Rap’) will sell 12 million. Ross is a clown man. He only sold like 158,000 in the first week. 50 sold more than him, even though everyone hates on BISD.

  • Mega

    Is it just me or does it seem like 50 Cent has his bloggers over at thisis50.com, come on here and try to hype him up???


    And to WOW^^^
    It doesn’t matter how many records Rick Ross sold, what happened was 50 Cent tried to ruin Rick Ross’s career but instead Rick Ross went on to become an A-List rapper, while 50 Cent went from A-List to D-List.

    Rick Ross has a future in rap that I see continuing on for some time whereas 50 Cent had a short lived rap career, marred by excessive shit talking that came back and bit him in his ass. lol. 50 Cent and the G-Unit legacy are done. Nexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt

  • Interscope Employee

    Get off Wayne’s nuts!!! LMAO

    yall niggas make me laugh! from 02-05 yall where on 50’s dick, and now yall just jump on the hottest rapper at the moment (which is wayne). Give it another year and yall will find another cock to jump on….smh

  • teejay


    I think it’s a little premature to say Rick Ross is an A-List rapper and be talking about his future. Lets see how teflon don does and how much radio play he gets. An A-list rapper is someone whose name your mom knows, jay-z, eminem, lil wayne. I think Rick Ross is FAR from that level, and I doubt he’ll ever get there. He doesn’t have the qualities of an eminem jay-z or lil wayne. He’s a slightly above average rapper who ran his mouth so people noticed. But it wasn’t necessarily in a good way.

    I’m reserving judgement for who bodied who until Teflon Don comes out.

  • E_

    I just heard TML…Ehhhhhh

    BISD >>> TML

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