Eminem On Sky Rock Radio

Can anyone bum a translator? Eminem kicked off his European promo rounds today in the City of Lights. If you get lost in translation, you’re not alone.

Part 1:

Part 2: Speaks on concept of “Not Afraid” video, 50 Cent’s weight loss, and collaborating with Pink and Rihanna.

UPDATE: Still confused? Rap Radar France’s Young Safe gives a breakdown. Merci beaucoup.

Romano(Skyrock host) sings Eminem’s Not Afraid. Terrible performance. Off beat.
Eminem says the video is coming soon. Saturday. He says the video is full of metaphors. Lots of symbols. Being in the dark place.
Rihanna fainted the last time she came to the radio station. Em says he almost fainted too.
50 did an arm wrestling match with Difool(Skyrock host). 50 lost. Em says Difool got big muscles but he points Difool’s dick. Pause.
Em and 50 spoke the other day during 50’s show in Detroit.
Em saw 50’s pictures, he said he doesnt if he can give details about his role.
Marie(Skyrock host) wants to see Em’s penis. Pause.
Em talks about Wayne(one of the greatest of the game) Pink(she got added to the song afterwards), Rihanna.
Em only wants to learn cuss words.
They ask Em if he knows how to say Vagina, Grab Me.
They all love Eminem. Little flirt going on.
Three shows planned in Europe but not France. They ask Paul Rosenberg, he’s ducking the question. Romano cries.
They ask Em to sing, he declines.
They play the french version, Not Afraid aka Suces Mes Boules( suck my nuts).
They speak about salty balls…Soccer World Cup.

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  • wow you guys are quick..

  • young

    i dont see shit

  • K-Lam

    Em still funny as shit

  • sperry

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  • But the interview is Wack as FUCK…so far..

  • Zombie

    Wtf man,, cant even understand shit.!

  • Lay

    Just writing for the sake of writing. Love Em though.

  • Chewbacca

    wtf are they sayin

  • scrapig

    I wanna kill that radiohost… ask some real questions!!!

  • herbsaac

    welll this interview definently shows that this album will be leaked.. june 21st in france..

  • Eminem Fanatics Society

    We do not approve of the radio host.

  • Tommy

    Yeah I can’t listen to this lol. Someone just give a recap of all the good info

  • Drucifer1983

    French accents are so weird sounding, they creep me out worse then Em’s Relapse accents

    Em sounds like he in a much better mood this go around then last year, I can feel that tho, that first year or 2 of sobriety is kinda off when you coming out of a Long run of gettin fucked up, I been there

  • Drucifer1983

    Who the fuck is Alex Da Kidd, Em just said he’s a producer on his album I never heard that name before I dont think

  • Tommy

    @Drucifer1983 If I’m not mistaken, Alex Da Kid produced Airplanes

  • Pre-ordered Recovery as well. Anticipation.

  • valerie

    where are the other parts?

  • the interviews not dun yet..im lisinin to it right now..

  • Drucifer1983

    @ Tommy

    Oh, for some reason I thought B.O.B made that beat himself, good lookin out

  • Eminem Fanatics Society

    http://www.myspace.com/alexdakidmusic <<thats him? a London producer?

  • jm

    shits mad annoying. I love EM and def am a big time stan but this dude is falling off! 3 Weeks away from his album and all we got is a 33 days old single, cd cover and tracklist. No video (i know its coming out saturday) no street single and DEF not a hopefully tracklist features.

    Drake’s Buzz > Eminems Buzz … I really think Drizzy will outsell Em. and I dont give a fuck about sales im just sayin. And as of right now Drizzy got a banger of an album. n Em got 1 ok single

  • James

    Alex Da Kid produced Airplanes & Airplanes Pt. 2 on B.o.B.’s debut album. Well, co-produced I guess according to wiki’s production credits for that album.

  • Eminem: “Wayne to me is definitely one of the greatest in the game right now”

    Wow WTF!!!

    Eminem is a confused man. . A Slaughterhouse feature >>>>>> A Wayne feature

  • Drucifer1983

    @ JM

    Em is the best selling rapper of all time, so I doubt If Drakes album sells a few more copies then Recovery Em is really gonna care much, and I still dont see how lazy promotion = Falling Off

    It could turn out the opposite if you think about it, Half drakes album is already on the net, people might have played it out by the time it gets to stores……..For what its worth, Not afraid outsold Find your love and over combined on Itunes

  • Fat Boy

    Best Rapper Alive…….RECOVERY!!!!!JUNE 22!!!!!!!

  • Later

    @PITRI Hes not confused he knows talent. Are you saying you know more than him? Ignorance

  • Fat Boy

    @Drucifer1983. Cosign

  • Yooo

    Possibly the worst interview I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • jenny

    lmao at the end, paul’s like we gotta go we gotta go!!

  • Renegade

    Lol, pretty lame interview but Em was still funny. They didn’t seem to talk much about the actual music though, hopefully we’ll see a few better interviews as the continues to promote album.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Yooo A DJ Whoo Kid interview is a VERY close second though

  • Eminem Fanatics Society

    I think that had to be the worse interview fucking ever…. He should be in London tomorrow for the Johthan Ross Show..cause they record it on a Wednesday.

  • Drucifer1983

    @ Pitri

    I’m not that big on Wayne either but I guess he’s entitled to his opinion, would have rather seen Tip or Luda in that feature but whatever

    *Kanye Shrug*

  • K-Lam

    Yeah drakes got alot of songs out already, but they are basically shit.

  • gran turino

    second single with rihann!hell no,eminem what are you doing

  • Thank Me Hater

    @jm cmon man…calling Drake’s shit a banger is a bit farfetched right now.

  • bonbon

    mighty tight w/the translation

  • Wow.

    The problem with Drake, his album only has like what 13 maybe 14 songs? 7 of them have other artist on it, that’s not the way to go.

    Em only has 3 artists on Recovery (So far that we know of) Rihanna, Pink and Wayne, Wayne is the only one rapping obviously. I’d rather see Rihanna then some fake broad like Nicki Minaj.

  • Fat Boy

    Lmfao Slim Shity

  • HOLLA!

  • Big Kelt

    The only reason they don’t ask real questions it’s because Paul told them not to. It’s Always the same shit when Em makes a promo of an album he choses all of the questions he wants to answer, that’s why the interview is wack. (But the radio host still sucks tho)

  • Drucifer1983

    @ gran turino

    lol, Hey man, I hate to say it but rhiannas last album was harder then most rap cd’s this year(sadly)

    People act like they didnt like the Rhianna T.I song on paper trail, that shit was bangin

  • Tim

    Em best rapper alive, Recovery will be classic

  • Drucifer1983

    @ WOW

    4 artist actually, theres some guy named Kobe on the album too

    Still, 4 out 16 aint bad, and your right about drake

    Drakes album is 50% Guest spots, Em’s is 25% guest spots(and 3 Of Ems guests are just singing hooks he probably wrote anyway, Drake got mad rappers on his shit)

  • Mikey Haze

    niggas always gotta bring Drake up in an Em post….this is what causes all the wars. Leave them 2 out of the same equation. They are on Different scales. Em is the highest selling rapper ever and Drake is the biggest Hype right now…I fuck with Drake and Em and i want to have 2 great albums, but thats like comparing a father to his son on the same successes…

  • jm

    @ Thank me Hater i guess we got dif meanings for a banger. i shoulda used another word. but its deff good. 4/7 tracks were really good. not great, no where near classic but def good. I guess not “banger” material u right.

    i said i dont care about the sales, they dont mean nething. its all about the quaility of music. I love Em. im just sayin i feel like hes been MAD quiet. no songs no nothing. you def may be right that drakes shit leaking could effect the sales. I was just pointing out he could def out sell him (even tho that dont mean shit)

  • Wow.

    Shit forgot about him.

  • Fat Boy

    Wow it’s official now… No more doubting the tracklist Wayne, pink, & Rihanna Dope

  • A little translation :

    As he said during the interview, everytime he comes to Skyrock Radio office in France, they use to talk about nothing, so there’s nothing very interesting you should notice.

    But here’s the major part :

    – His album will come out on June 21st, which is also the day we celebrate music in France. It’s Music Day and that’s pretty great.
    – He’s the best album seller between 2000 and 2010. I don’t know where they found that numbers.
    – When he does a short summary about who’s gonna be on his next album, Difool, the main presenter, tells him he got a funny story to tell about Rihanna’s last coming at the radio’s office.

    The audio stops after they announced commercials and the listening of “Not Afraid”.

    So, no big deal for now.

  • Mack attack

    If im doin that interview.. Questions that shoulda been fuckin asked… Who produces what? Concept of songs? Sales predictions? Next single release? Pink feature an emotional song? Reason 4 fifty dre d12 and slaughterhouse not makin the cut?

  • ^^Also..Do you Feel that this is your best work/album to date??

  • Milesview

    I know emenem is a tough rapper with tough chuckling line.what’s up emenem like some of your shits got to be frankly with you i’m human.

  • mike


  • Thank Me Hater

    Damn Marie sounds sexy as fuck….Em you need to tell that bitch to shake something

  • waora

    Nice interview agree about wayne hes dope glad hes on there :)))) album gon be big!

  • Whoa…

    GOT DAMN!!!!
    u eminem fans work fast!!!!!!!!!!! I could give 2 shits about em and/or some stupid radio interview….
    RR could u post real hip hop news and get off a wack ass rappers nuts.


    EM is being lazy for a reason, so HIS SHIT DONT LEAK. idiots

  • @Whoa

    lmao you for real if you think em`s wack ya should crawll upp nd die you dnt know shit about rap if ya think he wack he the best of all time
    nd dont reply coz i aint ganna reply am off

  • to the interview I mean

  • Gordon B.

    Is it just me or are these frenchmen fucking annoying as hell?

  • Hoodrat

    It’s not just you.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Eminem smile, or laugh for that matter.

  • Rhyme

    WTH is this? Was the interview suppose to be like that?

  • Toya

    lol Just another Skyrock interview.

    Shame that the album drop is 3 weeks away and the 1st video is dropping Saturday. There were 2 singles by the time Relapse dropped. (And there were a couple TV interviews I believe.) Seems like Interscope is betting on this album bringing in big numbers based on buzz alone. Guess we’ll find out this time just how many fans Em really has. I’m cheering for him. Get ’em, Em!

  • Fat Boy

    Yo last year Jay Z destoryed Eminem with Promotion… Remember those commercials with him changing costumes of his album 12 covers… And guess what he still lost to Eminem last year jay 480k to EM 609k

  • mikey

    still 3 weeks until album
    plenty of time for promo

  • Support Great Music

    can’t trust the french.

  • yo. how is em gonna diss wayne on like 3 trax on relapse and refill then talk him up?

    what cuz he was a junkie and vibed?

    bitch please.

    this is allllll a stunt

    remember BRUNO?

    www. mediafire .com /krue has the RECOVERY ZIP.

    decide fcr urself homie

  • to that boy on them sedative meds who said he was betta?

    look them in the eye, tellem why, and then waste em

    u said u was king, u lied threw ya teeth.


    featured MARCH 2010



  • GBO

    Yo if u people dont know which it seems like you dont… Kobe is on the album, he is the same guy that sang on Fabolous Track “Imma Do It” (hot song) it was produced by dj khalil so im guessing they probbly got him for the dj khalil track on ems album too..

  • HawthorneFinest

    Em just said wayne was the best, to get attention from Wayne’s dick hopping fans, and get himself some respect.
    He knows DAMN well he can rip him apart.
    and look at all the Em haterssss!!
    well guess what? in the end, thanks to you this blog got the most comments and is the most talked about hahaha
    So SUCK-IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHADY 4 LIFE!!!!!!

  • shayden

    well now we all know why pink and rhianna are on the tracks. He obviously pays enough attention to know they would soun good on thse particular tracks. Its not lke they were n the studio togethe rlaying vocals, but like he said u jus have to hear the songs to get it Cant Wait!

  • Don Instinct

    I have lost mad respect for Em, I mean Pink and Rihanna are whack, they have crap music and both look like dudes plus I’m pretty sure Em can now officially be called a sellout.


  • Jay-19

    For real, the French sukks fukking dikk… here they have the greatest rapper of all time doing an interview for them and people can’t understand shieeet! French is like the worst language ever and they should make that shieeet illegal to speak.

    Can’t wait for Recovery!

  • alex

    are you retarded? how can you not understand the english part of this interview?

  • Dman

    actually the way there doin this could bring in lot bigger sales than you’d expect plus relapse fuckin leaked all over before so there keepin a tight seal on it.


    Yo this interview was gay as hell, all i heard was a bunch of gay frenchies chuckle like little faggots.

  • Gay Thug from the Hood RatredR

    em lookin old n shit from all the drug abuse n shit rocye didnt change a bit

  • HawthorneFinest

    @Don Instinct
    your fucken stupid, how is he a sell-out?
    did you call T.I. & Jay-Z a sell-out?
    I bet not…
    your not a fan, your a hater.
    rihanna and pink are talented, people wanted more collabs and they got it..people wanted no more accents, and they got it. so stop Bitching you faget!!!
    Em will NEVER sell-out Until he talks about bitches, cars and money like YOUR favorite rappers!!!!
    so hop off sucka!!!

  • LOL

    hahah arm wrestle with 50cent , he was losing so i let him win LOL

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  • llll

    Is there any word on a second single?Thats what really matters to me!

  • PrettyChicoWhatDeyCalledEm

    damn how come now that em is sober he looks higher then he ever did before in his pics lol

  • PrettyChicoWhatDeyCalledEm

    also, i was wonderin just how fine that chick talkin really was… not very i see

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  • Support Great Music


  • mcielandish

    reason why it’s only EM rappping is cause allthe other projects that he’s on sign that are attatched to his label now should move a fuck lot more caus eof EM

  • mcielandish

    reason why it’s only Eminem rapping is cause all the other projects that he’s on are are attatched to his label and now should move a fuck lot more cause of he’s on them. But as to them being on his album and moving albums? *Borat Voice* Not So Much


    eminem the bestttttt!!!!!!!!!! rapper alive

  • Lpo

    gahh…i was majorly disappointed tt the tracklist was real

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  • Don Instinct


    Actually Jay Z and TI are sell-outs, they sold out a long time ago and if you think they haven’t then you are delusional. Also if you like music from Pink and Rihanna I think you’re the FAGGOT!!!


  • Wow.

    This shit is funny, the guy trying to sing Not Afraid.

    Recovery will not disappoint. Even with Rihanna, and Pink as features those tracks will more than likely be badass. Everyone is already saying “oh Recovery is gonna suck because of Pink, Rihanna and Wayne” But, Drop the World, Em and Wayne that track is, bangin’ you cannot deny that so when Em and Wayne Collaborate on anything it’s going to be fire. And honestly I don’t even like Lil Wayne at all. It will be the same With Rihanna and Pink. And they’re not even rapping. We wanted more of Em (there’s more of Em on Recovery), and we wanted the accent to be gone(It’s gone), we got it.
    So basically all you can do.. is love it.

  • derp

    There’s pretty much nothing to hear. This radio station sucks. Mostly young people listen to that, but unlike the US, there’s only one radio station about rap so he has to be here if he wants to sell albums…


    this is just an idea that i have, but i hope im right….. i hope the song with pink is just eminem and pink going back and forth… with pink playing the part of kim. if u think about it, pink is a crazy bitch herself lol

  • eminem191


  • eminem murdered you on your own shit? might be the next one.


  • Lpo

    damn, he himself confirmed tt the tracklist is true..sigh

  • Drucifer1983

    dude definatly seems alot more comfortable out there this year then he did last year

  • Mack Attack

    100!! Classic MACK ATTACK

  • jFITT

    i like how the translator was translating the amercian names with a french accent.. zhim zhonsin.
    and then how the dj said zhust like oos, we are not afraid…

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