Nas Gets Key To Radio Station

Nas seems more jovial than usual. While out in Vegas this past Saturday, he stopped by Bootleg Kev’s show on Hot 97.5 and was awarded the key to the radio station. So much for murderin’ the DJ. Congrats!

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  • Yal right when yal said he was more jovial than usual,, by Nas’ normal interview standards it almost seems like he popped a happy-pill before the interview.

    He’s always been a strange dude but its good to see him looking like he’s enjoying him self after the headaches Kelis been causing.

  • STFU

    Nas has been very happy and upbeat in most recent video interviews. In all his pics he is smiling and from what I’ve read he has some great things happening this year and next year. It’s good to see him in a positive mood and good spirits. Only the Strong Will Continue and do it as well as Nas!!!! I don’t think he popped a happy pill…I think he is legitimately happy with life!

  • mike

    damn fucking cleanest rapper outta here yall
    nas true rebel since the beginning
    nasir best emcee alive forilla

  • UltraKid

    I think Nas is just happy Distant Relatives was top 5 on the charts.

    Nas needs to get Premo, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, 9th Winder, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Jay Electronica, No I.D. and only feature Jay Electronica and J. Cole as features for his next album. No more bullshit—I mean his last albums were good but forgettable and Distant Relatives was a classic but techniqually that’s not a Nas album.

  • bonbon



    Peace to Nas, glad to see the God in good spirits.

  • dizzy

    lol at him covering the tattoo of kelis at the end! Nas is the man! Y’all need to give it up….

  • webstar

    He does seem happy as hell. Well good for him, lol. Distant Relatives is something to smile about, thats for sure.

  • CaniBlog?

    Yo this bootleg kev guy was asking all the right questions its good to see a dj on mainstream radio know his hip hop like that.

  • Ekiti

    LOL you were’nt lying when you said Nas sounded jovial. That’s what happens when you sober off that weed.

    Damn! NaS such a weed head lolz. Dude needs to drop LT2 & 3 quick!