Angela Yee Interviews Gucci Mane (Shade 45)

Jail must’ve reinvigorated Gucci Mane’s personality. This morning he gave a hilarious interview with Angela Yee on Shade 45. He spoke on fat asses, probation restrictions, new label, and oh yeah, fat asses. Listen up.

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Part 3:

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  • Word

    Lmao He just soooooooo country. Funny guy though, and Angela Lee fuck everybody that come through Shade 45.

  • wes

    funniest interview i’ve heard in a minute. also, angela yee is pretty great at her job.

  • teejay

    Huh. I dont like his music but he seems like a cool dude.

    But I don’t think it’s a problem if white people say nigga if they’re rapping along with a song, it’s the lyrics to the song. It’s all about context. Only problem I see there is that if white people see that they can say it when they rap with a song, they might think it’s okay for them to say it elsewhere.

  • Rhyme

    LMAO. “Whats is that?” That’s grits, yall don’t eat that up here. *Dead

  • Word

    WHAAAAAAAAT? Gucci went to school?? Forreal? Jeez, I guess thats “Dont Judge a Book by its Cover” at its finest. Well I always knew he wasnt completely dumb, but college? Hmm

  • a-yo

    na, you can tell by the way gucci speak, he smart. he got his priorities in check, i mean the man started his own record company and signed himself.

  • K.o.D



  • Wow.

    This is hilarious. Angela Yee stays on that cock.
    I don’t see why they invite people to Em’s radio station when said person took several jabs at him.
    I remember reading something about Angela trying to get Benzino to go on Shade 45. Doesn’t make sense. Oh well.

    Honestly I think some white people can get away with saying nigga, or have a hood, or ghetto pass as a lot of people call it. Because a lot of white people grew up in the ‘hood’ and adapted to that type of style. So in some cases I don’t see a problem with it.

  • i don’t like him, but he has some good hits…
    like Ross…
    but i don’t like then both…
    i’m tired of this kind of rap…
    i mean, let’s hear a little of Damian and Nas and chill…

  • Thank Me Hater

    Angela Yee>>>>>>>>>>>>>DJ Whoo Kid at interviewing. This was a hilarious ass interview!!! That nigga Gucci makes entertaining music btw. He just aint a lyrical cat at all

  • chitlin coon

    south still winning!

  • Thank Me Hater

    LMAO!!! “Fuck I been locked up!” HAHAHAHA @Word Yee does try to stay fucking somebody but shit if I were him I would be too!!

  • “pinochio your nose will grow,
    Im smokin dro in tokyo and trapping with dis rapper
    got me goin places you wont ever go!”

    It’s just me o he took shot’s at Em on the Omarion’s song “I get it in”??
    i’m always worderin about that…

  • chitlin coon

    @ dj hzd brazil….NO ONE LIKES THAT SHIT!! I MEAN NO ONE!! HALF OF THE FOLKS ON HERE DIDNT EVEN BUY THE FUCKIN ALBUM! TELL ME IM LYING! i mean i respect the shit..but im not gonna buy it..sorry…I will get that t.i. though or that new drake! even the new kanye has swag…but man u gotta know that that shit u talkin bout is for the fundelmentalist hip hoppers only..and half of them ninjas are broke lol!! downloading torrents and shit!

  • Angela Yee is Asian genius’, not white.

  • mike

    angela yee is good


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  • So Icy Boi!

    Haha my nigga Gucci a fool

  • Sin

    kountry ass nigga eatin grits