• Decnent

    Haha, nice Em.


    This pic make Em look like a damn bug….and what the fuck is with that song?

  • kariba

    how the hell did he get so close? when i went over there, there were like 70 fuckin chinese around taking pictures.

    venus de milo is the real thing over there though. greeks were geniuses.

  • 700 comments, here we go!

  • Chewbacca

    Eminem on some french show performing NOT AFRAID

  • mickey

    U think the girls hair might be haily?


    I seriously doubt it…….I thought the same thing at first….But then again you never know because the pic is super close and it looks as if they cut whoever out on purpose….Plus why the hell would Em be in a museum randomly?

  • Fat Boy

    @Hennessey. Eminem Is an artist……. get it…. O for get it…. Recovery June 22 Tuesday

  • Whoa…

    I swear if this post gets over 100 comments i will lose faith in all humanity

  • Rachael5922

    Idk Mouse you tell us. Why do you get to go see all the stuff I want to go see Marshall 😉 Do you actually think that is a women or Leonardo Da Vinci painting himself as a women?????

  • Randola

    go see the pyramid EM its much better and close to where you are next to the Apple Store. went there last month and stood right were EM is in the pic

  • assasin

    Wow, u cats are ridiculous *do u think the girls hair is haile’s?” Hahahahahahahahahahhah

  • What’s funny is I have heard that you get in big trouble for taking flicks of Mona Lisa. That makes this picture that much cooler.

  • RapMusic23

    HENNESY Em is in France promoting Recovery,so why not check out Mona Lisa while he`s there.The person next to him is just a fan probobly

  • mac DIESEL



  • damn

    why couldn’t these pics come with a new recovery track/ snippet/ instrumental.. damn

  • Foots

    Eminem stubs toe. Might need stitches


  • That’s what I’ve been saying, my ding dong is so long, how is your mom not gonna bounce all up on it. Ya heard ?

  • Greg

    Cosign mac.
    Why he always frowning?
    Smile BITCH!!! U have millions of who are willing 2 jump off a bridge 4 u an 99% are on here

  • southside

    Damn he is ugly. Life must be hard for white boy. haha

  • Foots

    @mac diesel

    Lol true he dnt never cheese who cracks a hard ass smile in a pic that close lol niggas too hard to smile, I bet you don’t smile in all your pics

  • Tommy

    Looks like he ain’t slept in awhile

  • therider

    http://player.canalplus.fr/#/351430 in 11min 00 he perform’s not afraid

  • haha this is funni..

  • Thank Me Hater

    Damn this nigga never ever smiles….WOW!!!!

  • mikey

    cant wait for the album

  • therider

    the live of not afraid is realy realy HUGE

  • cam

    where u at RR? TML just leaked

  • Fat Boy

    @Therider. Your a fuckin genius thanks for the video and link

  • Toya

    lol Mona’s one popular lady.

  • jenny

    damn who talked him into going to the louvre??? he really is enjoying the sober life

  • gran turino

    he is more popular than mona lisa,i want recovery,18.june here in europe

  • what part is the performance in that link??

  • young’n

    somebody tell what song is that


    yea em is still chased by his inner demons thats why he never smiles.

  • stephen

    He looks like a fish.


    Em is dope and everything but I don’t quite understand why no matter what the post is about theres a zillion comments. “Eminem Meets Mona Lisa” and a slew of people have a comment. Granted this is one of them (LOL) but its a question maybe you guys can answer for me. This is in no way me hating on Em or those who ride with him but if the headline was “Eminem Farts” im sure there would be a shit load (no pun) of comments about it. WHY?!?!? Help me understand.

  • Theloneus


    Because Eminem is an amazing artist and can spit the most amazing flows you’ve ever heard. Yeah Jay is aight too but there’s a big difference between them. While Jay is doin’ his thing with the whole New York/Brooklyn/Sinatra vibe Em on the other hand is just being himself and rapping because he doesn’t fucking care! He’s also very secluded and doesn’t put his personal life really out there so when we see him out and about it’s kind of cool. His fans are also REALLY devoted.

  • Damn

    damn, his look confuses me :o, in some pictures he looks normal and on other pictures he looks like a serial killer

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Theloneus



  • Theloneus


    Damn I care about your opinion so much.

  • JUanitoo


    I wasn’t asking why you were so devoted or why you’re a huge fan. I’m a die hard Nas fan and some people aren’t. My question is this: does EVERYTHING deserve a comment?

    This post is a picture of Em in France in front of the Mona Lisa. Period point blank. What is the topic up for the discussion that has so many people commenting on? Like I read a comment about the look on his face, one about his hat, his smile or lack there of……I mean, what the fuck are you all talking about?

    Case in point, in my first comment I asked a question that had nothing to do with Em’s talent or abilities and you answer going on about his talent and abilities.

  • B.Dot

    damn, u are young: Fugees “Nappy Head (Mona Lisa” )

  • Coroner

    so he uses this European trip not just to promote his new album but make himself cultured… XD

  • Theloneus


    Calm down. Eminem is a famous celebrity. Why you so butthurt? Goddamn.

  • the one

    Snoopy looks lost ! Sad if that’s the first time he’s visited the louvre with all that money he has …. Just saying

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  • Drucifer1983

    Irony, a majority of the posts in here are from people bitching that em stories get to many posts, lol

  • Fat Boy

    @Drucifer y the bitchin about how many comments EM get…. Smh…. Theirs a reason EM got artist of the decade

  • CP

    You stupid f’n retards do realize that if Em was not or nowhere close to releasing a new album this would not make it on here or other news outlets. Stop hating on the dude…you closet fans know you like him and respect that he is one of the greatest though! Also you do know that by commenting on how many comments his news gets is adding to the total!! duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • sirehi
  • CP

    PS, if you dont know what song that is you need to go take a class in the history of great hiphop music…smh

  • CP

    not saying I dont believe you but that doesnt prove thats the cd…you could of just made it on your computer printed it out and put it in another case…

  • sirehi

    @cp, all respects bro, but i just got all these pics comin in includin this:


  • LovriPB


  • CP

    @sirehi…again I’m not trying to be a dick but that also could be done on your computer…but seriously if you do have it why not tell us your thoughts instead of teasing us Haha.

  • sirehi

    @CP, i feel you on that dawg, i really don’t have it, its people that send me snippets of the songs and the info on the album, so i decided to show everyone without having to leak stuff..

    Singles from Recovery
    1. “Not Afraid”
    Released: April 29, 2010
    2. “Love The Way You Lie”
    Released: June 8th , 2010

  • asboy

    @gran turino

    Mona lisa is more popular, and you know why stupid inculte, because it’s a universal art since 6 century !
    eminem in 20 years, he will be forgiven or everybody will be kill by his depression.