• Daniel

    LOL didnt hear from him from a long time. what a fool dont feel him

  • RapMusic23

    Didnt really like this one.The guy needs a haircut,he looks like a fruit

  • Jay

    NO Thanks lol This sucks arse. He can go back to college now.

  • Jazz

    this is good fuckin shit

  • Travis

    Daniel – He just dropped a mixtape earlier this year. What are you talking about? Also, it’s one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard this year.

    People are still sleeping/hating on Asher. Not sure why.

  • koa29

    I like Seared Fois Gras…but the DJ cuts in it make it almost unlistenable…..

    This track is hot man…stop rapper racism… Asher’s dope

  • c

    his mixtape is one of the best of the yr so far. 2 many breaks in the track. need to hear it from start 2 finish all the way through b4 i say anything about it.

  • Ghost

    This is actually ok. And I didn’t like that I love college jam at all. Way too cheesy.


    Who’s he? HE raps?….


    This is pretty cool MR. Roth. good job whiteboi


    what the fuck do he know about ” GRIND”

  • vbs

    can this douche just fade away already?

  • Nipsyfire

    Never really like him compared to the newer artist’s around b.o.b,drake,j cole ect i think he comin out at the wrong time still wish him luck tho

  • What does this white kid from the SUBURBS no about bein on the grind??

  • NYC_Top

    He’s cute you niggas need to stop hatin niggas

  • punana

    everyone has they own grind his is probably music you fags what’s ur lot grind hatin on internet sites

  • A.K.

    What does this white kid from the SUBURBS no about bein on the grind??

    probably trying to make it in a black/urban dominated genre.
    quit hatin

  • LOL… I didnt hear any shout outs for RapRadar but did hear them for 2DopeBoyz and NahRight… jealous much?

  • Mega

    Yelawolf is the truth though

  • Yo

    haters, haters, haters…how refreshingly positive and uplifting. The beat is smooth and he rides right through it just as smooth. Grind stands for Get Ready It’s A New Day…I guess its not as cool as CREAM??? Stop hating and listen.

  • It’s sorta cheesy, but I can see some people liking it. An ok song overall, but what is music today? Just a bunch of ok songs. Just like Chris Rock says America is just a bunch of B and C students, artists are pretty much B’s and C’s except for a few

  • @Mega

    Nawwwwww, that nigga Yelawolf is wack too. He’s jus country and spits fast.

  • killacrack

    jesus christ why do they keep pushing this cornball down our throats.The industry heads tried mad hard to push him but he is just corny,i dont feel him.i feel yelawolf,but this guy right here is just some boston frat house music.

  • really

    grind means Get Ready It’s A New Day, and number wise im pretty sure asher is more acomplished out of the new cats. doesnt matter though he could live the rest of his life off that i love college money and tours hes done

  • SilkCityP

    Surprisingly the Toomp tracks on here are some of the worst!! Toomp needs to step his beat game back up… he sounds monotonous on each of his tracks, and that sound is played out!!

  • @really I Love College money? Clearly you didn’t read the XXL with this year’s freshman picks because there was an article where Asher spoke about not recouping and being in the red.

  • fourdeucetre

    I like this joint a lot. You guys clearly dont hear the music Asher makes some great music. Dont sleep cuz sleep is the cousin of death.

  • @ Jay -I think he is a innocent guy and he has a lot of abilities in his hand.

  • mettown

    Dude’s the truth. People need to listen….repeat…

  • JamieLondon

    Not A Bad Track. Is This On His New Album?
    Its Hard For A White Rapper To Make It In Hip Hop After Eminem. But His Trying His Best To Please People. Might as Well Give Him A Chance.

  • Broad StReet Bulliesss

    tracks dope….niggas who sayin ash cant spit are jus hatin. seared foe gras wasnt THE best mixtape of the year but it was fuckin up there. kid can rap some good lines and his flow is real unique…keep doin ya thing ash….can you diggggg it??

  • Willie mcfly22

    For some readin, I fucks wit this dude…jus different I guess. I dig it

  • Daniel

    “[…] Also, it’s one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard this year.”


  • eminem&asherfan

    asher roth is the shit anyone who likes real lyricists and have heard all his shit from believe the hype 2006 mixtape until g.r.i.n.d know that he is amazing and one of th reasons i still have hope for rap him eminem game and ice cube

  • edwfdewf

    This guy… he ain’t that good

  • Whatever

    Don’t call me a hater, cos I don’t care that much for the guy in order to hate him – and he’s not that bad, it’s just he’s not that good either, and his songs are booooring.

    So that’s it. Boring. Please change your flow, your beats or just give up and do something else. I wouldn’t listen to this twice and if I did, I wouldn’t even recognise the song. In and out of my head, forever.

  • amBIG

    lmao at ya’ll being like what you know abouyt grind… there are many types of grinding. Working 2 jobs to pay bills type of grind etc

    i must ask… what does someone on a msg board know about grind lol

  • GoGo

    I love the haters. Sorry Asher didn’t dumb it down for you.

  • Gay Thug from the Hood RatredR

    u mean grind that dick asher cuz thats what u love to do jus like me .u niggaz forgot that this nigga said he gay then backed up lol

  • Ganz

    I Love College was garbage, but Asher Roth is dope. Let em hate, he’s witty and intelligent, if it’s too complicated then skip ahead to a Gucci Mane track

  • Danny

    This guys good. You haters are mad because a white person better at rappin’ than most black rappers out there.

  • tom

    “Grind” stands for Get Ready It’s a New Day in this song. This guy is dope.

  • truf

    drake stole his style fuck white boi

  • slick

    the next eminem is gonna be really hard to find this guy aint it. that college frat boy swag aint never gonna work

  • Mastadon

    Bun B said Asher is the truth and has the best live show he’s seen. So unless any of yall talkin down are more accomplished than Bun B I suggest you get back on your G.R.I.N.D.

  • Drucifer1983

    @ Mastadon

    I dont wanna hate on Asher, but just because some Rapper said Asher is the truth doesnt necessarily make it so, Public Enemy Co-signed Vanilla Ice when he was out, doesnt make him any good.

  • Juggers

    Asher Roth>>>>>>>>

    least he’s not talking about Beamer Benz or bentley or about passing patron like all these down syndome rappers! Stupid rappers for stupid people (you niggas on this site)! Let me enjoy this. You go enjoy tony yayo ! Gtfo

  • Don Instinct

    Asher Roth >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Drake.

    At least this guy has got flow, Drake CAN’T sing and he can barely rap.


  • Daniel

    that faggot sucks

  • sas

    This > whole drake’s album

  • Midnite!

    Good song…Don’t hate just to hate,the dude has talent.

  • dani

    i didn’t like the other things i heard from asher roth. BUT i slick like this. i’m feeling this.

    thumbs way up. i gotta download this today.

  • musicisheart

    People are assholes. He does what he does, grind i see. Song has good feel to it. I understand ppl might not like him or his music, but you can definitely tell he does his best and has passion for what he does. So stop being bitches, if you don’t like it move the fck on instead of putting it down no one gives a shit.

  • hot song! radio needs to get behind this!

  • Dub

    yall some hatin’ ass extremist. we let mixed niggas say nigga on every track but dude can’t even talk about grind when it has a deeper meaning… get the fuck outta here. P.S. no homo Asher’s shit is harder than B.o.b acoustic guitar playin ass.

  • i hate that i share part of my name with rick ross

    ash spit like 1000 lines for j zay off the top of his head, now i bet all the people who said he aint dope or he sucks or this is boring, could never do that, and would probably repeat the same 8 bars until it reached 1,000 just like all the “good rappers”: gucci, wakka, solja boi, you know. or he could be fake like rick ross and work for a prison and then pretend he is this huge drug dealer, what a pitiful faggot

  • Driver Boy

    so many haters!!!shot yourself.