• ttomcatt


  • Turry

    He needs a nap.

  • Johnny

    Album leaks happen all time now, it’s apart of the game, they know what they doing and they deff planned it like this, but on the radio man they wild, playing every single track, cmon let the album breathe , give him a break,

  • Midnite!

    Not bying the album just the Light it up joint.2 R&B for me…….Thought he was a “Rapper”

  • Truth will out

    At his level the industry is a bitch. The Kid is obviously tired. Good luck to him and his sales. His R&B/Spit sound is different. There’s something for everybody in Hip Hop. Best music genre out because of that diversity, even if it has the most picky bitchass complaining fans of any music group.

  • sperry

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  • The funny thing about this leak is that it STILL won’t effect his sales as badly as people think, the unexposed people who can’t cop leaks who really buy music (most white girls) will get this and he’ll sell well. Its def not my fav album of the year or nuthin, but he’s doin his thing, and still better than most the shit out

  • Johnny

    @ Truth will out

    yea man give the dude a break, his non-cd mixtape ish is better than this,

    On another note if he just stayed as an rnb artist I think he would kill it, he a soft dude, he can’t be talkin bout he gets money both ways, cuz he clearly doesn’t, he does rnb that’s his style of music, out of all the features he loved working with keys, why? Cuz she r&b, Nuff said

  • chitlin coon

    If you dont like drake at all..then i cn see you buying the album…but as some one who makes money in the music industry(engineer) I have banned my self from bootleggin since kingdom come…I just cant see how any of the folks who come in here and promote they own ish…or say they are a rapper/ producer or what ever can bootleg. you are hurting your own industry… i also dont get how some folks can rap all his songs when they round some bitches in the club and bump it when riding around with the system in the car…but cant spend 10 bucks on the album….once again, If you do not listen to any of drakes music this aint to you…THEN AGAIN I WOULDNT KNOW WHY YOU ARE IN A DRAKE POST..UNLESS UR A HATER…but i digress.. to any one in the industry i.e. producers, rappers, engineers, a&r, graphic designers, web designers, etc..you are literally hurting your own industry by coppin bootlegged albums!!


    oh and south still winning!!!!!!

  • chitlin coon

    * i can see you not buyin the album -i meant.

  • Lol @ that ‘why bloggers arent posting new songs’ article. Yall blogs done posted damn near every track off of dude’s album. Just because you dont post like 3 tracks doesnt mean a thing lol.

  • hmmm

    Damn he don’t look happy (in general I mean) I don’t think this is what he expected in regards to the whole music career experience think he’s kinda boxed in eh that’s what happens when u sign with YM

  • Belize

    CD is a classic

  • Johnny

    @chitlin coon

    you are right but if you ask anyone on here what the last album they copped, it would have to be back in 2000, cuz if you on the blogs you don’t buy shit, unless it’s a hov cd , drake needs a break bro, to really focus and get back to his stance, his flow, the words people loved, the ideas, he a rookie guys give him a break, and he was so humble about the leak becuase he knows how things work, and nowadays endorsements are where it’s at and he makin money bro

  • chitlin coon

    I concur @ johnny…but i hope this changes.. imean spend some bread and just download the songs u like off itunes for pets sake!

  • So Icy Boi!

    Universal Records leaked the album ..this was all apart of they plan……

  • ReallyDoe

    The album is decent not a classic at all
    But the leaking it will not affect his sale or his chart position and he KNOWS that thats why hes so cool headed his fans are loyal and he knows they will go out and buy a copy
    Seeing as he doesnt have any competition that week he will get an automatic no.1 album
    And it will sell alot but the quality of the album will be a whole other story
    But it will be a decent debut

    @chitlin coon
    If someone comes into a post and doesnt really fuck with the artist that doesnt mean they are a hater
    I have come into plenty of post to see whats up and give my opinion on the matter
    My opinion my not be in the majority alot of the times on certain subjects but it is in no way hate
    I clicked on the play button the same as someone who enjoys the artist and responded after watching and from having listened to the album
    If I hear song I can admit if its good thats not a big deal to me thats not hard
    I give my honest opinion the same as you
    Now if someone just gives their opinion blindly then yeah its hate
    But if they listen to the video or the song and acknowledge the material
    Then give an response I dont see the problem
    I wonder where some folks live when they cant take someone having a different look or opinion on things

    But I do agree with you on the bootlegging
    I understand streaming an album before buying it but if you dont like the songs you shouldnt download or have it on your ipod period
    If you dont like the entire album but like some songs enough to download them atleast buy the individual tracks that you actually like on itunes or something
    Support the music that you enjoy

  • ReallyDoe

    Oh and as a blogger RR will you give other artist the same treatment as drake regarding leaks?
    Not being funny or anything
    Im just curious if all the blogs are really gonna stop posting leaks and change their policy on leaks for good like this?

  • Album is trash.

  • Johnny


    Support the music you enjoy, well said bro

    Hope the rap game changes, the leaks stop

  • thadopehouse

    If the leak situation was as bad as they say it is (obviously) they can legally take actions net wise.

  • B.Dot

    Oh and as a blogger RR will you give other artist the same treatment as drake regarding leaks?
    Not being funny or anything
    Im just curious if all the blogs are really gonna stop posting leaks and change their policy on leaks for good like this?

    we never post an entire artists cd.

  • chitlin coon

    i see what u mean @ really

  • @chitlin coon

    Cosign. I don’t fuck wit downloading niggaz albums. I wanna see the artwork, read the credits, import the actual trax on iTunes, look at the cover, etc. It’s a piece of art/work that that artist invested time & money in so, it’s only fair that we return the favor. $10 ain’t shit. If a nigga is 2 uptight to take a chance and spend $10 on a piece of music, then u have anutha thing comin’. Jus don’t ask anyone 2 support ur shit and expect them 2 not download or bootleg it.


    2000? Ur wrong playboi. The last couple of albums I actually went out and bought on release day recently are Janelle Monae’s Archandroid, Reflection Eternal’s R.P.M, B.o.B’s Adventures…and then I went and bought sum throwback albums I lost. DMX’s It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, Musiq Souchild’s Aijuswanasing, and Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation. So u can’t tell me cats ain’t buyin’ albums still. I’m artist myself, and I would want someone 2 purchase my shit to. Not only 4 the sales obviously, but 4 the nostalgia of owning that piece of work sacred 2 them and that time. U can always say, “I remember when I bought this album…” or “This was happening when so and so dropped…”

  • Deangelobailey

    So Far Gone was his debut. The game has changed<– cliche but true. Rap is different now and as fans we want material like So Far Gone. Thank Me Later is force fed industry payola. Fuck a mixtape? Naw fuck a record company.

  • That nigga was tired as hell…Get sum rest dude…

  • mcielandish

    If it’s hot Always buy it. And if you got a killer audio system you’ll get the most out of the album than just downloading. Unless you think you can wait months and months for a chance the lossless version could hit the net. But this cd. NOPE

  • ReallyDoe

    @ Acapella
    I heard that Janelle Monae was dope
    Havent checked it out yet…Might have to tho it been getting great reviews

  • johnny

    @ [email protected]!

    most of the cats on the blogs dont cop nothing,they would rather talk about it and thats it, the thing is its so easy just open up a site and download peoples music, noone wants to buy the hard work and time someone put into making that cd, so most of them wont buy the cd they call it a day and dont bother, im glad you supported B.O.B (brand new artist) but most wouldnt,

    most of the cats on the blogs dont cop nothing, to be honest with you last album i copped was graduation (which is a classic BTW), the artwork was wild, i liked that it wasnt a plastic case, and i wanted to see what else it had to offer, (it came with a cool poster of the bear) but all in all, my message was most dont buy albums (which is sad)

    like @ reallydoe said earlier

    Support the music you enjoy

  • album is trash

    download the album and Buy J Coles debut and Distant Relatives.

  • koa29

    album ain’t trash. Why niggas hate?

  • Mikey Haze

    I dont get how people can say So Far Gone is better and then complain that Thank me later would have been better if he didn’t sing at all? WTF? Thats some ignorant shit right there. I am huge Drake Fan but I give TML a solid 8/10 and will be buying my aforementioned 2 copies….It is the perfect summer album no homo.

  • Rickk

    Unrelated: Janelle Monae’s albumi s a classic, but u have to be into different music to appreciate it
    I like Drake alot man and i love the album, and i will be buying a copy, but looking at this interview, dude goes thru alot, all the hate, expectations, spotlight, u gotta really think about wat these artist go thru mann, look at dude’s face, he’s stressed mann, give him a break, even i have sympathy for entertainers, especially rookies mann, keep ya head up Drizzy and get some rest mann

  • pifflighty


  • Word

    Lol nigga said the album is trash…just download it. Why the fuck would I waste space on a trash album? I still dont get why people go around saying “MAN THAT ALBUM WAS TRASH, I AINT BUYING THAT SHIT IMMA JUST DOWNLOAD IT WHEN I GET HOME” why download a bad album? What kinda albums do people download anyway? I see alot of, “I support good artist/music and download the rest”….thats saying to me that you download music from shitty artist then, right? Anything you decide to download must be worth the time your using to download it, right?

    The case of what to buy and what to download is pretty tricky. I mean I like Nas, but I wouldnt buy a album of his. I like Eminem and Jay-Z, but i find myself going to the store to buy theirs….why? I dont even know. I typically download shit that came out years ago, or shit that I didnt originally want but then someone told me its hot so I go download it (Like Guccis album, didnt buy, but heard it was good so i download it)

    Dunno if anyone gets me though, im one big contradiction at times.

  • Justin Poindexter

    i hope this wack nigga doesn’t sell! Just like what happened with 50 cent’s BISD (Which is his best album since Get Rich or Die Tryin)…

  • bloggers don’t buy music.