• Rickk

    Dope but i wanna hear the final master and i will judge

  • E_

    Doesn’t Sound Good ….IMO

  • imhiphop

    thats Yeezy shit

  • Eyo

    I rather wanna hear “Live Fast, Die Young”

  • Aftermath sound

    fat ass gorilla ft kanye = wack garbage

  • Oh SNap

    Kanye Is back on that fuckkin Shit!! yall niggaz is stupid, listen to those damn drums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDAMN!!!!!!

  • Jonesss

    “Ain’t nobody cold as this, do the rap and a track, triple double no assist”

    yeezy back killin it

  • TonyTheTiger

    This track sounds GRRRR-eattt!

  • Wow.


  • Fat Boy


  • chitlin coon

    HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY NOT LIKE THIS?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    boy this track is very hot! oh my!

  • Rhyme

    Ye killing that shit, Freddy!

  • Fire my negro’

  • Justin Poindexter

    rick ross ruined this track..

  • Stinkmeaner

    Dope !!!!….NICCCCUHHH!!!!!!

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  • jitty

    rick false ruined it im jus over hearin dat sloppy nigga lame corny raps…kanye str8 tho…avg track

  • mike


  • Ultrakid

    This song is dope!!! Hardcore beat and a hardcore Kanye.


    i liked YE flow

  • HAHA

    I just heard the rihanna x pink won’t back down joint and it makes Ye’s flow seem sooooo elementary. Ye still my favorite though. Good ASS JOB

  • HAHA

    Last Post I meant Pink x Eminem…damn got rihanna on the brain.. Shit!!

  • This sounds like its gonna be a tuuuuuuuuuuuune

  • Ehhh, its str8. I know Ye can do better. Lyrics are tight tho…

  • 8tip

    rick ross is a cop

  • no shit 8tip!

    this flo and beat was crazy and its not even done! dam

  • steve

    is he dissing weezy? red as devil? right here right now? telling weezy to do that beat too? no assist! too, making fun of his current in jail status?

  • ST

    that shit is blazing hot!!!!! that beat is NASTY

  • Redrocboy

    King ye back on that bullshit! Kill em ye!

  • dollabeelz

    hot shit, cant wait for the full version..teflon don will be fire , good ass job even more, ye is bout to step it up on yall

  • HIP_HOP_FAN012

    This song is so raw, like don’t even pay attention to Ross just close your eyes and vine to Kanye verse and he just murdered…can’t wait till the finish project

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