Angie Martinez Promises To Never Rap Again

Hot 97’s Angie Martinez appeared on the “season premiere” of ALBe Back’s One Minute Show and said there’s no chance she’ll record music again. Don’t front, you nodded to that contingo shit. We see you, Dame!

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  • RoeLuv

    Wow she did Gold?

  • MC

    Anyone who bought her album deserves to have their children molested.

  • Dan

    she didn’t pull up on the riaa website so she must have went plastic.

  • RobG

    Is that Dame Dash at the end?

  • B.Dot

    yeah, twice

  • HOVA!!

    Why the fuck was she hanging out with Dame Dash?…was that Dame?

  • Sin

    Albums or singles

  • Belize

    Angie Martinez killed that ladies night tho..and that Hov feature gets hood love

  • Belize

    ohh yea..dont forget her track with pun (granted her features carried her, but still)

  • Ben

    Angie could get it. “How you say your love in spanish mi amor” how you say your love in thug, can I hit raw? Aww man.


    thats hilarious

  • hold up people angie got platinum status on both LPs! lets not get it twisted. she ain’t no nick cannon, john cena, spencer pratt type ass rapper. she had skills. not the most lyrical but yet, still had skills.

  • Ultrakid

    I liked her as a rapper. Not the best but still pretty good.

  • Mike B

    I’d wrather listen to her than most bitches..and her saying this makes me realize that…..i liked her when she was puttin shit out

  • @Ultrakid — me too.

    I don’t even think “Ladies Night” was her first appearance on wax. Anyone remember KRS-One’s “Heartbeat” featuring Angie & Redman?

    And she had jams: “Dem Thangs,” “If I Could Go,” “Mi Amor,” “Live At Jimmy’z,” but my fave was “We Can Get It On” featuring Nore.

    Yeah, I owned both her albums. *kanye shrug*



    THE END…

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  • ctg

    Damn, Nas straight stole her sunshine when he said she couldn’t rhyme.

    Whatever happened to Sacario? Best Jay-Z impersonator ever.

    How many were there? It was him, Bathgate, Angelous and now this dude NOE.

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  • Interscope Employee

    @ ctg ; LMAO! I remember when Nas said that hahaha

  • thebullfrog24

    LOL i was just thinkin the same thing. i don’t care who u are…u liked that “if i can go” song a lil bit. its one of them songs where u would turn it down in the radio to make sure no one heard u were listenin to it

  • Thank Me Hater

    Hip Hop legend?!?! These dudes need to give their mommy and daddy’s camera back…

  • redneck

    Her albums are good not classic but good
    Well, she’s better than nicki minaj…
    Don’ t hate my opinion !!

  • bigjay

    angie also had that remix record with Beenie Man called “Tell Me”….i liked several of her songs

    Mi Amor and If I could Go were probably my faves

  • studiothug2010

    i didnt know albeback was that dude from ATL lol

  • Bogart4017

    Damn i forget she made some records. I guess the 1990s are over.

  • @ HOVA

    Yes that was Dame Dash and she was hanging out with him cos it’s a well known industry fact that Angie Martinez suck’s off Dame Dash, he had a lotta these broads sucking him off from Anana Kournikova to Victoria Beckham to MYA to Amil