Eddie Griffin Remembers B.I.G.

Thirteen years ago, Eddie Griffin appeared alongside Biggie as the comic relief in Diddy Puff Daddy’s video, “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”. As the comedian made his way down the VH1 red carpet, he spoke on his cameo and tickling Biggie’s funny bone. Walk down memory lane with the video below.

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  • Post no billz

    That was always one of my fav videos as a youngin’ lol.. It was funny as hell.. The popos messin with big n eddie griffen..

  • phil

    back when BET played music.

    Diddy, MTV, and BET suck now.

  • Belize

    hhahahaaa…man eddie mad underated…i need another stand up from dude..dyfuntional family was classic

  • smh

    It hardly seems like 13 years ago! Mark my words younginz, after the big 30 it all rolls so quickly by, so imbibe it like Courvoisier – its too valuable to run through it with out savoring every taste.

  • KRUE opens for Eddie and Glasses Malone on the 20th.

    ima get faded and talk some shit wit em YN bdot, ill send u video hahahaha

    like ud play it over the other million emails u get a day



  • nyg718

    we miss u big..4eva the greatest n every aspect!


    Yeah Eddie Griffin funny den a mug but in that CANT NOBODY HOLD ME DOWN song damn Mase was that dude, it was’nt until Big got murked that Mase lost his will, skills and inspiration to tear the mic up. I mean Mase could have been top 5, his flow was slick and his punchlines were crazy. Harlem World was a dope album. Mase had blocked my nigga BIG L from shining lil sumthin back then to, no Mase was’nt seeing L but Mase was the talk of Harlem.

    “knockin Mase shit……”~ BIGGIE- Long kiss goodnight

  • Ghost

    back when diddy was a pimp not a simp

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  • Black Hammer