Drake Says Lil Wayne Recorded “Light Up” Verse

Drake was recently on FUSE TV’s Top 20 Countdown to talk about Thank Me Later, his collaborations and more. At about the 4:12 mark, Drizzy reveals that Lil Wayne spit a verse for “Light Up” over the phone from Rikers and says it’s one of the most incredible Weezy verses he’s ever heard.


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  • AndrewB

    The interview Is Gay But That Verse Probaly Got Something Bout His Prison Sentence Thats Y They Can’t Release It

  • AndrewB

    He Probaly Like Fuck The NYPD Or Some Shit

  • yo mama

    I just wanna punch wheelchair jimmy everytime i see his face.

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  • He probably wasn’t saying anything in the verse anyway. So it doesn’t matter.

    Want to see a review of “Thank Me Later”, click on my name.

  • !ShootDontPlease

    nice sweater aubrey

  • haha @ his response about lil wayne “OOOO HE’S JUST SOOOO GOOD”

  • LMAO @ Salmon Sweater’s….

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Shut up fag, everything Wayne does is the greatest to you.
    SMH @ this kid. Stop nut riding Wayne all the time.

  • H2H

    what’s the point of talking about it if it won’t ever be released? or will it…?

  • I usually don’t say this, but “PAUSE” at the 7:40 mark. lol


    Supposedly dat was jay-z’s hottest verse, now its gonna be lil waynes on dat song. I think drake is just saying these are da hottest verse’s he heard becuz he’s a fukkin dickrider.

    Atleast we know, dat wayne actually wrote that verse byhimself. Unless he has some immates writing for him…

  • Matt

    If Wayne coughed, Drake would say it’s the hottest Wayne verse ever coughed.

  • reef

    U cant get in trouble for sayin something over the phone unless he talkin bout illegal stuff dat they do in rikers………..and drake sounded homo at the end lmao

  • hyme

    yo that white bitch is thick as fuck. id smash 🙂

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  • Coma

    LMFAO..WOW that part at the end is gona huant em for awhille!

  • EscoHov

    wayne is just too good ooo too gooood

  • these guys remind me of a preparation h commercial, you hope you never have to buy it.

  • wheelchair boy should stick to the acting. cuz he is horrible off script

  • yerr

    @ newkidondablogs WORD i was gnna say the same shit. he say Jay’s verse on “light up” was jay’s best verse of all time. give it a rest! … we know weezy hot but its prolly gnna be another reg dope verse from weezy. chill out with OVERrating shit drizzy.

  • Foots

    Yo this nigga Drake is just soooooooo gay LMAO his mannerisms, nis accent, his swag and everything just screams homosexual! Lmao and te last part at the end? Lmao nigga looked like he just had a orgasm to waynes name lol straight FAG. and then he turned away from this girl that flashed him in this vid on worldstar…who does that??? Mannn if he didn’t put out hot shit then I would just completely write him off. Lmao I almost died at that last Wayne comment lmao he just soooo good ah lil Wayne hmmmmr

    And then he calls him little Wayne lmao

  • East

    real niggas dont like drake .. reality gone catch up to fake i mean drake…money cant buy authnicity

  • PrettyChicoWhatDeyCalledEm

    He doesn’t put out hot shit soo go ahead and write him off

  • Slaughter

    fuck this lame what has hip hop come to when ma fuckas are actually anticipating this fuckin clown or any other young money clowns minus millz. i didnt even watch the interview dude above said watch at the 7:40 mark. and damn pause he made his O face just sayn his name.

    rick ross= fake
    drake= degrassi
    niki minaj= lil kim rip off a.k.a niki mafraud
    jay z= co-signin the shit out of wayne and drake for the money. fuck jay opion
    eminem=cmon son. co-sign these dude you use to diss
    puff= epic fuckin fail tryn to turn willaim roberts and nikki mafraud into B.I.G and K.I.M and its sad that the only person realy sayin shit is lil kim….

  • Maaaan….

    That boy is so gay.

  • moi je ne comprend que le français mais je ne pense pas que vous aurais un problème lire mon message car je me dit que vous êtes une vrai star que aime beaucoup. Je peux dire que je connecte sur twitter pour pouvoir vous écrire. Juste pour vous dire que vous chantez bien et que je peux mourrir en écoutant votre musique.

  • Rickk

    Shouts to Drake, keep doing ur thing, smh^^^,

    HipHop Critics in 2010: Homophobic, Disrespectful, Immature, Unsupportive,

    *Grow up

  • Pick Up A Book

    Wayne was bound to b talking about nothin on that record…beat the pussy up, call me Larry Holmes & all that dumb shit…I knew Drake was slightly delusional but when he said Niki Minaji was the best to ever do it I washed my hands of son. That’s not only an insult to game it’s a slap in the face to Lyte & Latifah & Lauryn Hill & Eve & Salt & Pepa & Missy & Kim & Foxy, considering this chick has never even had a cd wit her fuckin name on it in the store much less a whole career…So I’ll thank me later & keep my $10 in my pocket when his album drops so I don’t contribute to the Young Money Insanity Fund

  • lup

    i fucking died when aubrey said that shit after the 7:40 mark. hahaha fucking jimmy, you ol’ fake ass child star.

  • Midnite!

    Fuck this BITCH!!Eat a fat dick Aubry!!!

  • Oj Da Cornball

    That’s my word, i didn’t watch the video til all the 7:40 comments. I fast forward to it and wow that was SUPER GAY. I hope someone chop that part up and put on youttube. lol. fag

  • jimmyjams

    i get a gay vibe from drake every time i see him

  • yo mama

    OOOOh little wayne hes just tooo good hmmm i wanna lick his balls hmmm little wayne

  • Ganz

    DAMN there are a lot of Drake haters out there, ease up, noone carves you for the way you scan everyone’s groceries at the supermarket

  • Money mitch

    That’s why he’s always talking about how he loves women and shit, dudes who love women don’t say oh ya I want to know all about women, it goes without saying unless your gay and you have to try and convince everyone

  • Paul

    Yea he is super gay and he is a clown in the rap pffff i wanted to say r&b game

  • Tpo

    Fuck drake period dont fucking say that you are hip hop when you are not !! AUBREY YOU ARE R&B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Lar209

    Fuck da queer gay drake he aint hip hop he a fuckin fake actor from degrassi even dat show was trash wayne is a fucken idiot 2 sign dat gay fake ass nigga he might as well sign icary and spongbob