• Thank Me Hater

    I fucks wit Big Sean

  • Bloopers

    Sean has skills man this is to dope

    why he’s getting slept on is beyond me

    no disrespect to drake and some of the other new dudes

    but Sean is a beast on the mic 4real

    stop sleeping on this guy

  • bonbon

    that artwork is hot

  • Boombapster

    Can’t wait for his actual album to come out. Finally Famous v.1 came out in ’07? Who knew Degrassi the cripple Canuck would release before him, yet dude releasing Finally Famous v.3… are you still there? Don’t detox disappoint us, mayn.

    BB$. So what’s next?

  • Big Sean is puttin us on tha map more and more. My nigga. Can’t wait 4 his show w/ Wiz on Friday.

  • Sounds like drake really but this is the 1st song from him I’m really feeling and this beat Illl

  • I just wanna know when the album finna drop because he said on one of his mixtapes that he’s “been signed since Common said he do it for the people.” But I digress because I don’t even know if Really Doe’s sh^t saw the light of day.