• klm1015

    That bitch just want attention. If she really wanted to work things out she wouldnt put it out there.

  • DunkDonDaDa

    The nerve of dis cunt to ask him about that on the red carpet in front of his kid he shouldve slapped her ass

  • Drucifer1983

    Wow, Luther campbell A wife beater??…….Say it aint so, lol, is this suppose to surprise us, its not exactly like he’s known for treating women with respect

    I believe it , especially not being there for his kids, I know alot of these 40-50 year old cats still trying to live like there 25, fuckin everything, making 10 seeds and ducking child support orders like bullets……Its not that surprising to think the guy who made “Me So Horny” is livin like that, lol

  • This lil broad must’ve been talkin’ to Teddy Riley’s daughters. Lmao! These mufuckaz need their asses beat these days. From age 20 on down! Yeah, I said it!…

  • Love2Luv

    Smh…this is so sad when our young people don’t get the love and support they need from their parents and caring adults they turn around and do foolish things just to get some attention.

  • The Real

    Wow! If I could talk to this child Id give it to her her str8 up….Your mom was a ho, a hooker, a groupie.

    From Luke to the owner of Slip and Slide……sounds like an industry ho to me. Now back to this black girl lost, she about to let the game play her. What is this lil girl gonna do after she exposes Luke? Luke aint Tiger Woods, no one gives a fuck about his personal life, we know how he get down, no one will buy her book and no one will watch her show. If people want to hear stories about the daughter of a pimp and ho, they go to the strip club on Tuesday.

    Her mom, much like Luke and everyone else was no saint. This little girl needs to grow up and watch what she says because this is a sucker move, she will not get rich from this, she will not get famous, its pointless. She is embarrissing herself and her fam. She needs to go to school and make something of herself, before she ends up in a homeless shelter like her brother.

    Remember kids of Luke, when your daddy was talking about Bitches and ho’s he probably was talking about your moms. Sorry but those the cards yall was dealt.

  • amore

    well i think you have some serious problems maybe you should call down
    write a book

  • 3

    i feel as if you were having so many problems you should have come out a while ago and no one even liked that show
    are you saying that the whole show was an act?
    how did he act with his new wife?

  • dani

    abuse aint cool.
    uncle luke aint got no respect for women (obviously).. i don’t see why anyone would think the girl is lying.

    put his ass in jail.

  • Bogart4017

    That girl needs to get as far awaay from the industry as possible because it is about to drag her under like “Jaws”.

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  • this bitch is a fuckin wanna be. Luke is a legendary rapper. Fuck this bitch, shes a mistake.Her life is meaningless, and shes trying to use Luke as a way to make it. Reality Check – No one wants to know about your stupid ass life. Peace