Big Boi Retires Video Model Ki Toy

Remember Ki Toy? She was the stallion from the opening scene of Big Boi’s 2003 video, “The Way You Move“. After much fanfare, she appeared in your favorite men’s magazines and then seemingly disappeared from the limelight.

During Big Boi’s conference call earlier today, he explains to Rap Radar why she probably won’t be appearing in anymore videos. But don’t worry, he says he’s got more dimes than that Sprint lady.

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  • Kid

    And we care why? Lol

  • Wow.

    Oh dear god.

    That nigga always has fine bitches in his videos.

  • Hopefully that, “barn full of horses” comment doesn’t get Big Boi Slim Thug’ed.

  • Kid

    My bad lol
    and your tellin us this why?

  • B.Dot

    My bad lol
    and your tellin us this why?
    see second comment.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Post no billz

    Mad videos hoes frm the earlier 00s dissapeared.. What ever happened to vida guerruea.. That was my boo lol.. All these hoes pry fell off hard..

    • gor

      its. vida guerra , you tlk like u know shit, all street and shit, u a looser dawg! get over it!

  • sequence

    really? ama cry like a bitch cause of this! i mean really my life is over! this totally ruined my day!! no!!!!!!!!!

  • lol @ a “barn full of horses”

    but yeah why IS this news…..people dont really look at the video hoes like that anymore…



  • West’west


    that’s cuz you a homo!


  • The Other P

    For those that may not know, in Georgia some niggas called a bad chick a “stallion”
    and Big Boi saying he’s a “barn full of horses” is not meant to insult to any women.

  • Damn…. Someone put a ring on it.

  • flow J

    @B.Dot i wonder how Big Boi picks his girls lol…….does he line all them up at his crib and pick like 10 out of 100 of them… damn

  • mullet man

    Ay whatever happened to that really dark skinned video model from the Rockstar video by N.E.R.D.? She was bad!

  • i remember from a interview, ki toy said she runs a construction company. she also was working with the late veron forest on their destiny child foundation.

    under the purple rain

  • Barzini Meeting

    -In the voice of Peter Griffin when he said: “Awful lotta honkies in here.”

    Awful lotta faggots in here. And yes. I’m obviously referring to all of you poopshoot pirates who think that breaking up the monotony of reading about dudes by taking time to appreciate some fine ass women is wrong?? Gay.

    -to the genius who said “barn full of horses” is not meant to insult any women?’
    LOL. maaaan. I’m not even gonna insult your intelligence, cuz ur probably just a kid who doesn’t understand the line between what men say, and how women take it. There is NO WAY to refer to a woman as a barnyard animal and expect her to NOT take it as an insult. lmao. wow.

    -with all of that being said…….DAAAAAAAAMN! think i might be able to give this chick 8 or 9 good pumps before its time for a ham sandwich and a nap.

  • krys

    DONT WORRY BIG BOI ONE DAY UR DAUGHTER WILL B A HOrse in some ones barn.. u bird ass nigga

  • judy08

    WHO CARES 0_0

  • yaboy

    Isn’t ki-toy his sister-in-law?

  • Donk

    Stallion? Stallion? Really? Last time I checked a female horse was refereed to as a filly or a mare. Stallions are male.