Eminem Recovery Back Cover

Here’s a leak that’s been approved. Above, is the back cover to Eminem’s album Recovery which drops June 22nd. You can thank us now.

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  • Kiss92

    No Love Ft Lil Wayne Is A Fuckin Banger Better Then Drop The World P.S So Far This Is The best Album Dis Year

  • Dope!!! albums Incredible!!

  • WearingOne

    this album is definetly a classic

  • sunraw

    Inconsistent album after a few listens but def better than Relapse

  • mikey

    Album is great
    im BUYIN it

  • Drucifer1983

    Awesome album, I’ll still buy it on the 22nd, but I couldnt help from downloading it, Best Em album since the 2nd one


    the whole album is a classic!!!
    cant wait till i get it in my hands

  • Word!!!

    Man……………Do You See The Look On His Face………He Know He Got This Shit………

    Thank You Eminem Thank You………

    June 22

    Lets Gooooooooooooooooo

  • I honestly don’t know what’s the point of posting the back cover. It doesn’t show a different tracklist. I guess this was a Paul mandated post to keep the hype going.

    Also this album doesn’t touch Relapse. There’s almost no replay value.

  • Dave

    Best album since TES,I was not excpecting this,but damn dope album

    World welcomes Eminem back

  • Word!!!

    He Betta Do…………

    A Milli , a milli , A Milli……..First Week……….

  • iceyjesse

    @PopeCatalyst its definately got high replay value cuz ive been listening straight for the whole day and from when it leaked

  • Cool!!!

  • Word!!!

    And Fuck Datpiff……..They Got His Whole Album Up For Download And They Haven’t Take It Down Yet……

    Fuck Digital Product

    Fuck Datpiff


  • http://www.dashadyspot.com/2010/03/27/krue-feat-cashis-od-west-coast-grindas/

    SHADY is killin the game right now.

    front to back, this album is worthy of THE GRAMMY “ALBUM OF THE YEAR”

  • Thank Me Hater

    @krack why would you openly POST the download link and then tell everyone to go buy the album?! That’s what’s wrong with these blog sites.

  • teejay

    I can now easily say, album of the year, though there hasn’t been much competition yet. I’m and on ‘ye to drop, see what happens.

  • SlowMo

    Lyrically, it’s definitely one of Eminem’s best albums.

    The beats could do with a little more variety though, i feel like i’m listening to the same song with different lyrics on almost every play. Maybe i just need some Beats headphones to separate the vocals and directions of the songs. Hooks could also use a big boost.

    With all that said, all the mediocre beats and subpar hooks, the album still managed to reign me in. The lyrics are simply incredible. Good enough to actually call this album a classic.

    “Cold WInd Blows” left me with shivers, need i say more? Devastating punchlines galore.

    “The world’ll stop spinning and Michael J. Fox will come to a stand still.” So wrong, even funnier.

    Worth your $10.99 or however much it’s priced. Em is definitely back

  • iceyjesse

    @Thank Me Hater that the only way that he can get people to visit his site, by posting that comment on every post lol

  • Jack

    The album is amazing…im sure as hell going to buy it….and i like hope he wrote that “this leak has been approved”…. prolly has to ask paul now about everything he wants to put up about eminem

  • phil

    My dad is back.

  • Lay

    Em looking a lil old in the face.

  • Post no billz

    Here come the stans..

  • Shade45

    Stan here, Album is dope.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.DOT



  • AndreEmLupeThoughtNas

    Talkin 2 Myself is the best tune, and before it dropped I knew it would be because Kobe provides unreal hooks. Album of the year along with Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers.

  • Wayne

    This album is fuckin classic…listenin to it all day, just amazing. Def gonna cop that

  • Rootz


  • Theloneus

    You faggots that decide to download can eat a bowl of dicks, courtesy of Ice T. When your downloading Em’s album know that your forever a cheap ass bitch.

    Don’t hate on the truth.

  • DooM

    Album is fucking amazing! Em is running the shizzle!!

  • westcoast Rules




  • Ultrakid

    So far this is the best album of the year??? So typical Hip Hop productions are considered amazing…Come guys this album will be ONE of the best of the year but definitly not the best infact I still think he won’t top B.o.B., Wu-Massacre, Distant Relatives, Reflection Eternal or the upcoming albums by Kanye, Common, Lupe Fiasco, J. Cole, The Roots, and Pac Div.

  • Joshua

    YN you should black yourself out for removing that eminem post yesterday. You are a puppet.
    It is 2010 No one Buys albums anymore

  • Drucifer

    As far as the bootlegging, I have faith that Alot of Ems fans will still go out and support this, people can hate on the “Stans” all you want but Ems album was online for 2 weeks last year with relapse and still sold Double P, even with a Universal thumbs down reception and some horrible singles, this album is getting great reviews and Not Afraid been fuckin up Itunes for a month, I’m sure dude will be straight, his fans actually still remember what a record store is, shame so many other fans dont……..

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  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid I think you have a good point there actually. But if any of these cats top Em lyrically, as far as putting syllables and words together, I’ll slap my grandmother…RECOVERY June 22nd

  • B.Dot


    last year over a million people bought “relapse” and “bp3”. 500,000 of them copped “rebirth” and “before i self destruct.”

    waits for response.

  • Ultrakid

    @Thank Me Later
    Black Thought will murder Em no offense and so would Big Boi *Kanye shrug*

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid…..see murder is such a strong word…but people tend to throw it around a lot…and stop with that fucking Kanye shrug shit….that shit is so gay

  • Drucifer

    @ Ultrakid

    I saw the cypher on BET with Thought and Em and they both did good…………. I like BT but how do you know he’d murder him??……Have you ever even heard Black Thought battle anyone, cause I havent……….And being a great MC dont make you worth anything in a battle anyway, some of the best get ass raped in rap beef(Ask Jay about Ether)

    Either way I like them both, shame Thought put the breaks on Masterpiece theatre, but theres no need to hate on one MC to promote another, they both dope, and they respet each other so I doubt we’ll be seeing either of them murder each other

  • flow J

    Album of the year…Eminem destroyed and pasted my expectations…Recovery June 22 BITCHES!!!!

  • Thank Me Hater

    @B.Dot I don’t think he meant LITERALLY nobody buys any albums. I think he means relative to what it used to be….but you knew that right?

  • Joshua

    People who buy albums don’t have a computer or don’t know how to download them.
    It’s know different from back in the day with a tape deck recording hot 97.

  • Ultrakid

    Alright. Black Thought would OUTSHINE Em on a track and so would Big Boi and Andre. Hell the whole Wu-Tang crew would too. *Kanye Shrug* I like Em I just hate the way his stans overrate him.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Joshua your last post deserves no response so I’m a fucking idiot for even posting this….damn


    yo album was leaked on purpose by interscope now with all the hype. shit will sell a milli watch

  • Truest

    This just adds another notch in shadys belt, unfuckwitable, reminds me of MMLP and SSEP.

    Theres quotables all over this album…..

    ”They call me the stephon marburry of rap darling/ cause as soon as they throw on some R.Kelly i start ballin”-LOL that shit had me rolling thinkin bout how Stephon was cryin online lol

    ”Ill lift a tree up off the ground and flip it upside down for’ i turn a new leaf”

    ”I dont need a tanktop to be a wife beater”

    ”They call me a freak because I like to spit on these pussies fore I eat them/
    Man get these whack cocksuckers off stage Where the f**k is Kanye when you need him?”

    ” i dont give a fuck, you can go to hell and build a snow man”

    ”mightaswell let my lips pucker like Elton john cause im just a mean cock sucker”

    ”These are shoes that you cant fill, shit the day that happens the word will stop spinnin and Michael J. Fox will come to a stand still”-LMFAO incase you didnt know Michael J. Fox has Parkinsons

    Theres certainly allot more but im too lazy to list them lol you can deffinetly listen to this album front to back, something i couldn’t do with the relapse CD, this RECOVERY joint is bangin all the way through im deffinetly BUYING THIS WHEN IT COMES OUT for the crisp sound, JUNE 22, support good music.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid I don’t think anyone would outshine current Em….are you talking about with punchlines, content, syllable and wordplay? What category would they outshine him in? Thanks you responded to the Kanye shrug thing like an eight year old would. I appreciate that

  • Drucifer

    @ Joshua

    Most cats who wanna pay for music go to Itunes, Itunes is actually the biggest seller of music now I think, thats what I do when I deem summin worthy of my bread

  • Joshua

    It’s a thine line between promotional use only and a Retail album. Look what a free album did for drake. Plus he resold it over 450,000 copies

  • Drucifer

    @ Ultrakid

    lol, I feel ya but I think you under-estimating Em saying the whole Wu Tang, so you telling me Ugod and Masta killa would get it in with em 32 bars a piece???……I wish this site had one of them Icons with the smiley face rolling around lauhing

    I feel ya tho I ain beefin, I think I get the point you trying to make, its all love

  • Ultrakid

    @Thank Me Later,
    Real talk listen to Black Thought’s lyrics and you’ll see that he’s 10 times better than Em and so is Andre 3000 & Big Boi. The have the flow and the lyrics sooo…..Oh yeah like I said the whole Wu-Tang would out rap Em too.

  • Ultrakid

    Alright the main Wu-Tang members would though—You know the ones we actually notice and remember, lol but for real I like Em.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid so Black Thought’s lyrics equals 10 Eminems cause he’s 10 x better than the current Em. That’s a little much I think. I think Black Thought is dope no doubt. The only one I may give you in the list in Andre 3000. We could argue about this for hours….literally

  • Joshua

    @Thank me hater. This is just a expressing our thoughts. I love a lot of different music and I can’t buy everyone

  • Dman

    ok my verdict……..FUCKIN DOPE! hes def back on top of the game

  • Fat Boy

    I can’t wait

  • Truest

    @Ultrakid ”blah and blah is better than this guy” Black thought is nice and deffinetly in my top 10 right now but 10 times better than Slim? mannnnn… SHUT THE FUCK UP… KID……, THE WHOLE WU-TANG????? LMFAO im not even gonna respond to that…. SILLY FAGGITS..

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Joshua I feel that. I like a lot of different music as well. Hell I even fuck with Gucci Mane to be honest, if Em aint in your top 10 lyricist at least you need your ears checked. Of course everyone has their opinions….that’s just mine

  • Ultrakid

    @Thank Me Later
    Black Thought & Andre 3000>>>Em peroid my dude.

    Maybe people are too busy paying attention to the band & Questlove’s hair isntead of Black Thought’s lyrics and flow.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid I actually don’t think you pay attention to Em’s wordplay at all…but I don’t think most people do

  • Truest

    The only one spittin in the whole Wu thats actually on his game right now is the chef and as far as flow and punchlines and metaphors go even the chef aint fuckin with slim get the fuckoutaherewityodumbass!!

  • Ultrakid

    You’re a homophobic Em stan. I won’t even bother with you. At least me and Thank Me Later can be civil about our disagreements my dude.

  • a


  • Truest

    says ”Ultrakid” LMFAO…. are you ultra ultra?

  • Ultrakid

    @Thank Me Later,
    I do pay attention and I don’t thinks he’s fucking amazing infact Talib Kweli is better than him.
    *I was born in the decade of decadence where they worship what they have
    When Ford was president, do the math.*

  • Ultrakid


  • Truest

    No wonder your mentioning the wu and all these other 90s niggas, we talking bout now so shut the fuck up ULTRA-KID

  • Pat

    Can’t wait till the legit release

  • Oj Da Cornball

    “Aftermath gets the last laugh.”
    Dre still eating, exec credit.

  • Ultrakid

    You do know Em is from the 90’s too, right? and like Em all the kats I just mentioned are still rapping. Soooo I win again…*Diddy boppin’* *Puts on that Kanye smile*

  • Cli-City

    Black Thought and the New roots album >>>>>>>>> Eminem and Recovery and I like revocery just prefer black thought as an MC

  • sunraw

    ”mightaswell let my lips pucker like Elton john cause im just a mean cock sucker”


  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid If you factor in flow, delivery, presence on the mic and all that he’s got Talib. Talib is boring to listen to after awhile. I also used to think that Talib rivaled slim back in the early 2000’s but then I saw something VERY distinct. Talib puts you to sleep….not because of his content but because of his voice

  • Kid

    The albums STILL gonna sell alot, even if had leaked last month

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Cli-City and that’s totally understandable. I mean Shady’s lyrics aren’t at the top of everyone’s list. Hell my favorite rapper is T.I. and I prefer him as an MC….but I can honestly sit here and say that Eminem is better lyrically. That’s all I’m saying to Ultrakid. Who you prefer is who you prefer but you can’t sit here and say Black Thought and Nas are SUPER head and shoulders above Slim lyrically….well I guess you can since that’s your opinion

  • Ultrakid

    @Thank Me Later,
    Talib doesn’t put me to sleep but that Relapse album did.


    But for real let me stop and I like Em and people should respect my opinion. I don’t need to back anything up because what I say is what I truely believe and it’s not like I’m coming on here saying Weezy is better than Em or some Bullshit like that my dudes. I feel sooo misunderstood, lol. *Kanye shrug*

  • Ultrakid

    Oh by the way my dudes my favorite rapper is Kanye but I was actually listing rappers who I think are the best. I wasn’t basing my top rappers on which rapper I prefer….

  • Support Great Music

    Recovery is the best album since 2000.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid LOL if Relapse put you to sleep then The Beautiful Struggle must have put you in a coma and Common is dope but http://www.mtv.com/bands/h/hip_hop_week/2006/emcees/index3.jhtml and look at Eminem’s cosigner


    Recovery is Em’s best album. period. The spitting from the heart, and no-bullshit approach is astounding. I was speechless upon hearing it. Definitely coppin the album when its released!

  • Ultrakid

    How come I see people praising the album before it even comes out *Points at Suppor Great Music* You’ve only heard like four tracks my dude—save the praise til’ after the album drops.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid thank goodness….because if you talkin about lyricist Kanye is at the bottom….sorry


    @ Ultrakid. LOL. Dumb nigga.


    Album left me at a loss for words, and here I thought it was gonna be Pop

  • Ultrakid

    @Thank Me Later,
    Come on my dude do you really think I care what Common’s opinion is and I’m pretty sure Em would say the same about Com sooo…*Kanye shrug* and if you wanna go there then how about when Em co-signed Andre 3000 on his own song “Til’ I Collapse” *Puts on cheesy Kanye smile*

    Oh yeah at least The Beautiful Struggle wasn’t a complete piece of shit album like Relapse no offense. That album was HORRIBLE my dude.

  • Truest

    This nigga talkin bout all the lyricists better than em and his favourite is Kanye LMFAO end of conversation…


    Best album in 10 years.

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid and The Beautiful Struggle was equally horrible to me. LOL When Common or Talib make 3 GREAT ass albums in a row you can holler at me about them and I LOVE Common…Talib not so much. Yeah he did cosign Andre 3000 but did you see the lyrical prowess in which he did it on Till I Collapse. EVERY FUCKING WORD rhymed and that’s what I’m talking about!!


    Listened to the album, I refuse to download this Masterpiece

  • Thank Me Hater

    @BUY RECOVERY okay we get the point…we’ll buy it!!!

  • Ultrakid

    See there you go with your dumbass comments again. There is a different between my favorite rappers and the rappers who I think are the best—My boy Thank Me Later has already said something similiar himself so honestly shut up because you’re an ignorant stan. I shouldn’t even be talking to you because people like you disgust me no offense my dude maybe you’ve been watching too much BET or hanged out with ghetto people way too much but the comments you make are sooo ignorant and you need to go to school and get educated. I don’t here any excuses like I have ADHD or some bullshit because I honestly educated myself and I wasn’t always humble either, lol.


    @Thank Me Hater

    Sorry haha, just making sure real music gets supported

  • Ultrakid

    @Thank Me Later,

    So, Every word rhymed on Q-Tip’s “Life is Better” where he co-signed almost everybody I don’t see what the big deal is my dude about co-signing and rhyming at the same time because tons of rappers have done that before especially The Game who feels the need to do it on every album.

  • yo mama

    @Ultrakid yeah they can rhyme but can they deliver the way Eminem does??? let me help you out with that answer NO!

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid this is all opinion…..but please don’t compare Q-Tip to Em now….that’s where you’ll lose me

  • Ultrakid

    Who cares Andre, Nas, Black Thought>>>>Eminem period my dudes I’m out PEACE!!!!

  • Thank Me Hater

    @BUY RECOVERY I feel you…I’m just being an asshole

  • Deangelobailey

    Fuck all the leakers, now I have to DL it because you won’t catch me at a red light listening to someone else bang it. I’ll be getting a hard copy to tho. Fuck the leakers and The Lakers!

  • sunraw

    On Fire and Won’t Back Down are proof that he still has a great album in him, but this aint it.

  • yo mama

    Anyone who says ”my dude” everytime they talk doesn’t deserve an opinion.

  • shayden

    where is the download? i already pre ordered the albu so i buyin it but would like to hear some of it

  • Thank Me Hater

    @yo mama LMFAO!!!!

  • Toya

    Sad. I’m most intrigued by the remote Em’s holding. What all does he have in that glass cube?

  • Wow.

    I have to cosign Truest.


    You have your right to voice your opinion, but when you say that, basically everyone in the game is a better lyricist than Eminem, and then come to find out, your favorite is Kanye West? That’s just fucked up, no matter which side you flip it on.

  • Truest

    someone just tweeted this

    my friend hates eminem’s new song. she’s no longer my friend.
    iBleedTeal44 – 20:18

    LOL now what artist you know has that power dammmmm lol

  • EmsWifey4lyf

    Everybody shuld find atleast two or three friends to buy this album n the 1st week. IT NEEDS TO DO A MILLIE!!! Its a fuckin classic!!! =)

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Truest Justin Bieber….for now anyways

  • Truest

    ughhh yeah i forgot about that kid, like i said before Justin Bieber is my favorite lesbian.

  • flow J

    @Ultrakid. well damn…….looks like we got a dick rider in here…….i sware this was a Eminem post, Why Da Fuck u bringing up other rappers Dick Head

  • shayden

    Ok jus listened to the rhianna and Em song and thnk its perfect and good way for her to do a song bout the her and chris good move EM hate whoever leaked the shit and hpe they get they ass kicked, but i am buying the album reguarless cuz Em is worth it I bet he is pissed off cuz i kno he keeps his shit uner lck and key I dont see how this shit keeps happening!!

  • Roc La Familia





  • flow J

    @Thank Me Hater yo so since we like Eminem..we are automatic stans…How about a Drake fan or a jay-z fan…..they cant be stans either? Stans are universal for all artists not just Eminem….It just shows how big and popular how Eminem could make a song called Stan

  • Thank Me Hater

    @flow J yeah that’s completely true…..I guess if you were a Nicki Minaj fan you could be called a Barbie

  • shayden

    Ok EMinem and way on No Love Em fuckin kills it he is goin to fast for so long u would think he would pass out frm lack of oxygen and he actually calls out kayne!!

  • philly bol


  • defnatly gangsta lookin album cappin it the second it drops ………. not downloading it cus im not a bitch

  • shayden

    Ok i jus listened to going through changes and t gave me chills, amn Em u r so talented proud to be a fan!

  • Ultrakid

    The guy who said I’m a dickrider is an idiot. I was replying to most of the comments about Em being the best and Recovery being the best album of the year and to the guy who says it’s wrong to favor Kanye more than Em or any other rapper well that comment is stupid. Honestly who cares if Kanye’s my favorite rapper because he’s my favorite for various reasons like the fact that he’s original, a trendsetter, and he’s a musical genuis—I don’t think he’s the best rapper . Now Em would kill Kanye and alot of other rappers would too—See how I tell the truth when I speak, guys??? I’m no dick rider or stan and if I was I would be saying Kanye is the best rapper alive but I’m not saying that my dudes sooo honestly if most of you guys(Not you Thank Me Later because I respect you) are too up Em’s ass to actually read my comments then shut the fuck because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. The only ones dick riding here is the ones that got butt hurt over my comments and felt they need to call me a faggot—Honestly so I said Em isn’t the best rapper so now you’re calling Gay or stupid. See this is what I hate about most of you stans that you’re ignorant and then you show it by making stupid comments and alot of the times your comments ends with some offensive homophobic shit. GO TO SCHOOL, GET EDUCATED AND THEN COME BACK AND HAVE A CIVILIZED ARGUEMENT WITH ME LIKE MY DUDE THANK ME LATER!!! Peace I’m out!!! Somebody please get these kids a copy of Illmatic, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and The College Dropout so these kids can stay in school, dammit.


    IM not downloading this album or listening to it until the 22nd cuz i wanna hear it when ur supposed to hear it. FUCKING LEAKERS, i was so mad when i heard it leaked yesterday, why cant u leak somethin on the day of the album release, ull still get it for free, at least dont ruin it for everyone else who wanna wait patiently for the album…

    BUT for real i have a question, is there a song about proof?
    What does WTP stand for?



    @ Joshua I have a computer and buy albums???

  • Rickk

    Didnt like the album, but good luck Em, sure u wnt need it
    The track about being jealous of Wayne shocked me

  • bayz

    ultra dick rider u just mad the white boy is killing shit, the album will win a grammy again……..

  • Ultrakid

    Yeah because Grammys matter right? and Em’s last few albums weren’t pieces of shit plus Em even said himself that Andre 3000 is the best MC and all your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper is Andre and Black Thought so honestly fuck you for being the real dick rider.

    Oh yeah and let’s not forget that even Em even admitted his last album was shit soooo…*Kanye shrug*

  • mmkayy

    man talkin 2 myself has got 2 be the one of the dopest songs ive heard from Em in a long time.. Kobe and khalil did there thing 2.. Is it just me lol?



  • Yooo

    It’s an incredible album, end of.

  • Yooo

    And yes @mmkayy, Talkin 2 Myself is prolly my favorite too. Khalil is untouchable on the beats right now.

  • Get Down

    Ultrakid, name alone you can’t take the guy seriously.

  • Joshua

    @ LBDII this whole self righteous thing about buying albums is crazy. Like I said earlier it’s a thin line between for promotional use only and a retail cd.

  • Ultrakid

    Now does anybody have a link to where I can download the album???

  • Ultrakid

    Honestly, Am I the one calling people offensive homophobic words for stating their opinion??? See this is the same ignorance I’ve been talking about. Go to school stans and learn to be a humble fan. You’re making fun of me for stating my opinion and speaking the truth??? Well fuck all you ignorant, egotistic teenagers, dick riding, never read a book losers because ya’ll can kiss my ass. I’m out and I’m going to support Black Thought the more talented MC by copping the new Roots album. I’m also going to sit back and wonder How I Got Over these ignorant kids while listening to the album that actually has a fresh sound and not some typical Hip Hop production sooo…..


    @ Ultrakid; I feel what you are saying. Eminem is my favorite artist. Been listening since he came on the scene in ’99. Kanye is your favorite artist, I like him too. I love his music, but he is a dick, an asshole in general (don’t hate its my opinion). I respect your opinion. HOWEVER, if you feel that LYRICALLY Eminem is not on another level, then YOU are just a HATER. I admit, Kanye has some dope verses. I feel that he shines as a PRODUCER. He is amazing as a PRODUCER. His samples are DOPE, fuckin ill actually. I love Eminem’s self-produced songs but KANYE is a much better PRODUCER than him. As a rapper, KANYE IS ABOVE AVERAGE. But the way Eminem spits on this album is insane. The moving away from Dre helped him so much. Every song is a banger. Even some songs w/ lousy hooks and sub par beats are LYRICALLY AMAZING. Trust me, there aren’t many on here. Out of the 17 tracks, I will have at least 14-15 on SUPER REPLAY. To me, that makes a CLASSIC. To the FANS, IT WILL BE A CLASSIC.

  • Disemboweled Bitch

    Downloads are MP3 encoded, while cd’s are AAC.
    AAC is a far better, crisper sound quality than MP3.
    That’s why people buy cd’s, for superior sound quality.

  • damone

    Ok the album was ok better then relaspe but not great really get tired of his voice but nice.7and half stars.

  • Eminem

    Smash an hour glass, grab the sand, take his hands and cup’em. Spin around to freeze the clock, grab the hands of time and cuff’em


    Self righteous? Nothing of the sort I was just saying your statement was wrong. Very wrong actually.

  • Joshua

    @ disemboweled bitch. I have the beats by dre earphones so the music sound good no matter mp3 or cd. Some things I will spend my money on

  • sunraw

    Love The Way You Lie sounds like a Beyonce song.


    @ Ultrakid; Black Thought is dope. But he can’t make an album front to back to save his life. The Roots are awesome. But there are 5 of them. Eminem is one man. Selling records don’t mean a person is the best. But it does prove that they are revered by MILLIONS of people. 80 million records sold. That beats out the rock group JOURNEY (DON’T STOP BELEIVING – SOPRANOS ANTHEM), (I’M FROM JERSEY). JOURNEY has been around since the 70’s. Yes, you can argue that pop stars do sell. Yes they do, but have you ever seen a man loved by ALL? Em is a true talent. A wordssmith. An elite artist. NOBODY in Europe knows Black Thought. EMINEM is UNIVERSAL. Every music artist wants to be that. If they are known to be UNDERGOUND, it’s because they aren’t good enough to become mainstream. Lie if you will, but everyone wants to be famous and well known. Everyone wants to sell records and make money, because if they did, they wouldn’t be underground anymore. It’s not their choice, its the FANS.

    and the educated shit, I’m a FDNY Firefigher w/ a 4 year bachelors degree in Psychology. Don’t hate.

  • shayden

    @alex vvvvv Yes there is a song about proof and his daughters and kim in the same song, gave me chills

  • Joshua

    @LBDII what is the difference between a Free mixtape that rapradar lets you download from here and downloading a retail cd for free. And to let you know this is just a good debate to me nothing personal

  • teejay

    @ ultrakid

    I don’t think eminem and blackthought are even comparable, they are just way too different, it’s almost two entirely different genre’s. Thats like comparing a death metal band and a punk rock band, they do two way different things under the same umbrella.

    As far as nas, maybe if he had been more consistent with material and beats weren’t questionable. He has always killed it lyrically, but eminem’s lyrics and flows on a technical level surpass nas by leaps and bounds. But once again, Nas’ goals rapping are way different than eminems, for nas super technical lyrics isn’t necessary.

    And Kanye, just isn’t that great a rapper. It’s his beats that save him. You can take any average rapper and give him an album full of hot beats, and you’ll get a good record. Ask Game.

  • sunraw

    NOBODY in Europe knows Black Thought.

    Sometimes uncontrolled emotions make us speak without qualify our shit. Now its obvious that you LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE Eminem, but that shit right there is hardly a qualifiable statement. lol.

  • Ultrakid

    I like you SUPER STAN because despite your name you’re not a stan and you came back at me with a smart and civilized arguement. Now I do think Em is an alien but too me he’s not the best alien you no what I’m mean-?–Trust me I don’t be calling every rapper an alien too so when I say he’s alien I’m mean he’s from outer space, he’s on another level. By the way The Roots are Mainsteam and Black Thought is releasing a solo album. The Roots don’t take away from Black Thought’s undeniable talent as an MC either.

  • shayden

    Ok Seduction is sooo sick!!!

  • Ultrakid

    Oh and to teejay Kanye is above average but like I said before I never said he was better than Em lyricall and I don’t consider him an alien well maybe producer was he is just not rapper wise but I respect you for not coming at me with an insult.

  • Justin Poindexter

    eminem’s wackest album of his career… absolutely hate it.. this isn’t the eminem i love.. i love the slim shady eminem.. not this gay shit.. relapse was still shady that is why i bought it and enjoyed it.. but this is a bullshit album..


    @ SUNRAW. I was being SARCASTIC, like when Eminem said in Without Me, “NOBODY LISTENS TO TECHNO.” I’m from Jersey, we INVENTED the fist pump, I love dance/techno but hip-hop is what I grew up on. Hot 97 since the 3rd grade (Ed Lover & FaT Dr Dre. Naughty by Nature, Onyx, Tag Team, MC Hammer, Kriss Kross, Snoop Dogg, Dre, A Tribe Called Quest, the list goes on. Obviously people know Black Thought, but could he fill Wimbeley Stadium by HIMSELF or does he need The Roots to do it??? Question.

  • slimshady

    i dunno, good album, cold wind blows/space bound are my favorites right now, but i have to play it in my car….


    @ Poindexter; Relapse was a DOPE ALBUM, because it was a CONCEPT ALBUM. But it wasn’t a mainstream album. I rate it above Encore, but below everything else. I liked it, but even I can’t REPLAY all of the songs over and over again, which is why EMINEM SHOW is my favorite. I loved SSLP, but I want to hear songs with EMOTION. COMEDY doesn’t always bring that. SSLP was a SHOCK VALUE ALBUM. GOT HIS NAME OUT. Then he came thru with CONTROVERSY. Then EMOTION with the TES. Relapse had a great concept, but POOR execution. The flow and lyrics were sick, but TOO repetitive. But it all makes sense now. I can come out and say that it was a good album because of RECOVERY. This is a FUCK YOU I’M BACK/ NEVER DOUBT ME AGAIN ALBUM. It’s what he needed. If Relapse turned out to be a great album, this would have never been done. We would have been stuck with my REFILL songs. Good songs, but not Eminem level. Recovery is Eminem climbing up from being knocked down again and I believe that it will be known as one of his BEST EVER.

  • Recovery

    This ultrakid dude is a clown, every single song is straight fire except for ironically on fire. No Love and Love the way you lie are solid for the radio play and true fans are still gettin shit like so bad and never over. Platinum after 2 weeks for sure since relapse was 4 weeks and this murders that

  • WTP

    June 22, white trash parties bein thrown evrywhere

  • slimshady

    and i agree with justin 100% relapse was much better more fun to listen to

  • flow J

    this album is great….most can be singles for the radio…THANK YOU…hoperfully EM get more airplay down here in Atlanta no more gucci and soulja boy

  • phil

    right after SSLP you niggas were like “man.. sslp was better..one hit wonder”. A fucking week later “DAMN DOPE AS FUCK”. So shut the fuck up, SHITS DOPE AS FUCK.

    Hang your head up high, marshall.

  • flow J

    @phil Cosign

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  • shayden

    For all the fans sayin they want the old Em back well i think So Bad shows u that were worried that he is still the Em we know and love. ( Not that i ever doubted that) Im very impressed by the shlls he has sharpened even more then we even realized. Im say it again i dont think we have yet to see what Em is really capable of.

  • shayden

    Wow perfect End to the album a song about the person who believed in him enough to encourage to never give up. It has really changed him losing proof Wow this song is deep and probably the most emotional and hard song for him to actually record. RIP Proof thanks for bringin us ur Boy!

  • shayden

    @SuperStan You took the words out of my mouth. This will be a turning point and whole knew level of skill. Everything he has gone through got him to this point and this genius. We are LUCKy we get to witness the greatness he is about to show the world. I believe this album will hit atleast a mil first week and will out sell any f his previous albums. I cant fuckin Wait to see him perform this shit in Detroit in September!!!

  • -C.W.B.-

    _| [ ] [ ] |_

    I’m getting really tired of people giving their opinions beyond the actual content of the album. When Kanye releases his album this year, and say on the off chance I don’t like it, I’m not gonna go “Oh that was fucking terrible, Common, Wayne, Drake, Eminem, Andre 3000, Pac, Biggie, X, Y, Z and fuck off are so much better!” What that fuck does that do? It starts arguments and makes you look like an attention seeking female.

    And look at all of you argue who the best rapper is like it matters. As if you’ll ever convince a fan that their favorite rapper is “not as good” as who you are a fan of. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. There is no best, music is subjective. You can use things like record sales to determine who has seen success financially (and by that you can project the size of the fan base), but that doesn’t dictate who is more/most gifted as an artist.

    That’s why the whole Pac vs Biggie thing is a joke in my opinion. You could argue until you’re blue in the face that Pac is better than Biggie, or vice versa, but if the person you’re arguing with relates or feels what Biggie is saying, you will NEVER convince them otherwise. And it isn’t because they are stupid or ignorant, it’s because they connect with Biggie and not Pac. But the more insane part is that these two are forever going to be held as “the best” of rap for the simple fact that they were rivals, made great music AT THAT TIME, and the unfortunate passing of both.

    Personally? I think Eminem is one of the most talented dudes I have ever heard, and he is my number 1 artist. In my opinion, Jay Z and Eminem are this generations Tupac and Biggie. Sounds crazy, but it’s just the way I feel. There’s reasons BEYOND straight fire lyrics and “classic” albums that I put those two above everyone else though. Jay Z and Eminem both bring a shit load of passion and emotion to their music, just like Tupac and Biggie. They both have a unique style, both in the way they structure their rhymes and how they carry themselves in the game. Both have seen mad success, but more importantly they know how to KEEP being successful (I.E. they’re smart & talented). Both have “jump start” or “reboot” their image to stay relevant, and NEITHER sway to the fads of the industry, they drive the industry (Jay a little more so than Em, if I’m going to be honest).

    The thing is, Eminem keeps getting better. Take a look at this music as it’s progressed since his return, it’s pretty easy to track.

    Crack a Bottle
    Drop the World
    Relapse: Refill
    Airplanes 2

    Go and listen to those tracks in that order and be amazed how at much has improved. I’m saying he has improved ten fold since he has returned. And Recovery proved, to me anyway, that there is a reason I think he’s the best in the game.

    But that’s my opinion, take it or leave it folks.

  • Buxdagreat

    lol the crazy thing n dez blog wars… if u dont like sumthing , your a hater n if u love something… your a dick rider…smh



    Greatest album of all time.

  • bgunn

    to all your assholes fighting over whos the best remember “music is a reflection of selfs” its your fucking opinion if it helps you get through shit or you can relate to it than thats the artist you like, or if you just like good music it doesnt matter about whos the best cuz there will never be a “best”. ITS ALL OPINION. JUNE 22 GET SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC

  • shayden

    Ok les see who are for real hardcore Em fans who really know his shit. In Cold Wind Blows on the hook em is humming a beat that is the exact beat of the hook of a way old school song of Em’s Not mainstream very rough and hardcore song Who knows the name?

    Hint it has d12 on it

  • shayden

    Ok les see who are for real hardcore Em fans who really know his shit. In Cold Wind Blows in the beginning em is humming a beat that is the exact beat of the hook of a way old school song of Em’s Not mainstream very rough and hardcore song Who knows the name?

    Hint it has d12 on it

  • cutlass

    If your talking about amityville i dont think its the same.


    @ Joshua no nothing personal at all. But the difference is a mixtape is an artist giving his music to you, making something with no intent with making money off of its for the fans. A retail album is to be bought its something that the record company owns and you buy to support your artist career. Now im not saying you have to go out and buy the record, but at the end of the day I feel and respect that it is an artist job when he raps. So if he goes out there gives me an album i like and will listen to for a while that I should support the artist because one he did his job and made a great album for me to entertain me, two me being a fan of music if I support and the album sales im going to get another album from that artist.

  • HawthorneFinest

    Where the haters at!?
    stop hiding under a rock!!!
    this album is muthafuckin CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • if you say kanye shrug your a faggot


  • cp


    Thanks man, you just “murdered” this fucking BS back and forth bitching, I’m serious thank you!


    You keep preaching “read a book” “get educated” etc….You can’t even put together a grammatically correct sentence. Go post some comments on a Black Thought post…That being said, I love BT and he is dope. Im from Philly and support him to the fullest. Stop comparing Em to everyone else to make an arguement, you look like an idiot. Take your own advice and go read a book!

  • -=Eminem=-


    BUY RECOVERY !!! 22ND June in USA and Russia!!!

    18nd June Europe!!! I can’t wait for license and booklet!!! and disc! and bonus tracks!!! and live shows!!! and music video on : Cold Wind Blows xDD

  • shayden

    25 to life is the best song em has ever done bout his realationship with kim.. Love it!! damn he straight divorced her and then made this song, damnnnn kim WOW

  • shayden

    Oh shit ok nevermind on my last post lol i was typin while listenin to the song, then in tru Em style he twists it and then says its hp hop he means he is jus so damn genius!! made me lok stupid, ill give it to him lol

  • shayden

    …………………………………Oh shit ok nevermind on my last post lol i was typin while listenin to the song, then in tru Em style he twists it and then says its hp hop he means he is jus so damn genius!! made me lok stupid, ill give it to him lol

  • Baby of Stan

    After the first listen i was like this is genius. Then listening to the songs in the pattern of which i like best is even better. They should have done a better job of mixing up the tracklist to make the songs that are a lil bit different more balanced with others. Just my opinion. Anyways DOPE album. Love eminem.
    Baby of Stan ( I survived Bitches)

  • lup

    cosign CWB. except refill was all relapse material, which is what relapse 2 would’ve been if he hadn’t gone back and gave us this dope ass, classic album.

    but yea, don’t how fuckers could be doubting him at this point. his evolution from relapse, and even as far back as encore, has encompassed him making up from what one could say low points, getting back to how good he used to be, then just having shit hit the fan and go on a completely new level, which is what Recovery is. this album is the deepest, realest shit he’s ever spit.

    if anyone appreciates true shit then go and say this album blows or just hating for the sake of hating, get the fuck outta here.

  • Tim

    Great!Recovery is classic

  • Roy

    This album wins just based off the sheer direction and creativity. Yo, that Seduction song has a double album. It can be taken as about girls, but it’s also about how he seduces other rapper’s fans and takes them. Crazy.

    And that 25 to Life. When you think he’s talking about a girl, he’s actually talking about hip hop.

    This album is amazing.

  • janet

    I love many songs on this album but i just think hes talking about love too much..25 to life, space bound, love the way you lie etc maybe its just me

  • Roy

    I mean double meaning, my bad.

  • Roy


    Lol. Read the post before you. He’s not talking about love like you think.

    In 25 to Life, he finally points out in the last verse he’s talking about hip hop. Not a girl. Love the Way You Lie, I wouldn’t call that talking about love necessarily. An abusive relationship more like it. Space Bound is pretty much the only one that’s actually about it. Unless I missed something in that song too.

  • GOAT!

  • Classic!

  • shayden

    @super stan I totally agree i would take this album over any f his before it. Just imagne the content that will come after it

  • westcoast Rules


    EMINEM IS a legend



  • westcoast Rules


    EMINEM IS a legend



  • janet

    i’ve been reading shayden’s comments, dude whats the answer to the riddle? the hum thingy?

  • Zombie

    @ PITRI

    lol did you end up listening to the album?

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  • WestWest

    Im suprised no one has said anything about the mainstream/pop approach on this album, it makes me sick…thers about 5 real hip hop songs on there (on fire, so bad, here we go, cold wind blows and wtp) , the rest are rock, pop etc…hes still got the rhymes, but the delivery and flow is fuken retarded…YEH im gonna say it, i want the old eminem back…its good music but he stepped hella far out teh box with this one, he flipped his whole game…aint necessarily bad but how ppl can say this is the best shit he has released…wtf

  • KJ

    SUPER STAN says:
    Tuesday, June 08 2010 at 10:14 PM EST
    @ Poindexter; Relapse was a DOPE ALBUM, because it was a CONCEPT ALBUM. But it wasn’t a mainstream album. I rate it above Encore, but below everything else. I liked it, but even I can’t REPLAY all of the songs over and over again, which is why EMINEM SHOW is my favorite. I loved SSLP, but I want to hear songs with EMOTION. COMEDY doesn’t always bring that. SSLP was a SHOCK VALUE ALBUM. GOT HIS NAME OUT. Then he came thru with CONTROVERSY. Then EMOTION with the TES. Relapse had a great concept, but POOR execution. The flow and lyrics were sick, but TOO repetitive. But it all makes sense now. I can come out and say that it was a good album because of RECOVERY. This is a FUCK YOU I’M BACK/ NEVER DOUBT ME AGAIN ALBUM. It’s what he needed. If Relapse turned out to be a great album, this would have never been done. We would have been stuck with my REFILL songs. Good songs, but not Eminem level. Recovery is Eminem climbing up from being knocked down again and I believe that it will be known as one of his BEST EVER.


    Already….. great way to sum it up, real talk. This album is a classic, great replay value. Can’t wait to get my hands on the liner notes, cause the production is dope., along with the lyrics of course. The fact that he switches up his flow and cadence is the key, and he’s added metaphors and similes to his already extensive category. Executed with a flawless flow and immaculate delivery all makes for a great listen. Hate it or love it, there’s no one alive doing it better. I had Nas as the best rapper alive after ‘Distant Relatives’ dropped, but this shit is solid. Fuck arguing with some of the idiots on here, as fans of this great genre, we’re about to be blessed with another great album this year.

    ” Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.” – Confucius

  • KJ

    *extensive vocabulary

    lol… jus’ got off work, scatter brained…

  • Roy


    Stop being so narrow minded. This album is the perfect mix between mainstream and rawness. Go listen to the Eminem Show where that shit was more mainstream than raw. It didn’t help that it followed MMLP. A lot of people will call it mainstream mostly because of the hooks and what not. Em mixed catchy hooks with his trademark lyricism. He didn’t step out of the box with his lyricism. He stuck to his roots and put his spin on the sounds he was getting from producers.

    The songs you named was him straight spitting. That doesn’t mean the rest isn’t “real” hip hop. He gets personal on this album and to be quite honest, he was harsh on himself throughout the album which is something most rappers won’t ever do. Hip hop is based on pride. The reason people started listening to Em was because he’s not the stereotypical celebrity. He points out his faults and on this album, he gives himself a hard time.

    SSLP was raw. MMLP was raw. The Eminem show was mainstream. Encore was mainstream. Relapse was conceptual. Recovery has something for everyone. Whether you like the hooks, or the lyrics, or the rhyme schemes, or everything, there’s something on here for everyone. He went out of his way to please his fans while staying who he is in his music.

    You have songs like Talking 2 Myself and Going Through Changes where he’s brutally honest with the listeners. You have songs like On Fire and Here We Go where people can just nod their head to and bump. You have songs Seduction and 25 to Life where you think you know what he’s talking about, but you have to listen carefully to actually understand. Both of them have double meanings. Then you have a song, Love the Way You Lie, which a lot of people can relate to on some level. There are a lot of people that have been in abusive relationships.

    This album isn’t JUST a mainstream approach. He mixes the mainstream genre, which people have to remember that he’s apart of, with the rawness of his earlier albums. He out did himself on this album. Albums aren’t just about catchy hooks and beats. There’s more to hip hop than those. You should know that.

  • MikeNUFC

    No way is it album of the year.

    I assume none of you heard the instant classic that was Distant Relatives?

    Recovery’s alright, has a few great tracks, a few not so good tracks.



    All I can say is that shady is back mother fuckers!!!

  • MY RANKING (Songs)

    Love the Way You Lie
    No Love
    Space Bound
    Talkin’ 2 Myself
    Not Afraid
    Cinderella Man
    25 to Life
    Almost Famous
    You’re Never Over
    Here We Go (hidden track)

    Cold Wind Blows
    On Fire
    Won’t Back Down
    Going Through Changes
    So Bad

  • everyonesacritic

    Please tell me Almost Famous is the next single—just saying-craziest shit i heard em on in years-wow

  • imeafk


  • Midnite!

    SHADY!!!!Thank him later!HAHAHAHAHahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha!!!Recovery!!!!

  • Eminem Fanatics Society

    We approve of this back cover. You should download the album…then buy it 🙂

  • Dman

    dudes do realise 25 to life is not about kim its about hip hop

  • lilv

    i always down the album but if it’s really good i would go out and buy it. some really not worth my money but…


    it’s really so good that it’s bad.

  • Roy


    For real. Mothafuckas jump to conclusions to quick. Also, Seduction is about verbal seduction. The girl he talks about represents another rappers fan base, and Em is seducing them with his lyrics. Crazy.

  • yeah

    recovery is classic,cant wait to buy it

  • ~~`

    why does everyone always got some shit to say bout Em gettin old? dudes almost 40 years old ppl age man get a grip. Guess Who? Heres a Clue…Eminem is back

  • Drucifer

    After a Day of listening I can honestly say Em is back where he needed to be, great album, I seen alot of cats who gave up on dude after encore praising this shit to so I hope its succesful for him

    Ironically, even though most of the album is on some Mature shit, that “On Fire” song is the mosty wicked ‘Slim Shady’ track I’ve heard since the MMLP, that joint is crazy

  • Keep it coming.


    Yeah, once people realize its about Hip-Hop(which is now only oh-so obvious) 25 to life becomes an instant classic. Its a great tale.

  • Good album

    Not Afraid and Won’t Back Down had me convinced that this album would suck, but yeah, Em surprised me. I don’t think many of these are songs I can play “1000” times are over, but some are certainly close. So Bad, Love the Way You Lie, Space Bound, You’re Never Over, Going Through Changes… I won’t say it’s a classic, but damn, Eminem redeemed himself big time.

  • Good album

    And on a side note, I don’t like the back cover. I prefer when the songs are listed down the side rather than being all bunched together like they are here. But it’s the content that matters, and I’m more than satisfied with Recovery, so I’m definitely buying this.

  • yaboitone
  • dashadyonee1

    iight i didnt want to download it
    i wanted to wait till it comes out
    but i couldnt help it !!!
    the album is the fckin shxttt !!
    from da 1st track till the last
    is eye brow raising ,
    “25 to life” is crazyy
    “talkin to myself” is so real
    “so bad” is my shxttt !!!
    “no love” goes fckin hard
    “love the way you lie” is amazing 2

    June 22 – im still coppin this cd
    anothaa one to add to collection !!

  • esde


  • esde


  • Barzini Meeting

    Overall this album is a HUUUUGE letdown. Of course the stans are gonna go nuts at this comment, but its the truth. 2 or 3 really good songs, but thats it. And the Proof dedication song is disgusting. IT was a TERRIBLE idea to sing the hook hisself. Maybe he didn’t want anyone else involved with this personal song, but damn. he sounds absolutely horrible on a song that you would think he would want to be perfect. oh well. just my thoughts.

    average album. kinda like thank me later. just average.

    stans, PLEASE stop referring to this album as classic. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from it.

  • Barzini Meeting


    that song isnt about kim??? not at all? lmfao. its about hiphop! you know, the recycled overdone concept where rappers compare music to a woman? you know, the concept that Common immortalized? Hmm….i wonder how many other songs have gone over your head over the years? lol.

  • Barzini Meeting

    by the way, when i said the proof dedication was whack, i meant the “you’re never over” joint. its terrible.

  • Saturation

    damn we posting back covers now?

  • Drucifer

    @ Barzini

    Co Sign, Ironically the only song on the album I really dont like is the Proof Tribute, but I guess thats what Em meant when he said none of his proof songs were good enough last year, Lyrically its cool but that hook is AWFUL, I liked most the hooks on the album and I give him credit for his singing cause its usually decent enough to carry the tune, but the hook on “Youre Never Over” was really really bad……Proof gonna clown on Em for that one when they meet up in the afterlife, lol

  • Midnite!

    Ok Ultrakid…..Ya buggin…Em would smash anyone of thos cats you mentioned…Black thought is nice!No doubt.Em on a wayyyyyy different level lyrically!Big Boi????Yeah ok!Daddy fat stacks is nice but,nowhere near Shady.And the WuTang clan?Please,you must be stuck in the 36 chambers homey!I love the Wu but,Shady would black out on these cats if they ever battled!people seem to forget that Em is abattle rapper first!Don’t get it twisted!Notice how nobody wants it with him on the BATTLE FIELD!He is the King of wordplay and flow,so stop buggin homey!Em is battle tested and he also outshines anybody who gets on a track with him.It’s proven!Check the resume!Kanye shrug…….as you would say.

  • Lpo

    Barzini is a huge hater..stop convincing ppl is a horrible album cus we all know its not..granted, i hate the hook on the proof tribute song though..but the verse makes up for it

  • Deano

    Couldn’t help but download the album and it’s a classic!!! Def buying it on the 22nd!!

  • Roy


    If this album is a let down for you, how the hell did your expectations get high after albums like Relapse and Encore?

  • BlackHoneyLove

    I’m loving this I love a man thats looks & seem intelligent Nice !

  • Illness

    Classic Album deffinetly coppin this when it comes out.

  • yeah dey call me a camel

    the only nigga that can fuck with and surpass Em is METHODMAN. Meth can get crazy to, comparing Em to concious rappers like Black Thought, STIC-MAN OR MOS DEF isnt fair cuz they dont get crazy and psycho like Em and Meth can if he wants but str8 up Em cant fuck with Mef. Plus if Mos def wanted to he would outrap and outfreestyle EM.

    If u bring up the bet cypher Mos talked about brooklyn, Em said some other shit and it wasnt a battle and stop acting like Renegade was a battle record Em fans

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  • Ryan Maloney

    where are you all hearing these songs at?!! i cant find any real ones anywhere. help!??

  • shayden

    @ janet its from amityville, the begging when he is humminn dum da dum dum da dum da dum dum meantaly ill from amityville , its a harcore song from way back thnk first d12 album

  • shayden

    Ok i have a new fav song from Recovery. Cinerella man!!

    “my potato is baked even my veggies can fly. My filet is smokin weed get back the stakes r high” lmao!!

  • Keep it coming.

    @Shayden it is from the MMLP, but that was a good find! Thanks!

  • shayden

    Ok Opinions n who Em is talkin bout on Space Bound?

  • shayden

    @keepitcoming oh ok thanks for the reminder of where it was from and ur welcome for the find when i first heard it i knew it was from sumthin then i realized where it was from and we bothkno that wast a manstream song, so glad to inform others

  • Realist

    Am I the only one who thinks this is garbage? Rappers are supposed to be confident, cocky and permeate swag; this album exudes insecureness, he even says he was jealous of Wayne. Today’s successful rap artists pump their listeners up, not drag them down. And Em’s whole history is based on bashing pop culture trash and now he’s singing with pink… great.

  • shayden

    @realist uh he was referring to when he was on pills if u LISTEN to wut he s sayin u would get it.. Its ok tho ur not on the level i feel sorry for ya lol

  • Realist

    It’s irrelevant why he said it, I don’t think its something that should have been said. For a rapper you respect to show so much weakness… I’m let down.

  • shayden

    @realist Its cuz ur used to lame ass rappers who dont have a point or emotion to their damn music who dont rap bout shit. see wut tru Em fans love about him is his raw emotion that is accompanied by his lyrical geius. You will never underztand and u dont deserve to. I feel bad for u

  • Realist

    I’m sure there’s more music, let alone rap, out there that I don’t know about that most of you here do, but I can’t think of another example of an artist, of any genre, admitting a competitor artist was better than them. In true rap fashion most of rappers talk shit about their opponent, think Biggie v. 2pac, Jay-z v. Nas, the G-Unit beef, the list goes on.

    Just based on the fact that he collaborated with Pink, it’s clear that Em is experimenting with the sentiment of the times and in the process leaving true fans to enjoy his older stuff and hoping for a comeback. He’s trying to cater to the Twitter generation at the expense of rap fans. IMO

  • shayden

    @realist He didt say they were better then him he said when he was on pills they would of handed him his ass. Talkin bout how he was off hs game when he was on the pills geez did u listen to the rest of the album when he calls out everyone u should jus stop commenting on shit u kno nothin bout

  • Realist

    You’re tellin’ me this is the same guy?

    I don’t do black music, I don’t do white music
    I make fight music, for high school kids
    I put lives at risk when I drive like this {*tires screech*}
    I put wives at risk with a knife like this (AHHH!!)
    Shit, you probably think I’m in your tape deck now
    I’m in the back seat of your truck, with duct tape stretched out
    Ducked the fuck way down, waitin to straight jump out
    put it over your mouth, and grab you by the face, what now?
    Oh – you want me to watch my mouth, how?
    Take my fuckin eyeballs out, and turn em around?
    Look – I’ll burn your fuckin house down, circle around
    and hit the hydrant, so you can’t put your burning furniture out
    (Oh my God! Oh my God!) I’m sorry, there must be a mix-up
    You want me to fix up lyrics while the President gets his dick sucked?
    [*ewwww*] Fuck that, take drugs, rape sluts
    Make fun of gay clubs, men who wear make-up
    Get aware, wake up, get a sense of humor
    Quit tryin to censor music, this is for your kid’s amusement
    (The kids!) But don’t blame me when lil’ Eric jumps off of the terrace
    You shoulda been watchin him – apparently you ain’t parents

  • shayden

    @realist yes that is the same guy, he has evolved and has more of a point to his music and his lyrical talent is even better now then it was then. Jus because he isnt talkin bout the same shit doesnt mean he isnt the same guy. Why would he keep sayi the same shit or d the same kind of music over and over after ten years, He has been through alot since then and he has changed and grown into the man we are privledged to know now. Your stuck in the past and u obviously only like his mainstream songs and arent on the level to understand wut is behind every lyric and every rhyme.

  • mcielandish

    @shayden is the @realist *twitter habit* lol. This album is beyond Crack it’s on some Lindsay Lohan designer drug type shit. CLASSIC. Talk shit and get your ass kicked and stabbed quick

  • shayden

    lol guess i should argue with idiots like realist

  • shayden

    I meant shouldnt* my bad

  • Roy


    That’s what makes it all that entertaining. Hip hop is based on pride and bravado, but he’s so harsh on himself on this album. To do that in a genre where you’ll get ridiculed for takes a lot of guts. Rappers don’t do what he did on this album.

    I’m glad he brought something fresh to the table. I don’t want the 99-02 Em back. That era is over. It has been for 8 years.

  • Evanflo

    Em is Kobe Bryant.

    Thats the best way to describe it, clearly C L E A R LY the B E S T on the P L A N E T.

  • Evanflo

    WHo caught that shot at JAY Z, on SEDUCTION. I’m in every single slot and your not! AWWW

    FUCK you know Jay SHIT when he heard that.

  • Roy


    Considering the song is actually about verbal seduction and seducing other rappers fan bases, I wouldn’t doubt it. But, with Em, it’s probably just him joking on Jay. Jay will probably laugh.

  • bill

    best album of the year? are you crazy. Id say one of the best albums of all times. and yea i already downloaded it, and of corse im going to go support em and buy it the day it comes out. Are you kidding its like 12 bucks, u broke bitchez

  • Seduction


  • farra610

    tops Relapse for sure… thing is basically Mathers is genious, all of his shit is gucci an he’s got mad talent. He for sure has the sickest rhymes outa any one- true, from the heart, an ligit!
    showin love!

  • Shade45lover

    Its a close race between this one and the Eminem show

  • zub

    I’m waiting till the 22nd to buy it !!! Can’t wait !!!

    But rap radar are coward’s … When drakes album leaked they had a article on it , but now eminems album leaked they don’t have a article on it :/