Vado Speaks On Dipset Reunion

Cam’s protegé Vado is pretty busy these days with both the upcoming U.N. album, Gunz N’ Butta and his own solo debut, Slime Flu. Still The Harlem MC set some time to the side with Complex and shares his thoughts on the Dipset reunion.

Complex: How did you find out about the reunion with Cam and Jim?

Vado: Cam sat me down, he told me what’s going on and what’s about to happen and I felt it was a great look for Harlem. Then to top it off, you’re adding a new artist to it, you feel me? So I told Cam it sounded like a great look and we about to take over. I’m behind whatever Cam do, no homo, ’cause if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here.

Complex: When did he sit you down and talk to you?

Vado: Like a week before Miss Info had put it out. I was hearing it through the grapevine but me and him never spoke on it. One day he asked me to come to his house because he lives down the road from me in Edgewater. So I went to his crib, we sat and he asked me how I felt about it and I said that’s a good look. I mean me being from Harlem, I want to do this music right. I want to big up my borough. I want to be with cats from my town that could solidify me. That’s why I wanted to come up with Millz but when it didn’t happen with Millz. I didn’t really take it serious. But then I was like, “You know what? I’m nice.” To keep it 100 with you, I was like that dude in the ‘hood that was nice on the court, but never played in the league, never played college ball, but everybody in the streets knows he’s nice and they pump him up.

Complex: Did Cam say what changed his mind? For a while Cam said he wasn’t going to reunite with Jim again.

Vado: Nah, and I didn’t ask. I just figured it was family.

Complex: Now that Dip Set is coming back together, have you been building with Jim Jones or Juelz at all?

Vado: Nah, I haven’t kicked it with Juelz. I’ve seen Jim a couple times and we’ve said “What up” and everybody’s cool. Hell Rell, I’ve seen him; I mean, niggas fuck with me. There is no bad blood.

Complex: When they do the Diplomatic Immunity 3, you’ll be a part of that, right?

Vado: Yeah most likely.

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  • Interscope Employee

    No way Cam gonna let Vado on the side. Lets see how it turn out….the whole Dipset Reunion

    to be honest, I got a feelin it aint gonna be like the old dipset. It most likely will be Duke Da God puttin songs together on one album. We’ll see..


    fuck interscope nukka

  • goose

    Honestly, No one cares about a dipset reunion other than dipset to be honest.

  • NR > RR

    speak for yourself NY needs that Dipset Sound

  • mikeyboi

    this nigga is not even nicer than jimmy. hes a nerd. dip set wit a new member is wack.

  • serpentor

    this so-called “reunion” ain’t gonna last long….TRUST.

  • Ghost

    Honestly, No one cares about a dipset reunion other than dipset to be honest.

    ^nope your wrong

  • Rhyme

    Dipset reunion backfired, Cam & Jimmy just wanted to link up to share Juelz new shine. Elz not fuckin with Cam. And no one cares for a Dipset reunion.



  • Sin

    Amazing how this reunion ain’t pop off til elz start floating again

  • setup

    DIPSET its goin down juelz is down for a reuinion youtube it