Drake’s Thank Me Later Thank You’s

Drake’s debut has already been sent out and here are the liner notes for it. Below is the back cover which lists all 10 of the album’s Executive Producers. Good grief, everyone wants a piece of the pie.


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  • johnny

    still not gonna buy it, sorry

  • Damn, Aubrey, TEN exec producers? Sheesh.

  • Later

    Lol wow dick^

  • DoeMoney

    I’m buying it.

  • Haters/Stans

    lol @ johnny

    after hearing it, i gotta cosign tho lol aint that a bitch

    and Best I Ever Had is the bonus track? wow… I wonder what that one sounds like! smh

  • Best I Ever Had is the bonus track on the european version 😉
    i’m still waiting for the iTunes bonus tracks

  • mac DIESEL



  • Wow.

    God damn, this muhfucka is thankin’ everyone, even niggas not involved with the album.

  • lol @ johnny

    Check my review of TML. Click my name.

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  • ctg

    lol @ Drake’s Knee giving shout outs.

  • Bigray



  • electric bugaloo

    this album is complete fucking garbage

    i gave it a chance too, but i couldn’t even listen to an entire song without hitting ‘next’

    fuck this shit

  • alutap

    ill! im buying this shit!

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  • Lucci

    The worst album in the history of hip-hop im sorry. 10 Executive Producers? C’mon son, the way albums are selling he aint gonna recoupe all of that. He gon be a rapper the rest of his life tryin to pay all of them and the album is garbage as hell. Real niggas dont fuck with this bogus shit, only homos and women!

  • rocstar

    this fruit thanked every person in the music industry. what the fuck. he even said rip aaliyah and pimp c. he shoulda thanked the blogs.

    slim thug? solange? what a fruit

  • jucks

    this nigga didn’t just thank justin bieber and jonah hill for his album, did he? And NBA players? Really? Kanye twice? And countless other irrelevant people at that

    I take my L for actually reading the shit. (Well mainly glancing for names)

  • Miky mike

    itunes bonus track will be his freestyle masterised

  • Miky mike


  • Drizzle-Nutz

    I swear I seen Hatement being made, but yall some of the most miserable haters in history. Its as if your girl left you to be with a Drake album cover or something. Grow the fuck up and stop being so bitter. No matter what the fuck u say on this blog, this nigga will be successful. BC people who actually do buy music are the ones typically writing on blogs all day. Except for a few who actually appreciate good music.

    I see you @alutap @IceMan @[email protected]! @DoeMoney @ Pretty Toni

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    arent the ones* ^^

  • ImJusSayin’

    No mention of Trey Songz?


  • serpentor

    “too many chefs ruins the stew…”

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    I will buy eat to SHIT on it and then SEND IT BACK TO DRAKE. WORST PIECE OF OVERHYPE EVER. Eminem’s 1st was dope without any big hype. Dre’s was a classic. 50’s was awesome. Wu-Tang’s was a classic. Jay-Z’s was a classic. Snoop Dogg’s was a classic. Nas’ is still one of the greatest. All of these guys were unknowns. DRAKE = GARBAGE. And I like Drake, I do, he has some nice lyrics, but if I wanted an R&B album I would have bought The-Dreams CD or rebought ANY R.Kelly joint. Maybe it was the production, but I dunno. Some songs are dope, “Over”, the Jay-Z joint, Kanye did his thing w/ his track, but other then that it is TERRIBLE because of all the hype. Wayne thinks Drake gonna sell 2 milli? He on crack again? Drake is lucky if 300k women will buy this trash because any real hip-hop lyricist head will junk this.

  • blazen

    Damn so may haters. I think Drake’s album is pretty fuckin good. Not as good as that new Eminem that shits FIRE.. but still its a good record. Its really fucking wack that he thanked Justin Bieber though haha. Whatever though I dont give a fuck about the “Thank Yous” just give me a good product.


    “To Nasir Jones for inspiring my whole mindset on this record”

    I respect how humble this brother is and paying homage. It’s been a while since I’ve seen album thank yous this long and its a good look.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Every time someone comes with an opinion about Drake that’s negative they are called haters. NO NIGGA!! This just isn’t their type of music. I admit that the hate towards Drake is in SUPER overdrive though. I like six cuts off the album I’ll admit. It’s not garbage and it’s not a classic. Yall need to stop that hater shit though…..damn if I’m not feelin this niggas music I’m not feelin it!!

  • flow J

    Wait hold up hes thanken justin bieber…lets be serious though…lets all be serious though(Puting on my shade and serious face)….If Jay-Z, Eminem, Pac, Biggie or Nas had justin bieber anywhere near their album they get laughed the fuck outta here…..just sayin…

  • Fat Boy

    @Thank Me Hater Cosign

  • dmc

    the only way this guy sells over 300k the first week is if cash money spends some doe. id say he’d be lucky to sell over 150k

  • flow J

    @Wow smh

  • Dr.Dre

    lol why does he think justin beiber haha

  • DAVE-Thisis50

    I can’t believe he didn’t thank ME!!

    I been on this hot ass niggass n*ts for a hot minute but no love 🙁

    I guess I could go back to 50 and d*ckride him like I used to (HARD). But that n*gga was only the 3rd biggest selling rapper of the last year! So f*ck him.

    Guess I’ll stick to my beloved Kanye (if he doesn’t sell a milli f*ck him tho)

    I HATE Eminem though!!!! HATE HIM!!!! I even used to photoshop him in precarious positions with Superman!!! F*ck Em!!! Wait no I love him!!! 🙂

    Pastelles and my bape sh*t – DAVE

  • Midnite

    Not buying due to the fact it’s not as good as i thought it would be.I was believing the hype until i heard most of the tracks and im very dissapointed.he was overhyped big time!!!I will just get ready to Recover from this!Shady June 22!!Real Hip Hop!!

  • DAVE-Thisis50

    I’m a black man trapped in a white (transexual) man’s body who can’t stop hopping on the next rappers dick. Help!

  • Miky mike

    predictions first week ???



    GOLD+ (500k)

    If he ain’t gold in two weeks, his buzz ain’t really as big as people thought

  • Even tho the Albums Garbage i think he still will sell off of hype..

  • vbs

    are there no pics of drake crying to himself in the liner notes?

  • mmkayy

    he even got his Knee thankin ppl lol but i dont get how Nas inspired him to make this record………

    …………….i really dont

  • ^ If sum1 inspires you to do something,that doesnt mean you have to do it just like them. He also said Dre3k inspired him. I mean was niggas actually expecting Drake to spit like Nas and 3stacks on this album?? Yeah the hype has been big for dude but dont tell me niggas was expecting fucking illmatic from him.

    Also, how is lil wayne an exec producer when he obviously didnt hear all the songs on the album. Didnt he just hear that song with Jay a couple days ago? Wayne,baby,and Slim are about to cake off of dude big time.

  • Rickk

    Dope album….

  • eazy

    no mention of 50.




  • will

    this nigga Thanked Michael Rappaport wtf is the connection between those two LOL didnt give a shout out to J.Cole or Big Sean mmmm

  • gee

    @mac DIESEL you obviously doent know how points on a album works …..”TEN EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS??!! THIS HALF NEGRO BETTER GO TRIPLE DIAMOND TO RECOUP ALL THAT!!!! DAMN” …lol, dont play ya self

  • WòŕĐ ṦṁίϦ₮

    This album is about to belly FLOP worse than Officer Ricky on a jumping board.

  • lup

    drake saying nigga is like john mayer saying nigga.

  • music is my time machine

    stop hating for real. if you dont like his shit why u commenting on it? For real tho?

    whatever … its def NOT SSLP or GRODT or The Chronic or any other CLASSIC first album


    The album is good, a lot solid tracks on there. Def something DIFFERENT. enjoy the good music and stop complaing.
    I respect all the Thank Yous. Drake is a humble dude, thats y hes gnna last in this industry … drizzy get em

  • iWonder

    Why does it look like there’s an outline of an octagon (stop sign) and an appearance of an ‘X’ over what seems to be a crucifix in the background?

    And don’t tell me because he’s Jewish. LOL.

  • Why would he put Best I Ever Had as a BT?

  • westcoast Rules

    wack disney rap !!!!+canadian shit

    another wack from cash shit records

    fuck jewish zionist for ever

  • westcoast Rules

    palestine free for ever

    The death for israhell

  • Everybody Hates Chris

    Are people really hating on Drake for THANKING people in his album liner? C’Mon Son!.

    The only thing he forgot was to thank the haters, ’cause you know haters make success so much more enjoyable.

  • nate.

    Yall will listen to this for one week. then that eminem shit will drop. game over.

  • Miky mike



    THANK ME LATER’ll be gold


    EM, BUMP HEADS: “We’d alll much rather get along than fite you… ME and Hailey dance to your a, we like you!! but you dont really wanna step inside no mic booth..”

    Good LUCK drake Really I hope ya sell a bunch of records but i still think birdman aint gonnna pay you any royalties.. infact you’ll get done tourin and instead royalty checks in the mail. they”ll be expecting you to foot the bill in shit… YM has no morales of there man. But hey GOOD LUCK, bc i think your gonna need it.

  • gsgs

    I still dont understand this drake guy…I feel bad for the young generation that had this dude pushed onto them. There’s know way a dude from canada “wheelchair jimmy” would have made it into rap without him being commercial pushed. The fans never chose this faggot, he was chosen by like jamie fox.

  • Abdiesel

    thats a whole lot of thank you’s, but it kind of becomes watered down if he thanking melisa ford. I mean what did melisa ford or justin bieber do for him to put them along side such instrumental people as Kanye/Boi-1da/Wayne? I understand thanking your mom and wayne who played significant parts of your life, but shit cut out the other people. he gave a shout out to half the game and even the dead…….it kinds loses its validity when you thank everyone who you have ever come in touch with. but it seems like he’s a real humble dude so cant knock him too much.

    and I CANT BELIEVE no recognition for TORONTO! wow! he got memphis in there not T.O.? come on now DRAKE..

  • trust me the album is trash just download it if your curious how the songs sound. but its not worth your money

  • chitlin coon

    ok..I still stand by what i said originally..he’ll do 400-500 k…Im buying the album..cuz wh not..dozens of rap albums drop each month…this is better than most of those and its a well rounded album…something for when ladies are in the car and something for when you are heading to the club…and something for when you need to be motivated…some of you niggas want 20 tracks of 50 murdering niggas with guns..but all round it sound like a good album. I can wait to buy and throw in the changer

    south still winnin!

  • Satish

    Gonna buy this original after years. Drake has spiced up the scene and came with damn good material. Lyrically he is sick wit it! He’s a born musician but he gotta watch out that doesn’t become another ”dedicated-to-the-pussy-artist” he got so much talent and DIVERSITY!! Thank Me Later #1 > got my support!

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  • young duff

    woww… you people love to hate on dudes that are actually makin it in the world. tired ass low income niggas who do one thing creative in there life but write hater ass shit up on rr.com, how hilarious? i bet this shit makes drizzy and all other rappers laugh so hard, not one of you haters has half the balls to step up and put yourself out there like these rappers do daily. alls this does is prove that all you haters only hate because your not happy with yourselves and your own success or lack of. one.

  • WhatThe

    Does the back cover not seem to relate to Illuminati symbolism? Or am I just being paranoid.

  • iWonder


    It is..

    Tell me why it look’s like there’s an outline of an octagon (stop sign) and an appearance of an ‘X’ over what seems to be a crucifix in the background?

    Don’t tell me because Drake is Jewish and don’t believe in Christ. LOL.

    Also. Google Dante’s 9 circles of hell. Then take a look at the center of the back cover. There are 9 overlapping circles.

    Read what each circle represents..

  • Cafe Au Lait

    I agree, everyone is not a hater just because they are not feeling Drake. I personally like him and probably got like 30 + songs from his past mixtapes lol, but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It kinda bothers me to see people wishing bad on him cuz no matter how much I don’t like an artist, I don’t wish anyone bad, but hey, we’re all entitled to our own opinions.

    Umm, but on to the topic at hand, why are his liner notes SOO long and why is he telling every other woman on there that he loves them with all his heart: Onika (Nicki Minaj), Courtne (whoever that is), Mary J. Blige, and some other folks. Kinda sweet, but then like okay calm that mushiness down man! lol. He’s still cool though.

  • Haha @ him giving Drake’s Knee a shout.

    Incidentally, my copy of Thank Me Later doesn’t have the “Best I Ever Had” bonus track.

  • Random Jackoff

    This album is pretty good, just set aside all the hype and hate associated with Drake and listen to it for what it is; you won’t be disappointed. One thing that made me scratch my head was the fact that he didn’t include Bun B (Put it down) or Trey Songz on the album, yet he thanked them.