• Sssh

    I’m feelin this track

  • Moose

    Nice single

  • HawthorneFinest

    Horrible Quality.
    and wtf is up with nipsey’s latest songs!?
    pure commercial, autotune Bullshit!?
    how dare you have “south central” as the name of your album….but have songs that would call it “west hollywood”
    C,mon! where’s hussle in the house and all those funk tracks!!!!!!!!!!???




  • j

    no 1 buyz dat garbage u bitch!!! askk the public u bitch boy!

  • Malcom x

    HawthorneFinest he’s obviously trying to create a bigger buzz by releasing radio freindly songs since he already got the streets on lock

  • studiothug2010


  • HawthorneFinest

    @Malcom X
    true dat…
    but I hope it ends up like Documentary.
    1 club song and the rest for the streets!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll have this dude on my list for rappers to watch out for.
    album BETTER BE classic!
    West muthafuckin Coast!!!!!!!!!!

  • BTK

    Nipsey you fucked up with this one, this shit is WACK!!! You were making hot shit a while ago but this is just BAD

  • Rhyme

    Shit is dope. We need Nipsey out here in the market.

  • BIG 110

    This nigga album finna be a classic… Notorious B.I.G., Ghostface Killah, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss, Nas, and Jay- Z made songs for bitches, so why can’t Nip… Get off the hate, support this dude. Don’t hop off the wagon because dude might have a mainstream single.

  • Interscope Employee

    Hip Hop Fans are NEVER satisfied!!! yalll were all rooting for him when he was underground..

    now that he’s trying to make it commercial (like ALL YOUR FAVORITE RAPPERS), now yall hating? SMH…

    Do your thing Nipsey!!! I got you!!

  • GO T

    mac dre already got a song called ‘feelin myself’. nipsey letting the success get to his head. already noticed a few of these freshman cats gassing themselves. slow down brody

  • Afg

    I know a bunch of song titles that are the same quit hating

  • westcoast all day….feelin this


    N!P [email protected] [email protected] Ive Been Talkin Bout!!! “Im Feelin’ Myself” Right Now
    [email protected] A HOT!!! $ingle!!! It Just $ound$ “FRE$H”
    OOO KAY!!! Im ReLoaded!!!
    Pramote, Hu$tle, Promote, Hu$$le. U Gotts 2 Make a RUN 4 it W/ Thiz 1.
    B.CUZZ [email protected] $H!Ts BANGGIN’ kNOw Matter Where U From! HOMIE

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  • D

    he’s signed 2 a fukin major so he has 2 have a corny radio beat/hook but he spits on it

  • JimmyC

    Get it in sirr…..