Diddy On Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Last week, Puff made more UK promo rounds on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. He plugged the number four movie in the country and answered bunch of other rudimentary questions. Performance of  “Hello Good Morning” underneath.


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  • http://www.masterbuildersrecordings.com masterbuilders

    great interview …… tuff performance ….puff ! now the haters need to show respect proper badd man of action .

  • yeah dey call me a camel

    i love the song alot but i would have to be in Puff shoes to understand why he didnt visit Kim or Black Rob but visits Wayne. I would have to be in Diddy shoes to understand why he would say “Rick is the new Big.” I would have to be in Sean shoes to understand why some 1 who loves hip hop and RnB but cant write to save his life. I would have to be in his shoes to actually see how Mr.Combs does his business…..can we switch for a day so i can spend a mill?

  • Ultrakid

    Diddy is a business man don’t pay attention to his comments. Diddy always overrates his artists so don’t pay attention to his mouth—Respect him as a business man and nothing more.

  • MiloD

    diddy dirty money?

    why isnt it just dirty money?
    his streak is over i think he needs to cash out….

    i think he forgets that big was what he brought to the table.
    after big he had a run.
    be greatful for that

    can’t take away his heart. i think he needs to get out before he messes up what he has already built more isnt always better. he isnt here anymore for the culture. he is the vulture.