Jadakiss Looking At Fall Release For New LP

Jadakiss tells Jenny Boom Boom that he’s aiming for a third quarter release for his new album, Top Five Dead Or Alive. He says he already has a track from Pharrell and is truncating the tracklist this time around. Good call, Kiss.


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  • yeah dey call me a camel

    I got Jada’s most recent mixtape and i gotta be honest, my man gotta switch up something somewhere. It sounds the same as his previous works but my dude can spit those bars but some’n gotta give in order to be in the correct position i and others feel Jada should be in. I am starting to hear recycled bars, especially when i here him say the word “SIMILES” alot.

  • NewMoney

    The Last Kiss was a really good album

  • MC

    The Last Kiss was a really good album

    It really was not. Thus the reason Jada still has not attained elite status.

  • Jermz Dash

    NewMoney says:
    Monday, June 14 2010 at 11:23 AM
    The Last Kiss was a really good album


    B.Dot can you jive wit this Sheek Luch Albums>Styles P Albums>Jadakiss Albums?

  • “The Last Kiss” shoulda been called “The Ass Kiss” cause that shit was ass. I tried to like it, but the beats were wack and the song concepts didn’t really fit to me. And the song with OJ and Swizz? Ultimate fail 4 that shit…

  • illaDeuce

    i swear on everything, this albums going to be a classic.

  • Foots

    Only dope songs on The Last Kiss was Smoking Gun, Death Wish, and Something Else

    Key thing they have in common? They all got features in ’em. Aint no good Jadakiss song on there

  • Foots

    Oh yeah and What If was hot too

  • That last song he made. If you happy & you know clap your hands was bullshit. Beans destroyed his carreer.

  • money mitch

    deathwish was wack, something else was hot

    the best track on the album is what if ft nas, albums like that are the reason that people download albums, its one of your favorite artists and you hope its hot, but there was no cohesion with that album, it was a major disappointment

  • illaDeuce

    kim is on rocnation.. WHAT KINDA BULLSHIT???

  • RAdiooKilla

    this better be a classic album .
    DBLOCKKKKKKK ! yonkers in the buildin

  • Post no billz

    I say we wont get it til march or april 2011.. Jada always gets the push back…

  • goodyear

    are we supposed to be excited about another shitty pharrell track?(the pharrell tracks on kiss of death/last kiss were HORRIBLE) i swear pharrell and jada DO NOT have a good chemistry. knock yourself out is maybe an exception but that was like ten years ago.

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