New Video: Miguel x J.Cole “All I Want Is You”

Miguel and J.Cole make their first major label video appearances in the singer’s new visual. It’s just them rainy days.

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  • Wilkes

    Cant view in UK?!?!?!?!

  • MP

    Song is great.

  • Fat Boy

    Cmon Cole… Need to make that buzz or hype better….Hopefully dis upcomin album do well. Niga from da ville

  • bgirl

    LOVE this song. Great.

  • Van


  • Interscope Employee


  • thebullfrog24

    This is the first time i’ve seen J.cole’s cross over appeal. i know you hip hop heads want him to stay raw but hes gotta walk the line of hip hop and commercial to make that long term money (ie kanye, jay,

    Great song though and j.cole sounded amazing on here

  • Midnite!

    Cole is niceeeee!

  • Ultrakid

    Most J. Cole fans are as about as ignorant as most Drake fans.

    Anyways I love this song and Cole rips it once again but he’s still NO Nassir Jones.

  • Rell

    Nobody wants the next Nasir Jones. We don’t need replicas. You can be inspired by Nas, like Jay Elec, and still make your own path.

    J. Cole happens to be one of the talented ones breaking through this year and I’m happy for dude.
    This song is hot and he sounds so good on it.

  • illaDeuce

    miguel is fucking dope. BUT COLE SLAUGHTERED THIS HOE. hut 1 hut 2 mothafucka. nah for real though.. I’m in Canada and I can’t watch the video, but i bet its great cause the song is.

  • Joe Blacc


  • B. Digital

    Both artists did their thing.. very good song.

  • Joshua

    Good video reminds me of BladeRunner

  • This song is Fuckin DOPE!! when it came out i would bumb it all day EveryDay!!

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