Drake On Denied Andre 3000 Feature

Sadé wasn’t the only artist that didn’t want to collaborate with Mr. Graham on Thank Me Later. Drake discusses getting snubbed by Benjamin Andre—Andre Benjamin to be exact.

“I really tried to do a song with Andre 3000, but I think it was meant for my second album. Dre is one of those people that needs you to do a little more. He’s one of those people that believe in his craft so much that he needs you to do more than just be over hyped or just famous. In his mind, I have to prove myself and the truth is, I do. That’s just being real. I have a lot of work to do, so I actually respect him for that. I think on the second album I’ll probably only have two features. I have a few people in mind and Dre probably will be one of them.”


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  • blasttruth

    what and rich boy was proven on the throw some d’s on that bitch remix? maybe he just didn’t want to work with your crooning ass.

  • OOPH

    Andre 3000 don’t respect singin’ ass rappers! HA! (see what I did there?)

  • vvho

    is if the album wasnt already overloaded with superstars..Thats 1 thing i dont like about it, just cause u CAN get all those ppl doesnt mean u have to

  • Drucifer

    Maybe he just doesnt like you………..

  • Nickey Black

    3000 would have took over the single and made Drake look bad. Just like Jay did “Light up”


    over hyped he said him self

  • Sin

    Maybe he just doesnt like you………..


    ….. was his name-o

  • Trin

    BUT he did the Throw som d’s and walk it out remix. In other words Dre wasnt feeling you MOVE on!.

  • UltraKid

    Andre 3000 sings and raps too infact most of The Love Below was him singing.

  • Crasshole

    Ultrakid didn’t see what ooph did there

  • UltraKid—Clearly you didn’t see what OOPH did there.

  • Damn you, Crasshole! Ha!

  • Thank Me Hater

    Only 2 features will be a great look. That is more respectable to me. I commend him

  • iM ME

    After Drake wrote “unthinkable” for alicia keys I would think an artist like Andre 3000 would be on board. I mean what was his last hot song? Not throwing shots at the man, but he shouldnt be so picky

  • Correct me if im wrong, but didnt 3000 do collabos with DJ Unk (walk it out) and Rich Boy (throw some d’s)? 2 rappers who didnt have a catalog when those singles were released



  • Jermz Dash

    Dre was being polite, he jus don’t wanna mess wit the kid. If i’m not mistaking Dre did sumthn with Wayne, on a track. 3 stacks propably feel how i feel “the kid is all hype …Kwame”

  • Foots

    So what did OOPH do? Cuz I don’t get it

  • Dre dnt have to repect when sum1 has a milli a 1 features,or is always auto tuned out.Dakes goes in but u have to respect Dre’s choice.It “His” choice..

  • Fat Boy

    @Foots. Lol me either

  • Sarcastic

    I hate Drake, i hate him so much that everytime i see a post about him I have to write a comment about how much I hate him and after i do it i feel so much better about myself but then i just get even more pissed when i realize that the comment i wrote didn’t change the fact that he’s still hot. But then I just bring up Eminem and it makes me feel better.

  • MD

    3000 brought you back to reality bagels & lox

  • RRcoolJ

    What did OOPH do there? I’m interested since it was so funny.

  • teejay



    I mean, of all the features Drake could have had, to me, a 3 Stacks collabo would have spoken volumes. The people he has worked with are people he’s worked with before or just obvious choices, people in the same circle as him. At this point, a Dre co-sign is a huge one, it would give drake some artistic sensibility. But he didn’t get it.

    P.S. I copped tml today though, hope you all do too!

  • bobby brougham

    iM ME says:
    Tuesday, June 15 2010 at 1:43 PM EST

    After Drake wrote “unthinkable” for alicia keys I would think an artist like Andre 3000 would be on board. I mean what was his last hot song? Not throwing shots at the man, but he shouldnt be so picky


    How sure are you that Drake wrote that song? I wouldn’t bet my balls on it.

    A3K is an artist. He don’t need a “hot song”. Whenever he drop new material that shit will be right on time.

  • Post no billz

    He shouldnt feel bad its been like 3 years since weve got a 3 stacks feature.. I think 3 stacks is sick with the rapping.. But i dont feel none of that singing bullshit he does but thats jus me.. And when andre does finally drop an album i bet there wont be much rapping on it.. Waitin for andre to drop a rap album is like waiting for detox..itll never happen..

  • EZPimpn7

    Just pointing out, since everyone’s talking about how long its been since 3000 rapped anything, he did just drop “Lookin’ For Ya” with Big Boi (and apparently he did 2 others) and the “Ride” remix with Ciara in the last week.

  • Ben

    Ciara got 3 stacks and Drake didn’t Ha! I don’t hate Drake, but I don’t want to hear him and 3 stacks together, for what?

  • Post no billz

    ^ Im gonna have to look out for those joints..

  • NuNu

    I mean come on I like Drake…but he knew he was reaching trying to get Sade and 3000 on his VERY FIRST ALBUM…. those two are the types of Artists that do music when the feel like it…not cuz the next up and coming artist. And IMO its better that 3000 wasn’t on the album…one verse would have bodied the rest of the shit on the album. Seriously remeber when him and Big Boi leaked Royal Flush? That one verse shit on 99% of the bullshit that came out that year.

  • Imma have to agree with NuNu on the Royal Flush reference, I can’t recall a verse that touched that song for that entire year.
    I’m glad 3k didn’t work with him just because Drake’s album would have been too overfilled, but then again it might have been a nice change of pace from Drake’s never changing flow style…

  • G

    Andre fucks with Yelawolf and he doesn’t even have an album out. and probably won’t anytime soon. so this “you have to be proven” talk from Drake doesn’t really make much sense.

  • THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • DL

      Drake can never ever come close to being on Andre 3000s level lyrically or creatively. STOP IT NOW

  • Real Talk

    Drake has no business doing songs with or around Dre…

    Boy stopppp(big boi voice)

  • Nathaniel

    OOPH (to those interested) just said an ironic statement. 3000 didn’t fuck with drake cuz he hates singin ass rappers…. but of course we all know andre sings too… soo… irony.

    UltraKid was just a lil slow, jumping to drakes defense, completely missing the lil joke. no biggie.


    i’m glad he declined. not some shit i want to hear, drake a dre. and lol @ how drake has already decided for andre that he’ll be on his second album instead, lol comedy.

  • ATLien

    Andre 3000 would have murdered Drake if they would’ve done a collab, Drake should be thankful because he would’ve got absolutely destroyed by the best emcee in the game.

  • GEEEZZZZ who let the slow guys in front the computer………………..OOPH or what ever said

    3000 dont like singing ass rappers….. its funny cuz andre 3000 is known for singing and rapping ….. its called sarcasm you dick holes ….u sure u guys listen to as much as rap as u say u do i mean the shit was pretty straight forward lolol dont mean to call ya’ll dick holes but COT DAMN it was killin me that no one picked up on it …. nice on OOPH or whatever ya name is im too lazy to scroll back up to spell check

    check my myspace for makin me blow a gasket

  • Barzini Meeting

    -^EVERYONE picked up on it except Ultrakid. Lol. But i’ve noticed he’s ALWAYS pretty slow so its ok.

    -I’m really glad 3Stacks didn’t jump on this overrated bandwagon, because i would have lost respect from one of the VERY few artists who are still untouchable to me.

    -To the idiot who actually questioned 3Stacks relevance by saying “when was his last hit song,”
    please proceed to a bridge and jump off of it. Saying something that stupid confirms your hiphop ignorance. Don’t speak anymore.

    -And for the record, when Stacks did the Throw some D’s remix, etc. he was talking about THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what the songs were about. lmao. Just more proof that Dre doesn’t do songs because someone is hot blah blah blah. I think he does songs because he FEELS a certain way about it and is inspired to do it. Period. SERIOUSLY doubt an industry created nigga like Drake inspires 3stacks in any way at all. Probably the exact opposite.

  • Barzini Meeting

    *for one, not FROM one….

  • TYBO2020


  • hahs

    Drake is as phony as they come and Kim could rap circles around him. Forget this bushy eyebrowed canadian sesame street puppet looking mug already, damn droopy drake.

  • Mike B

    Well if he had to prove himself, he didnt do a very good job when 80% of the album has features.
    Who has ever done that on their first album?

  • John O’Rhia

    @ Mike B co-sign…I was almost starting to think his surname was Featuring…

  • mac DIESEL



  • God of Green

    I think drake does have some skill tho 3000 is top tier! drake is hot NOW but what will he do in a year or two, he cant keep making the same sounding songs, cant rap about being broke and being new to the rap industry… maybe a bad example but true The Game he had a shit load of producing ( kanye, dre, JB, em, timbo ) and at the time 50cent , dre and eminem was pushing him em was just off encore, 50 get rich… Documentary was the shit when it came out, its in my collection, tho doctors advocate fail, lax waste, he fell off no dre, no em, no 50 writing for him on DA but the beats were kinda there some producers came back. black wallstreet = shit… after that LAX the production started to go down hill the appearances were there but could not top the 1st album and 1st albums hype the numbers dont lie … 2005 5Mill> 2006 1Mill> 2008 800K> its one thing to produce hits and freestyles and have everyone you meet support you, but after so long will you make something thats worthwhile by yourself, it seems as if this is going to be more of a mixtape type cd where every beat is made by legendary producers, and most of the songs will feature rappers that have already been famous for years, when he drops the second album if its not as filled up with the same hype status as the first he will turn into game and slowly fall off

    As for 3000 singing speakerboxx / love below… everyone agreed love below made that 2cd worth it if it was like ice cubes war and peace cds if SB/LB was separate speakerboxx would be the peace cd. andre

  • Reason number three thousand and one why Andre and I are going to fall in love. He’s my density.

  • cornbreaddShawty

    Lnfao @HAHS wow u all are what I call doing the mostest and yes i mean mostest

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  • Embassy

    Everytime I see or hear that guy Drake all i think of Jay Z calling him Mrs Drizzy on that Jay Electronica track We Made It. ‘what you want me to say…Im sorry’……..but Drake is an idiiiiiaat Yoot, pussyhole.

  • Embassy