• NotoriousRambo


  • nyg718

    i forgot angie use to dress like a dike lol…na but angie is a legend in the game on the Lo,werd… pac and big death was almost i dnt want to say destined but everythng happens for a reason n it opened the doors for so many rappers.. n hov definatly held the game down ! n he still is to this day so u have to respect him for that.. that 97-02 era was classic …shout out to, BAD BOY,ROCAFELLA,RUFF RYDERS,NO LIMIT,CASHMONEY

  • Damn Angie, release the whole interview! Please.

  • ctg

    I remember this too. The only song from All Eyez On Me Hot 97 played when he was still alive was “How Do U Want It”. They didn’t play “California Love” or “2 Of AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted”.

    To be fair Hot 97 played a lot of 2Pac before he got with Death Row. They were just riding for Biggie.

  • ATLien


    I would eat you alive in a debate about Pac. I know more about him than you’ve forgotten.

    Happy Birthday to the G.O.A.T.!!!

  • nyg718

    cant say pac was the goat…him n big was neck to neck wit me…cus they both layed the blueprint down for hiphop…but they r the GODS of rap

  • yeahitsawrap

    2pac was the greatest y you think angie held this interview for over a decade it 2010 this was from 1996 RIP to the Greatest Artist Hip Hop will ever See

  • Cudder

    Yeah I wonder if Pac and Biggie were alive would they run their whole persona into the ground like Snoop Dogg has.

  • Sin

    In no way possible do I mean for this to sound soft. But whenever I listen to How Do U Want It I get a fuckin lump in my throat. Everytime. Get all nostalgic n shit

  • Ben

    Damn I can’t hear shit!

  • 2Pac – The Great Hip Hop Artist of All Time.

    Remember I said ‘artist’…….

  • yeahitsawrap

    this shit hurts man pac was my nigga if he was here alot of music would be better

  • teejay

    @black london

    I feel you, pac wasn’t the best rapper speaking in a technical sense, not by any stretch. But he is almost without a question one of the best artists. With art comes expression, and next to no one expressed themselves and how they felt more or better than pac.

  • yeahitsawrap

    2pac and biggie would have never ruined they persona i dont think snoop has neither he making money feeding his family the katy perry video she had to pay snoop snoop is the only person who was cool with pac and biggie snoop is a legend you dont still bump the timeless classic doggystyle

  • nyg718

    @yeahitsawrap < agreed

  • Post no billz

    word to nyg718.. That 97-02 era was classic.. It seems like shit was all downhill from then.. Rip to pac.. His and bigs loss is still felt in hip hop til this day.. The cops really fucked up in both cases.. But the streets know what happened.. Baby lane/david mack aka the killers..

  • Cudder


    Not really. He just ran the whole dogfather shit in the mud to me. Like he’s just corny to me now. I respect Pac and Biggie plenty. I respect his hustle but when i see shit like that Katy Perry video it disappoints me.

  • yeahitsawrap

    you cant blame somebody for feeding they family snoop’s last album wasnt that bad Snoop cant be corny just because you dont like him in a video it wasnt his idea he just going with the flow every rapper has an embarrassing video jay-z green suit in sunshine nas pink suit At the end of the day snoop is that nigga u wasnt pumpin i wanna rock right now ??????? like really you cant compare people to 2pac and biggie Snoop gotta do what he has to to stay relevant the katy perry video had me dying but snoop will never be corny to me

  • yeahitsawrap

    @ post no billz it was also the fbi who killed biggie and tupac along with the mackie’s suge knight’s puff daddy’s why u think puffy still gets asked do you know who killed 2pac and biggie that tupac biggie documentry really points out everything

  • Cudder


    I honestly didnt like “I wanna Rock” dont get me wrong he doesnt make bad music but he can be quite a sell out even though the term “sell out” is used far too much he fits that description in my eyes.

    You cant honestly tell me you believe The Federal Bureau of Investigation killed Biggie and Pac

  • yeahitsawrap

    i never said that u aint read it right i said they killed biggie and tupac

  • teejay


    To paraphrase a 50 cent freestyle

    “Who shot biggie smalls if we don’t get them they gon get us all
    Ask puffy who shot him that nigga saw
    Still afraid them boys from the westside will break him off
    (I forgot this part) that motha fuck’s soft”

  • yeahitsawrap

    yes they did my fault i didnt read your response right is it to disturbing you ? if they didnt have nething to do with it why was the feds taking pictures of biggie in brooklyn way b4 he ever went to LA to meet his fate and y did a helicopter fly 2pac to the hospital basicly i do believe that becuz why the case has yet to be unsolved these two men were a huge impact on the best coasts in the world east and the west coast and 2pac had feds behind him b4 he was killed that night watch the tupac bigie documentry by the british film maker for more about it because i highly belive it was very well planned out both murder #RIP 2pac happy bday And #RIP BIGGIESMALLS

  • yeahitsawrap

    Ride through the muthafuckin’ hoods strapped
    Put work in nigger that’s that
    Cocked to bust it and you’ll blast back
    Got a little money wanna flash that
    Before the wolves come out and blast gats
    Pedal to the metal nigger mash that
    Before you end up in a casket
    I said in a casket
    Who shot Biggie Smalls?
    We dont get em
    They gonna kill us all
    Man Puffy know who hit that nigger
    Man that nigger soft
    He scared them boyz from the Westside’ll break him off
    Dump on his ass
    So he run to Harlem shake em off

  • Post no billz

    @itsawrap- i dont think the fbi was involved even though they had big n pac under surveliance during the time of the murders.. They were watching but they didnt intervine in “hood shit”.. It was all street shit.. Im not really sure bout the motives behind pacs murder but i do believe bigs murder was retaliation for suges boy that was murdered in atl.. Suge held puff responisble.. Ive heard they were bmf connections also..

  • Interscope Employee

    When I think about the realest nigga, 2pac’s name always pop up!!!

    RIP to the GOAT!

  • yeahitsawrap

    yea ive heard about that but why was suge night at a puffy party some time ao chillin thats not fishy to you and if the was watching why the fuck the aint stop them from getting murder like pac said its a dirty game muthafucka keep ya eyez on the prize 911 its an emergency cowards tried to murder me from the hood to the burbs i knoe all you niggas heard of me shit

  • teejay


    Haha thanks, I was on my phone so I couldn’t copy and paste lyrics

  • will

    i didnt know pac was married I knew he was about to marry Quincy Jones Daughter the one who is the sister of The girl on I Love You Man

    but yea its like the difference between blacc people and Niggas its not the same thing

  • Toronto gangsta

    Fuck PAC…overated 4real….don’t trip in ten yrs nobody will be thinking about none of these dudes except drake

    • Antwan Washington

      Nigga I come and fuck your whole world up real talk

  • Ty

    @ Toronto gangsta

    Yep, real hip hop heads will be sippin’ tea from a fine china teacup and vibin’ to the gritty yet clever streetwise lyrical stylings of “Find Your Love” and will have forgotten all about “Kick In The Door” and “Hit ‘Em Up”. Couldn’t agree more………………SMH

  • six

    @toronto gangsta, first and formost that is an oxymoron aint shit gangsta about toronto, especially weak, pussy ass drake. what the fuck os gangsta about drake doin a fuckin show with hanson? so shut the fuck up and show some fuckin respect fuck boy! toronto gangsta, get the fuck outta here, pussy.

  • Man lately I been trying to calculate how in the hell did he record all of those songs while he was alive. I hear stories about him constantly being in the studio but he couldnt of been there every single minute. Between doing shows,videos,interviews,living his life(he was once married??) its crazy as hell that he left us with so much material. And it was quality too.

    His hustle is unmatched. Picture Pac in the mixtape game of today lol. Nigga would have 80 tapes out

  • Toronto gangsta

    Man y’all ain’t never been to toronto it’s hard out here…and drake got hella street crid if he didn’t he wouldn’t be wit Wayne who is a fuckin blood from birth….as far as PAC he was all around bad Juice was ok at best…they sould remake it starin drake

    Toronto G’s stand up

  • Hollaatchaboy

    toronto gangsta you sound gay as fuck dogg.. get drakes dick out yo mouth for a sec. Pac would murder drake. the mean streets of toronto… get yo bluejay lovin, hockey playin, maple syrup eating ass outta here.. for real son.. toronto.. shit to funny. If drake yall’s hardest nigga yall soft like cotton candy. They could make a movie called “man” juice starring drake.. thats about all that fag would be starring in.

    As far as snoop go.. I agree.. he corny as hell now.. he went for the white people acceptance and sold out.. NOT to mention that he admitted on this album he let people write rhymes for him on most of the songs.. get the fuck outta here.. you think jay, nas, em got people penning whole songs for them? nahhhh… ain’t happening.. that nigga sold out like the Iphone 4g.

  • yeahitsawrap

    toronto yall only know for chris bosh literally u could say what u want about 2pac drake will never replace tupac 10 20 80 fuckin yrs from now suck a down south dick fuck canada and ya small ass city u a bitch made nigga prolly enzo homo partner u not fooling no one hoe 2pac is a legend dont say shit about 2pac unless u bigin him up ya faggot ass drake put 2pac name in his raps if pac was alive he would straight ball on this nigga drake career will be over like 50 cent in 5 to 6 yrs nigga go drink ya canada dry ginger ale u bitch dont say shit toronto is not harder than new york cali or down south streets

  • yeahitsawrap

    Toronto gangsta is a dick riding faggot you love the attention …………………………… as a wise rapper once spit

  • yeahitsawrap

    80 mixtapes try 150 a year lol

  • yeahitsawrap

    fuck Toronto gangsta fuck Toronto gangsta fuck Toronto gangsta fuck Toronto gangsta fuck Toronto gangsta fuck Toronto gangsta fuck Toronto gangsta fuck Toronto gangsta

  • yeahitsawrap

    2pac 4ever

  • yeahitsawrap

    when tupac’s album drops in december it will sell plat that 1st month he recorded it during all eyez on me dayz mind you that album sold 9 million records

  • six

    fuck drake ,fuck canada, and fuck that bitch toronto gangsta. fuck boy, faggot ass bitch made canadian dick ridin ass dude, you better change your name cause every time i see you on here im gonna bomb on your weak ass. bomb first! as the boi pac would say! what streey cred does drake have hes been on tv his whole life just like wayne when the fuck did they have time to be “hard”? you dumb fuck!

  • Chi-Town

    @ Toronto gangsta…………die

    PAC you can agrue is the best ever but I wonder what he would be like today…I wonder would people hate on him the way they do Eminem and Jay Z

  • marricchuslaboi


    R.I.P PAC

  • damn it feels good to hear pac in an interview , and its sad to hear him talking about having kids and a wife and then dying at 25 years old …

  • Yousef

    man how much I miss tupac. His music lives on forever. God, If he just knows whats happening to hip hop today, he would be rolling in his grave a 100 times. Rest in peace Tupac shakur. June 16. Happy Birthday my brother!!

  • james

    lol @ the niggas on here who dont even know that tupac got married when he was in jail so him n ol girl could have conjugal visits. but when he got outta jail he made sure to take care of her even tho the wasnt married anymore

  • changeclothz

    toronto gangsta u’z a faggot ass fuck boy hahahaa

  • steve

    good interview hey angie i have a question why are so many people wrapd up in this east coast west coast beef i think if hip hop didnt get so political it would still be the same but when you have two sides divided and no one can sit down and talk things get ugly i always wonder why tupac was gund down intetionaly and shortly after his death biggie was gund down it was a sad day in hip hop but the political power houses will not let it be.this is deeper than rap when people have their carres in jeporady because of the secrets that will come out if their exposed these people need to keep controll.and i quote capitalrecords warner bros.after math and interscope like so many other corporate companys.send me a email angie i would like to discuss other issues with you

  • check corey v perry on reverbnation/twitter/ig/fb he got that real hip hop