Drake’s Top Five Hip-Hop Idols

In the June 28 issue of People magazine, Drizzy is featured as the Breakout New Artist and reveals his top five Hip-Hop artists. Jadakiss probably won’t take that lightly. Ha!


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  • Fat Boy

    Good for you Drizzy….. Good luck on TML cuz

  • Matt

    This reads like they’re his love interests.

  • Enzo

    Get em Drizzy

  • Word!!!

    Now That’s A List People ……….

  • Ultrakid

    I think the list should have gone like this
    Kanye>Andre>Lil Wayne>Jay-Z>Nas

    808’s anyone??? I guess I’m the only one who noticed the 808’s influence on Thank Me Later and So Far Gone.

  • phil

    way to suck that dick till it’s dry, Drake.

  • yerr

    def going to be ALOT of hate on this list. *stans* but you cant really get mad at this list. I respect this list and respect that drake came out n said it. every1 else is pussy to state their opinon.

  • Sin

    I think we all knew that already

  • flow J

    @Matt LMFAO!!!!!!!!

  • Well, we already knew who his top 5 were. That’s a given. He says it all the time….by tha way TML is close to being a classic in the future. Listen to how it sounds sonically…No, really, go ahead and listen…

  • Ultrakid

    @[email protected]!,
    It was a good album but I wouldn’t consider it a classic ever but I really wasn’t expecting a classic from Drake just good music. That’s what I got from Wale and B.o.B.

  • reythehussein

    Too bad TML was average.

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    TML is one of those album thats you can and have to listen to all the way through. Sure they have some chart friendly singles, but he def is in his own lane as far as a “sound” No one can deny that from drizzy

  • seemoregan


    But you “Feeling Like 50” because Kanye said “50 told me to switch the style up” because Jay said “50 came through like Hurricanes do”.

    All ya’ll haters/bloggers/artist try to forget that nigga 50 because he did exactly what he said. Got Rich and does what the f8ck he wants and says what the f8ck he feels. he don’t have to politic.

    Drake we know who you admire the most but the politics of the industry have advised you to not say so. Sha Money already said he sat with you and Nicki and 50 declined (which I know he hates) but lets be real nigga. And we also know that you jock Bun B harder than Nas.

  • Bonnie

    Not Eminem??? haaha rofl he used to LOVE Em and he told Recovery is alright…..yeah right drake you getting all arrogant with your new album which btw aint shit! and hes kissing lil wayne’s ass….young money aint shit!

  • Fat Boy

    @Bonnie Lol

  • E_

    Political Choice.

  • donkey

    no eminem?fuck drake,recovery is classic,go back and fuck rihanna

  • damone

    Nobody looks at em for a list. These dudes smash him besides Wayne. Do your thing Drake

  • SilkCityP

    The album is cool for it’s purpose… It’s something that you listen to when you’re riding around with your lady… But it’s not a Hip Hop album… It’s definitely not something you should be bumping in your car by yourself with the windows all the way down… Not a good look, LOL

  • killah

    Eminem is my number 1 on thelist, fuck drake for not putting him on there ..

  • Haters / Stans

    Fuck all this, u gonna leave Big and Pac off a top 5 list ON Pac’s birthday? fuck this kid.

  • Enzo

    LOL at all you Stans gettin madd because the rapper YOU like isn’t on Drake’s list. He dont have to liek what you like dumb niggas so pop off like fiddy say

  • webstar

    I’m not a big Drake fan but I respect him & his craft & I respect the fact that he pays homage to the artists who influenced him…you don’t see a lot of young, popular artists doing that anymore.

  • ~~`

    very true statement lol

  • Donn

    Damn, i swear y’all think y’all kno Drake personally, why are u madd at HIS list and on the politic shit, u don’t kno dude so why do u have to critisize every move he makes and everything he says. If u dnt like em’, thats cool, but y’all have something negative every post. What is ur motivation honestly


    EMINEM AINT THAT GOOD! and Drake has no resemblance towards eminem @ ALL so why would he lie? he RESPECTS him thats about it Eminem is only good for white boys and Indians yah i said INDIANS they blast that shit too yall hate us blacks now?

  • Enzo


  • Fat Boy

    Wait so yall sayin Blacks don’t relate to Eminem STFU!!!! This is why the racial card is always brought up….smh

  • flow J

    @Fat Boy ……………..the people bringing that same shit up every time are the same people that diss people for fun and are internet gangsters…..o well….. let the ignorant people fight and let the cool calm collective people be smart & live their lives….Theirs a reason why Eminem is put on every feature is put last….”SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST” killed everybody on Forever……Watch yall stans come hate

  • Fat Boy

    @flow j. Cosign

  • Nathaniel

    lmao @ niggas getting salty at his list because their favorite rappers aren’t on it. not only is it a solid list for a toronto native of 23 years old (i mean c’mon… it ain’t 2000 no more we ain’t gotta look at Rakim like God no more. there are greats amongst us), but he gave some pretty good reasons to why they are HIS favorites. no, not they should be YOUR favorites or the official “favorite” of every person who ever heard a rap album, but HIS favorites. y’all niggas kill me.

    and The Love Below was one of the best albums, period, cross-genre of the past decade. i can see why a nigga who is 40% rap and 60% sing would love it. Andre 3000 is the greatest artist… key word ARTIST that Hip Hop has seen since 2pac. (ARTIST… i didn’t say rapper or emcee). i’m thinking Kanye will be next to hold that place… then maybe Lupe Fiasco. just a prediction, shrug*

  • tired of this race shit every color gender and bak ground listen to him thats y he is the most selling artist of the decade, get over it, if you don’t like him don’t comment and move on.

  • G

    I Still don’t get it. How can he say that Nas influenced his album when there are no tracks that you would say Nas influenced or any tracks that Nas would make. come on son.

  • bffl08

    my top 5 hip-hop idols(not in order):

    – Pac
    – Eminem
    – LL Cool J
    – Biggie
    – Nas/JAY-Z

    REAL RAPPERS! and this clown says Lil wayne..lol

  • mmkayy

    lol sersly tho id still like to kno how Nas influenced TML

    anyone ??

  • Afrtermath Rules

    hhhhhhhh this fucking zionist retard top 5 of crap go fuck ur self drake zionist

    Top 5 of legends and close motherfucke
    2-Mr Marshall Mathers

  • Drizzle-Nutz



    So for example:

    “You aubrey’s need to get off that canadian jew niggas dick”


  • Nathaniel

    @G and @mmkayy

    …apparently the nigga drake hasn’t figured out Nas’ rhyme structure. prolly got mind-boggled and said fuck it, back to the drawing board. maybe the right word was “inspired”…not influenced, lol.

    he also said he was studying andre 3000’s rhyme-style and structure… and once again, no trace of that whatsoever. “inspire” is the word… or maybe just “intrigued” lol

  • Yo Moms

    Why is Drake so damn corny? His music is str8 but dude is a corn ball no wonder Rihanna ditched him. Str8 cheese.

  • Mike

    @Yo Moms. LMFAO!!!!!!……Fuck All the Drake Stans Enzo & Word

  • Enzo

    Im about whatever mannnn, fuck what they be talkin bout, your opinions doesnt count….


  • bonbon

    no lightning bolts here.

  • L4U

    Any HIP HOP top 5 list without EM on it is a failure??!!! GTFOH I can put at least 10 MC’s in front of EM now what……You know what OPINIONS are like

  • Thank Me Hater

    @Ultrakid Did you just say Kanye > Andre>Nas….I can’t even finish it….. *blank stare*

  • robert


  • Thank Me Hater


  • Thank Me Hater

    By the way The Drought is Over mixtape >>>>>> Thank Me Later…. he was straight spittin on that shit!! What the fuck happened?!

  • Barzini Meeting

    @ DONKEY,

    You said “Go back and f**k Rihanna” like its an insult or a bad thing?? lmao. wow. Hate is blind.


    those names are all definitely his love interest

  • Chris

    I remember him saying he studied Nas for the album but out all of his artists he likes, hes the one dude I dont see any influence in his rhyming style.

  • Javito_1

    -Toss up,J. Electronica,Lupe,Kanye, depends on the mood

    Drake’s list is garbage. I’d expect this from a 90’s baby, but Drake just commited hip-hop blasphemy. He knows that eminem murdered him along with 3 of those people on a track at least once.

  • Young

    Funny, he used 2 say that Phonte was one of his greatest influences and favorite rappers, but now that he’s blown up he goes with the cookie-cutter answer. SMH

  • six

    not a hater, but fuck drake’s weak r&b ass.

    dont hate on my opinion bitches

  • six

    “reggie, jay-z, tupac & biggie. andre from outkast,jada, korupt, nas, and then me” eminem till i colapse

  • ATLien

    Andre 3000 is the greatest emcee breathing. No one can touch Three Stacks lyrically.

  • Donn

    Lol @ the dude who said any list wit out Eminem is wack. Dude its a new generation of muscians, Pac, Big, Rakim, Em, are not gonna be these new kats influences. Ur entitled to ur opinion but just cus someone isn’t influenced by who YOU like don’t give u the right to crucify them.

  • Haters / Stans

    @ Donn

    I understand what your saying, but respectfully I disagree that it has anything to do with this list. The guys he did include had their mainstream debuts in the following order-

    Nas- Illmatic, 1994
    Andre 3000- Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, 1994
    Jay-Z- Reasonable Doubt, 1996
    Lil Wayne- Tha Block Is Hot, 1999
    Kanye West- The College Dropout, 2004

    Out of all those guys, only Kanye started rapping at a mainstream level after Eminem (The Slim Shady LP, 1999), so I dont think Drake is too young to have been influenced by Em.

  • asdf

    i like how he didn’t say phonte when drake jacks everything from him

  • Nathaniel

    he ain’t too young but who gives a fuck if he doesn’t listen to eminem? sure he’s jewish/white and black, grew up in toronto mostly removed from black culture (which not are the people who originate the art form but ALSO shape all of it’s direction). but think… drake is more of an outsider looking in, just like eminem and any other white emcee. he’s no vanguard. he doesn’t give direction to black youth culture nor its music, he just raps and sells a lot of records. so forget drake…

    ask most cats rhyming these days who influenced them most, it’s not gonna be eminem. anybody can and will admit that he’s a monstrous lyricist and emcee in general… but the masses of black people who reflect and can be identified by black culture (hence the term “black”) don’t even think about eminem when it comes to rap music. and he sold TONS of records. why? because he showed u what it’s like to grow up white, poor, and fucked up in america + a critic of popular american culture. all the pop icons he’s talked about over the years aren’t even on black youth’s radar. nor did we pay attention to all the controversy he was surrounded by, because the white suburbs and their parents were who were all up in arms over his content. drake is a canadian who grew up fantasizing about what it’s like to be black and a part of the hip hop generations in america. he wasn’t thinking about white suburbia’s rap icon, the mighty slim shady.

    it’s called critical thinking folks.

  • Nathaniel


    (which not ONLY are the people who originate the art form… etc)

  • Midnite

    FUCK DRAKE!!!Oh my bad……AUBREY!!