Eminem Featured In NY Times Magazine

A few days ago, The New York Times released a portion of their interview with Eminem from this Sunday’s magazine. In the excerpt below, Em comments on his Artist of The Decade Award and explains why he doesn’t like to tour.

Billboard magazine has ranked you as the best-selling artist of the past decade.What do you do with all your money?
Save it. I save a lot of money by not buying drugs anymore. I invest. I always try to be smart. I try to treat all the money I’m making like it’s the last time I’m going to make it.

Do you think rap has peaked creatively?
No. Hip-hop right now — there are certain artists who put hip-hop in a good state.There are a lot of talented people, and there’s a lot of young talent coming up, like B.o.B, Jay Electronica, Lupe Fiasco and Drake.

Why haven’t you planned any kind of big tour for your new album,other than two concerts with Jay-Z in September?
Touring is hard on the body.It used to be a big trigger for me with drinking and drugging.

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  • Enzo

    Where the Stans at??

  • flow J

    Recovery June 21….Best rapper Alive……….watch the same haters come in

  • yo man

    eminem needs to stop being a pussy and go on tour alraedy before he gets invovled in some freak accident and dies.

  • Enzo

    Eminem likes drake. Now shut the fuck up

  • Fat Boy

    @flow j Agree with you man….. I’m buyin that album to…..EM doing big things Yall dissin EM keep doing it

  • suppp

    Funny he mentions Jay Electronica.. He probably hasn’t seen that video with Benzino, lol. Plus Jay Electronica is old as fuck, SMH @ anyone thinking he was ever going to make a name for himself outside of the internet hip-hop nerd community..

  • I see dead people

    Dope. Recovery June 21, classic album

  • mikey

    im glad he mentioned lupe fiasco




  • ….

    classic album recovery,buy 5 copies,eminem i love you more than my girlfriend

  • Dope

    That’s Dope.

  • Co-Sign Mikey.

    Glad he mentioned Lupe.

  • Drizzle-Nutz

    LOL at young talent and Mention Electronicas old ass. He was born in 1976 and has a kid with Eryka Badu… lol Wonder if Em just mentioned his name for the hell of it

  • Gordon B.

    I’d rather he stays releasing a new album every year or two and only does a few shows than him doing a tour and start doing drugs again.

  • seemoregan

    Isn’t Jay Electronica like 35

  • Wow.

    I’m sure he did that on purpose, and of course he seen the Arch Nemesis DVD.

  • Toya

    Seems that Em believes he can’t do one without the other. “When I toured, I did drugs. So I’m not going to tour.” I think it is possible for him to tour IF he were to find things to do as a replacement for the drugs. Like maybe work on his DJ Hero skills. Get really good then start challenging fans to games during meet and greets. Who knows.

    I really want to see what the numbers will be for this album because if Drake is doing well with his album leaking like the Titanic, I would have a hard time believeing that Em would have the worst week ever with it being such a great album. And I will definitely have to buy this magazine.

  • nonny

    intersting interview, looking forward to the whole thing.

  • RICH1

    just bc he likes drake doesnt mean i have to fuck jarule……inc

  • Ultrakid

    Jay Electronica is old as fuck???
    People don’t remember that Kanye got signed when he was like 29 or 30….

  • mf

    drake the hottest rapper in the game that your the stan idol like hims

  • iHATEhaters

    9th JULY = JAY Z
    11th JULY = EMINEM

    OXEGEN 2010


  • Boom

    The smartest and richest rapper to not waste money on BS jewelry.

  • Interscope Employee

    Shit Em…Please, just do 1 big tour. come on…

    RECOVERY JUNE 21st!!

  • Nathaniel

    Jay Elec is 33

    and smh at you muthafuckas who are trying to recommend ways he can still tour. he was an addict… a REAL addict. not a fairytale one. he said it himself, he almost died. if touring is where the most drugs were done at, then obviously as a part of treatment and staying clean you don’t put yourself BACK in those environments. that is key… shit y’all wanna see the nigga in concert THAT bad.

    and co-sign DARKAQUA. usually says real, logical shit.

    i wonder what the remainder of 2010 holds for Lupe Fiasco…

  • Roy

    Was an addict? Wtf? Once an addict always an addict. He’s an addict right now. Just because he’s sober doesn’t mean he isn’t an addict.

    Anyway, I guarantee Em will do ONE more tour to make up for all the time he’s missed and the fact that he didn’t finish his last one. From listening to Recovery, he feels like he owes his fans. But if he does tour, there’s going to be some serious planning on his part. He’s going to do anything to keep him from going down the wrong path.

  • Nathaniel


    okay, IS an addict. shrug* …nit-picky ass niggas, lol. one word out of a whole paragraph. smh

  • Drizzle-Nutz



    So for example:

    “You aubrey’s need to get off that canadian jew niggas dick”


  • ^Haha What about jay fans??? Ill Call them Elliotts..

  • K-Lam


  • Wow.

    An addict is someone that’s addicted to anything, sex, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc
    If someone is sober then they are no longer an addict, as they are no longer addicted to said things.
    Brainless ass nigga.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Damn I’m glad he mentioned Lupe for real!!

  • LOL

    @Drizzle-Nutz LMFAO!!! But I feel like that’s giving Drake too much respect. This nigga is barely one album in…..and an average album at that. His mixtapes >>>>>>>>> Thank Me Later

  • flow J

    @[email protected]@DRIZZLE-NUTZ
    Jayz fans = elliots
    drake fans= aubreys

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  • Yousef

    lol drake sucks ass!! anyways Im really glad he mentioned Lupe. Lupe is real hip hop, very positive too. check out his last album you won’t regret it.

  • suppp

    Lupe is pretentious… Sorry.


    @ Ultrakid

    Kanye released his first album in 04 6 years ago. He is 33 now do the math?

  • Yousef


    I don’t think so. He speaks the truth.

  • CP

    For all you motherfuckers crying STAN all the time, go do something with your life before your parents realize they should of aborted you.

  • edwfdewf

    Question number 1:

    On your new album, “Recovery,” which comes out on Monday, you assume a confessional tone and back off from the misogyny and demented violence you pushed in your earlier work. Would you agree?


    I think I’d have to go back and listen to it. Did I?

    … Seriously… what the hell, New York Times? I think you were setting that one up.

  • 2010 top seller

    Recovery is number 2 on itunes behind drake and his album isnt even released yet!! Damn when it drops its bouta be a wrap!!

  • flow J

    @2010 top seller where can you see that please give a link man……………..

  • ^ Dude its been number two b4 drakes album came out..

  • flow J

    never mind found it you are right smh im telling you Hurrican Shady is coming full force on Monday June 21 Watch Out !!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Save it. I save a lot of money by not buying drugs anymore. I invest. I always try to be smart. I try to treat all the money I’m making like it’s the last time I’m going to make it.” <<– Smart Dude!


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  • !ShootDontPlease

    Jay fans- camels
    Drake fans- faggots
    Wayne fans- special ed students
    Kanye fans- gay fish

    But I digress…

    I too am happy he mentioned lupe I always wondered wat he thought of him, thatd b a dream collabo for me

  • CP

    why is everyone so worried about who or what you like?? live your own life!

  • Mars Blackmon

    He gave my nigga Lupe a shout out. Props to Em for that one.


  • Babby – R

    EMINEM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL
    RECOVERY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RELAPSE


  • zub

    Come to South Africa em !

  • Babby – R

    EMINEM >>>>>>>>>>>> ALL
    RECOVERY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RELAPSE


  • teejay

    As for the jay elect thing, he’s only been seriously buzzing since exhibit c which is recently. He’s relatively new.

  • BillyDiamonds

    Co-sign @Drizzle Nutz lmao!

    @Wow. Actually @Roy was right. Once an addict always an addict. Ever know anyone in alcoholics anonymous? They have steps they follow so they never feel the need to take a drink again. Just ONE, because that can/will trigger their addictive nature. Just because they have been sober for six months, one year, or five years doesn’t mean they don’t struggle with that shit every day. Get your shit straight before calling somebody brainless.

  • shayden

    I agree with u all sayin he is ben smart by not rushin into a tour. I think it scares hm that it would be so easy t slip on tour. I think he will do a tour next year but it will have alot of planning and support from others to keep him sober. When u tour u ont get as much sleep as u need and have to have alot of energy. I think he is prob on a strict sleep schedule now since sleeping plls is his trigger. So probably scares him to tour until he can trust himself and his sobriety plus his docs and therapists might want him to wait also. its a slippery slope and ihave his back wether he tours or not. RECOVERY!!!

  • EM C

    @ Wow.

    Hi P!nk. Do you still dream about fucking Eminem, even though he no longer desires to fuck your pussy?


    so has he seen the comments jay electronica said about him?

  • WòŕĐ ṦṁίϦ₮

    [email protected] jay elect being a young up and comer when hes in his mid 30s, that was deffinetly a shot at him for that benzino shit.

  • D-manded

    i think hes jus savin all that money up to buy weapons of mass destruction 2 destroy the world HA

  • Wow.

    @ BillyDiamonds
    Of course they struggle with fighting an addiction, no shit.
    He is clean, sober, dry, etc. He is not an addict. If he was an addict he would still be popping pills, left and right, is he? No, of course not, because he is clean. So he is not an addict. If someone can successfully kick a habit, with no problems afterwards they are fine and are not an addict. Now for someone that cannot do that, then YES they are an addict. There’s a big different. See the whole “once and addict, always an addict” is true to certain people. People that keep going back to their addiction. As I said before if someone kicks the habit successfully and can move on no longer needing drugs, alcohol, sex, porn what the fuck ever, then they would not be an addict. Why can’t people understand that? Are you guys that stupid you cannot comprehend it?

  • BillyDiamonds



    This is just one of many examples of links I could post up here. Google “once an addict always an addict” and see what comes up. There are plenty of testimonials and examples that support my previous post and @Roy’s. I don’t we’re to stupid to comprehend it, I just think you’re to ill-informed to make a logical arguement.

  • Midnite

    Shadyyyy!!!!G.O.A.T!!!FUCK ELECTRONICA!!!

  • BillyDiamonds

    don’t think*


    we need a worldwide tour!!!!

  • K-Lam

    Wow can’t believe Recovery is getting pretty bad reviews…critics these days huh?
    BUY IT

  • Mike2

    Good thing em is back

  • Foots


    Yeah its getting pretty mixed stuff, hope it doesnt influence his sales…but it mostly likely will. Fuck the critics though, Gucci gets consistently bad reviews but that dont stop his fans, why should it stop Ems?

  • k1

    @K-Lam, agreed, most of these critics don’t even sit down and really listen an album before they rate it, and some of them seem to be just plain ignorant…what really matters though is what the fans think and regular every day people think of the album not a so called professional…fans first….its our opinions who ultimately matter.

  • RECOVERY will be the best album ever!!!! JUNE 21!!!!! crunk

  • Mendim Mathers

    Every summer, every album from eminem!!!

  • Theloneus

    Hahaha Recovery getting terrible reviews. Eminem is washed up. Dude can’t even rap bout shit anymore. In fact, when’s the last time we heard a mainstream rap artist actually rap about productive things?

  • teejay

    Gah the deluxe itunes version of eminem’s album has a slaughterhouse feature!

  • teejay

    And as for the bad reviews, well, its rare that when a classic comes up critics recognize it instantly

    Rolling Stone trashed every single Led Zeppelin album when they came out.