J.Cole Performs “Who Dat” At 40/40

The last time J.Cole rocked “Who Dat” in New York was when he debuted it at S.O.B.’s three months ago. Ahh, memories. As many saw on last night’s stream, Cole performed this (and other tracks) before a packed house at his “secret show” at the 40/40 sports bar. Funny enough, the venue’s the same place Jermaine attempted to pass his beat CD to Jay-Z four years ago. Unfortunately Jigga wasn’t in the building, but John Mayer was:

For others though, the show sucked from the outside looking in. Literally. Many fans complained bout getting denied entry.

That’s not cool. As Big Boi once said, fans come first! Hopefully this clip makes up for whatever was missed.  Look out for the premiere of “Who Dat” video next Monday.

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  • A_relis

    Shoop de whoop.. I got a mention

  • Enzo

    get off your own dick

  • All you got is big tits.

  • A_relis

    Enzo, u mad!

    Why don’t you get on it then? I don’t like to play by myself. Owwwww!

  • Enzo

    Word holler at me on twitter


  • Fat Boy

    A_relis. That drake Stan is pitiful

    anyway J.Cole do yo thang

  • Boondoc

    To be fair, they are some prety BIG OL TITTAYS

    /Pacino from Heat

  • Enzo

    Jeezy WHo Dat >>>>>> Coles WHo dat

  • A_relis

    Wow, he really is a clown, bendito. [email protected] Boondoc

  • OOPH

    The crowd was HORRIBLE! The Who Dat performance was they only time they even made any noise. They acted like they had never heard of J.Cole before. What the fuck was that about? Did anyone see when he was performing “Young Simba” and the music cut for the crowd to finish the lyric and all he got was SILENCE. Aw man, that was tough to watch.

    I think he’ll be a better performer going forward because of it, though. Can’t wait til the album drops!


  • NuJEW

    ^lol Are you serious?

  • OOPH

    ^ dead serious lol

  • @Enzo

    YOU can’t be serious… Jeezy’s “Who Dat” > J. Cole’s “Who Dat”??? GTFOH Now I love Jeezy’s music, but c’mon, be realistic here. I hope u were jus joking…

  • nyg718

    c wat happens when ya real fans get pushed to the side… cole probly thought it was better for his career to let big names c him on that particular night,but u miss the real message..gotta make the right choice… on the flipside it cud have been too pack thats y fans cudnt get n so it probly was jus a tuff situation

  • The crowd was dead because they were ALL PRESS AND INDUSTRY FOLK….NO FANS. I won tickets to go to the Secret Show from RapRadar. I even got there mad early and got to meet J. Cole cause I was at the front of the line. When it was time to let everyone in, they let all the press and industry heads in first. This lasted for about TWO HOURS. They finally let the fan line in minutes before J. Cole went on stage. Once we got in, security didn’t even allow us into the main room where he was performing! They left us in the lobby! There were TVs out there, but they were playing Roc Nation/Skull Candy ads – NOT EVEN THE J. COLE SHOW! We couldn’t see anything from where we were! [Remember, I was at the front of the line, so literally…NO FANS could see anything.] They finally changed it to J. Cole’s performance when he was MORE THAN HALFWAY done with his set. The people running this event played us SO HARD. On some real shit, don’t even try to act like you’re giving something away to fans if you’re just gonna play them in the end. I don’t know why they had a contest for FANS to see J. Cole when they weren’t even gonna let us see him. How you gonna get a bunch of fans to come out for nothing? They should have just made it an event exclusively for press and industry people, cause that’s what it turned out to be.They gassed us up then REALLY played us for fools. We all would have been better off watching the stream from our own homes.

    P.S. – I’m not blaming RapRadar, cause I’m sure they didn’t know this was gonna happen. Whoever put this event together needs to give something back to the fans that they fucked over.

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  • I was there and I cosign what sci. said

    The people who couldn’t even see the show were rocking to J.Cole hard.

  • flow J


  • A_relis

    SCI and Thomas, I wrote to the person at Sony Music who first contacted me after I won the tickets. This was his response:

    Dear Arelis,

    The capacity issues were unforeseen. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are trying to figure out how to honor those fans who were not able to get in to the show. Once we have figured the situation out we will let you know. Please know that J. Cole appreciates every single one of his fans and he wished that all of his fans could have been accommodated. Please standby for more information regarding a resolution.

    (name withheld for privacy reasons)
    Columbia Records|Sony Music Entertainment

    I’m sure you guys were written to by the same person after you won. While I don’t really expect anything to be done, I’m glad someone acknowledged us. You should write to him too. Maybe someone at RocNation will figure out that they can’t do shit like this because it only alienates his fans.

  • Interscope Employee

    DAMN….after reading yall comments, all I can do is shake my head. I mean I know its not J.Cole’s fault. this nigga really cares about his fans, but damn who’s responsible??? thats some bitch ass move…

  • Jermz Dash

    fuck that i was there i won tickets was in the back of the line n still got in yea there were mad ppl there but he did his thing ppl knew the words not all of them even he 4got the words to his sings but for what is was worth less of a secret show thanx 2 RR more like a 1yr anniversary of The Come Up Mixtape, he knew alot of the ppl who were there didnt even know him nut it was packed wit fans wit a line around the corner if u aint get it u either a sucka or a sucka


  • Post no billz

    Dam.. I feel sorry for all the fans that went out to support an artist and they got shitted on hard.. Well i guess us fans are always getting the short end of the stick.. Industry dick heads always ruining hip hop for the fans..

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  • Thanks for the info, A_Relis! I sent one out a few minutes ago. I hope to get a reply. I’m not sure if I got the same email addy as you though. Is it the “JColeSecretShow Cole” address or did you get a different one?

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