• Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Ok Ok, I dig it

  • Boom

    Trick Daddy was the 1st to rap about POLO damn near 16 years ago…

  • Ac@pella!

    I’m officially turned off to the Polo brand. TOO MANY hood niggaz fuckin’ up the quality with their sloppy ass trends…I see too many young niggaz rockin’ it here in Detroit. Shit disgusts me more than Coogi…

  • Ac@pella!

    Not to mention, this song is wack, and Vado’s ass…

  • z

    *listens for 20 seconds*

    *turns Thank Me Later back on*

  • MC

    Not to mention, this song is wack, and Vado’s ass…


    Vado’s ass?? Da fuck are you sniffing nigga?!?

  • Grizz MC

    thiis nigga vado is garbage becuz he dont rap about shit. he says the stupidest shit even if it sounds dope it dont mean shit nigga. and he spit a freestyle off his blackberry, thats mad whack

  • http://www.twitter.com/LukaSicks L6

    First of all this shit is fuckin FIRE! this like some anthem shit to me cuz I been rockin polo shit since it was “cool” the first time around but i feel dude on niggas playin it out. niggas actin like polo jus came out or some shit. but u callin Vado ass? u an idiot straight up b. son is nice. and “z” u must have a vagina if u rockin thank me later that hard…SLIIIIIIIIME!!!

  • Ac@pella!

    @ Grizz MC

    Thank u for answering MC’s question, or shall I say statement 4 me.

    @ MC

    Wtf are u sniffin’ nigga?!?!? I’m sniffin’ tha same shit that ppl sniff when they hear Knaye, Drake, Jay, Nas, 3 Stacks, etc…U must be on that Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka drug…

  • Ac@pella!


    I’ll jus be an idiot then. If liking wack ass music’s what’s in, then I’m out like Grizz MC’s gay ass…

  • MC

    @ MC

    Wtf are u sniffin’ nigga?!?!? I’m sniffin’ tha same shit that ppl sniff when they hear Knaye, Drake, Jay, Nas, 3 Stacks, etc…U must be on that Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka drug…


    Dickhead statement of the day. You just put Drake in the same class as Nas, Jay and 3 Stacks?? You might actually be a homosexual, because Drake is for the bitches.

  • Rhyme

    Corny. I see Vado following Cam’s direction, making songs with horrible names, and no meaning .

  • Ron Artest



    the common sense thing to do is to put yung dro on this track with him

  • Ac@pella!

    MC= Dickhead of the century…

  • My Nig Hussle

    Polo starting to look like throwbaccs to me

  • CBH

    I think this track is missing Young Dro…

  • Money mitch

    I stay in polo and Burberry I’m walking around with no less than 300 to 400 dollars in clothes on whenever I’m out. Just cause some rappers wear the ugly ass polo colections with the big horse doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop rockin it. Polo is timeless, classic.

    Acapella stays in some southpole probably lol

  • Buxdagreat

    wow another average gangsta rapper….lame

    goes back to listening to slaughterhouse…

  • Buxdagreat

    also wats soo popping about a brand about a dude riding a horse.. sounds kinda broke back to me

    lol j/k

    i gave dat ish up when everyone n dere grand ma ma started wearing dat ish everywhere n nyc.. i mean wats the point of looking like everyone else.. never understood dat fad

  • OY

    Yall some haters… Vado is official and this song is official…. yall don’t like it because yall don’t bag bitches… yall in the house on rap radar all day in some dirty ass wranglers and promo tees… yall don’t know shit about getting fly.

  • hope4HipHop

    Just Curious BUT didn’t Drake spit a ” freestyle ” off a blackberry on Hot 97 So why are you taking away from Vado being nice because he did the exact same thing… If you’re gonna suck dick on one artist & hate on another come with a better fact @ Grizz MC

  • hillo718

    fuck outta here wit this new polo shit. real LO heads know that this nigga does not reflect anything classic about POLO.

  • hope4HipHop

    You right Hillo nothing classier than boosting Polo clothes outta Macys and other department stores #GetOutOfThe80s Duckworth smh Can a new artist pay homage to his favorite brand without the Lo Head reference

  • http://rapradar Victory

    Huuuh! Biggie Adlib but its cool Vado new school pay Homage B, its all good u the new toast of Harlem the feel of uptown I can dig it

  • http://hopstand.com Jaymalls

    Damn… We got some real DRAKE GROUPIES on this blog. “Do you fuqs just listen to music or u just skim through it?” – Jay-Z

    Before you say a nigga dont spit about nothing, make sure your not judging your statement off one song.
    Second off, this nigga VADO is 10x more LYRICAL then Drake or Lil Wayne. They are just better at making songs and singing then him.
    3rd off, hop off Andre 3000 nuts! Just because lil Wayne and Drake are both currently sucking him off right now dont mean that you have to follow. 90% of you 1990 n ^ niggas couldn’t recite one 3 Stacks verse from the 90’s, much less understand it. Therefore you have no say…. Be you!

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